10 Fabulous herringbone backsplash ideas: integrate stylish patterns into your kitchen

10 Fabulous herringbone backsplash ideas: integrate stylish patterns into your kitchen

When speