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Headboard Ideas: original design of beds in the bedroom

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Standard beds, presented on the furniture market, cannot boast of an original design. A bright emphasis on the main subject of the bedroom can do with the help of an exclusive headboard. The general style of the room will depend on its appearance. There are many modern ideas to give the interior a unique charm.

First, you need to determine the location of the bed and the type of headboard. Country-style bedrooms feature high headboards made of solid wood. Such a style will create an additional emphasis on naturalness. Fans of evening reading before going to bed will conveniently lean on the edge of the bed with soft casing.

The choice according to the interior of the room

The choice of shape and material for making the headboard depends on the overall leading style in the bedroom. Leather upholstery fits perfectly into the modern style. Richly decorated motley tapestries are suitable for classic interiors. A natural wood above the double bed will emphasize the grace of country, and furniture painted, velvet-decorated shields – a stylized vintage.

Screens with themed patterns at the head of the bed can serve as decor in the eastern interior. Painting on wood, metal, forged sakura branches will complement the Japanese style with an original new vision. For the loft-style, high headboards under the ceiling of uneven boards with a bright wood texture, graphite panels, solid, plain metal sheets are suitable.

Variety of shapes

In addition to the material of manufacture, convenience, and design features, when choosing the head of the bed, attention should be paid to its form. Each of the options has its characteristic features and rules of placement in various interiors. Bedside backs come in the following shapes:

  • Classic square;
  • Semicircle;
  • Rectangle;
  • Polyhedron.

Headboard types

The correct design of the head makes the room presentable and comfortable. Previously, its primary purpose was protection against drafts; now, it performs an aesthetic function instead. Convenient, safe headboards adorn the bedroom, creating a holistic interior. It can be just a decorative screen or cover plate, complementing the overall style, or a practical shelf that allows you to place lamps, magazines, various trifles.

Before choosing a headboard design, you should decide on the material. The durability of the product depends on its quality. The design must necessarily be in harmony with the general style of the room. The size of the room and the bed, its location, and its design feature also influence the backrest’s choice. A beautiful and functional headboard is easy to create and decorate with your own hands from the many available materials.

Wooden headboards

The classic version of the manufacture. Depending on the method of processing and decorating wood, independent massive, miniature headboards and frames are designed for subsequent hauling with fabric, leather, and various decorative materials.

Wooden headboards have been used for several centuries. But you can radically change the familiar atmosphere of the bedroom if you create a unique design structure yourself.

You can make a bed with elements of veneer, boards, pallets. Pine is often used for the base, and finishes are made with more expensive and durable species – cut oak, ash, beech. The wooden headboard is perfect for any thematic style. To create a stylish, lively interior when decorating the headboard, you can use one of the following original ideas:

  • Of the oars;
  • From vertical boards of different sizes;
  • Under the ceiling;
  • In the form of a barn door;
  • From planks and timber;
  • From unpolished horizontal boards with a clear pattern.

Metal headboard

Such headboards can be varied. You can make them yourself or resort to the help of a master. In various styles, there are full sheets of the correct form, as well as romantic forged products. In any case, the material has an unambiguous texture and a lot of practical advantages.

The structural element can be of various heights, openwork, reliable. Pillows of large double beds can be based on a single robust sheet or two separate parts. Contemporary design solutions allow the use of all sorts of forging in items complementing the style and various paintings (chrome plating, gilding, and others).

Strong, durable headboard can become an heirloom and passed on to other generations in perfect condition. Environmentally-friendly metal is not able to harm humans and the environment. Such headboards can complement children’s beds without any risk to health. Regardless of style or design, metal board heads are highly resistant to deformation.

Mosaic and stone headboards

Natural stone, despite the external rudeness, is quite a positive material that can fill any room with coziness. Decoration of the head of the bed with its help will allow you to feel lasting protection, reassurance. For this purpose, less valuable decorative elements are also used – pebbles, mosaics.

The use of stone and its analogs for the design of the headboard is a complex technological process. The elements used can be easily combined with metal or wood. To create a real, valuable work of art, you must have specific skills and creative thinking. Therefore, if in doubt, it is better to entrust the work to the masters. The following options for finishing the headboard will perfectly fit into modern interior styles:

  • Brickwork;
  • A panel of flat, round, sea stones;
  • Mosaic of small stones;
  • Artistic combination of wood, metal, stone.

Textile headboards

Using a variety of fabrics, you can give any headboard a luxurious presentable appearance. It can be soft panels filled with foam rubber and sheathed in textile, or original free screens. Any of the options are guaranteed to provide comfort, give a warm atmosphere, and excellent sound insulation.

The textile back of the original design is easy to do on your own. It can be quickly replaced depending on the mood, season. Almost any material is cleaned at home. You can create whole compositions, choosing the most harmonious type, the color of the fabric in combination with curtains, upholstery of ottomans, tablecloth.

Leather headboard

Beds with a leather headboard have a stunning appearance and are characterized by durability and an increased level of comfort. Any of the designs of such a headboard will be associated with prosperity and excellent taste. The following factors confirm the choice in favor of natural material:

  • Even without new decor, such headboards look spectacular
  • Comfort. It is pleasing to touch and lean against the upholstered headboard
  • Security.
  • Practicality. Leather headboards retain a flawless appearance for a long time, do not absorb moisture, keep their shape excellently, are easily cleaned from dust.

Headboard with shelves

Beds with shelves at the head – a real find for small rooms. Such design creates an additional opportunity for the storage of books, bedding, decor. This design of the headboards will save money and the area for placing bedside tables. It can be used precisely with their purpose, place a lamp, put your favorite book.

The height of the shelf above the bed is calculated depending on its functional purpose. If it is designed to hold various things and is often used, it should be easy to reach from a sitting or lying position. For decorative elements, the height of the placement does not matter much. You can combine both options by making a headboard with two or more shelves. In essence, the lowest one serves to store items, adopt the cabinet’s full functionality.

Mirror headboard

You can decorate the headboard with a small mirror in a massive frame or with separate reflective panels with inconspicuous joints. Such a headboard plays a more aesthetic role than a practical one since it is not very convenient to use it in this place for its intended purpose. Thanks to the correct design and decor elements of the framing, the most neutral object will help to make any room stylish.

With the help of the mirror headboard, you can adjust the proportions of the bedroom, add light, make the room elegant and festive. With night lighting, this design fills the room with a romantic reflection of dimmed lights. You can use various design techniques – a single mirror in the center of the wall, reflecting a collage at the head, a mirror wall with a transition to the ceiling, a mirror as an element of furniture design.

Before starting the arrangement of the area above the bed with complex reflective surfaces, such as mirror tiles, make sure that the design does not cause unnecessary embarrassment. In test mode, you can decorate the headboard with a small direct mirror.

How to make a wall by the bed without a headboard

Many modern furniture manufacturers deviate from generally accepted standards and produce beds without a headboard. Models without headboards are top-rated because they fit well into the premises of any meter and layout. Their main advantage is versatility. Most designs are equipped with linen drawers and other functional additions. The function of the head, in this case, is played by the accent wall. You can select it in the following ways:

  • Wallpapering. An accessible and affordable version of the decor allows you to achieve exciting combinations of color, pattern, and texture of the wall with other surfaces.
  • Painting. You can highlight a recreation area if you paint it a tone lighter or darker than the rest of the walls. Original drawings look through the stencil, geometric shapes, various ornaments;
  • Stucco molding. You can get a stunning visual effect with the help of gypsum plasters, moldings, ceiling cornices, 3D panels;
  • Paintings, photographs, murals. The easiest way to decorate. You can draw single canvases or create entire galleries. Frames of an unusual shape will become a real highlight;
  • Niches and false windows. Drywall constructions serve not only as an excellent decor but also allow you to use the space to place the backlight, shelves;
  • Suspended structures (mobiles). Design elements can be made of any material (glass beads, cardboard pictures, plastic figures, etc.). Hanging mobiles are mounted above the bed to a solid crossbar;
  • Stencils, stickers. A simple, economical option. Suitable for wall decor behind the couch in both children’s and adult rooms;

Do it yourself

With the original headboard, the bed looks beautiful and spectacular. You can create a new backrest or upgrade the old one yourself without spending a lot of time and money. First of all, it is necessary to determine the form and stylistic direction. You can not ignore your habits and preferences. Otherwise, a visually aesthetic design will be uncomfortable. Fans of reading in bed will find a soft headboard that will serve as a pillow at the same time. Also, to watch TV in a reclining position, it is better to make a headboard at an angle.

Upholstered soft headboard

This way of headboard decor is suitable for lovers of comfortable staying in bed in any position. You can lean on the soft headboard with your back; it protects well from drafts and noise coming from behind an adjacent wall. Design can be varied – simple rectangular or curly.

To make a simple headboard, you need a sheet of plywood for the base, foam rubber for filling, two pieces of fabric – underlay and decorative. On a plywood sheet, we apply a soft material, folded in two layers, then lay a pure lining. It should be more than foam rubber and cover it with a small margin. We pull and fasten its edges to the headboard of the plywood structure using a construction stapler. In the same way, we trim the end with decorative material.

To make a curly headrest, you need to cut a blank from plywood of the required size. To this form, we select fabric segments and a filler. In addition to standard tools, you will need universal glue. We put foam on the plywood, stretch the fabric, and fasten the stapler. 

Headboard using carriage screed

A distinctive feature of such a headboard is a soft, dense upholstery, tightened with buttons or any other decorative elements. The resulting jumpers are added to the pattern in the form of a rhombus. For the manufacture of such a headboard, a dense, wear-resistant fabric (suede, velour, velvet, leather cut), tight fittings, plywood, foam rubber, high-strength threads will be required.

We start work with markup. On the foam rubber, we draw symmetric rhombuses of a suitable size. We make through holes at the points of intersection of the stitch. Then, in the same way, we mark out the plywood, drill holes. They must match exactly. So that the two workpieces do not move, they must be glued together.

If the fabric is tight, it must be selected with a large margin. You should take into account the occurrence of the material in the crease, the thickness of the foam, the area for free fastening. Tightening should begin from the extreme point of the headboard. In each hole, simultaneously place two large needles with a strong thread. We take it inside out and attach the stapler to the plywood in the form of a curved. In the process, folds and a beautiful pattern are formed. The remaining fabric on all sides of the head should be tucked and secured from the wrong side.

Wooden headboards

A wooden headboard for a bed can be made from new boards or already used ones. First of all, we make a wooden rectangular shield. The structure can be glued or assembled on the supporting strips. Now, such a product can be given any shape using a jigsaw.

Wooden blanks can be decorated in any way that suits the general style of the room. Artificially aged surface and geometric carving look beautiful. To extend the service life and improve the appearance of the headboard, must be treated with special impregnation.

Different types of wood react differently to stains, so there is a high probability of not guessing with the final color of the headboard. It is possible to achieve complete harmony in natural shades if all the details of the bed are treated with impregnation.

Pillow headboard

Pillows can decorate any headboard or replace it at all with its complete absence. Soft, pleasant products fill the bedroom with coziness and make it easy to change the color scheme of design. Just put on a new case.

This design method is straightforward. You will need several small pillows of the same size in monophonic or several colors. The number of elements and the overall composition is selected based on the size of the bed, bedroom style, personal preferences.

The work on creating a headboard from pillows begins with sewing on the ends of all the details. You can pre-prepare the frame and stick them separately. Large rectangular pads can be attached to a bar, having before sewn loops to them.

Sew a cover

You can update the appearance of the headboard by merely replacing the cover. This procedure is only available for products that require abrasion of the material over time, having a suitable design and size. Fixed headboards are better to pull with a dense and durable fabric. Pillowcases for textile pillows can be sewn from any material you like.

First, you need to make patterns by measuring all sides of the headboard. The allowances for each seam should be at least 2 cm. Then we cut out the parts and sew them according to the pattern. The inner side of the product does not need lining and additional processing. For a hard headboard, you can make a cover with a soft layer, sheathe it with a synthetic material.

How to fasten

Any headboard not included in the bed kit requires additional installation. The fixing method determines the overall interior design, size, and type of construction of the headboard. There are several simple mounting options. The following are optimal:

  • To the wall adjoining. The method is suitable for mounting robust massive headboards of wood, metal. Bolts are screwed into the wall, and loops are screwed to the headboard. The headboard is adjusted to the height of the bed and hung on hooks;
  • To the bed. The frame is attached to the bed body with the help of self-tapping screws, on which any headboard design is glued, hung;
  • Velcro, buttons, ribbons. This mount is suitable for light, textile products (pillows, screens);
  • Separate headboard. The finished headboard stands on stiff legs. Stability provides a snug fit to the wall and body of the bed.


The right headboard for the bed will help emphasize the design of the central place of the bedroom. Using a creative approach, you can transform the interior of the room, make it individual. It is easy to create beautiful compositions in different styles, bring romance, tranquility, comfort to the room. If you have special skills, you can create unusual designs yourself.

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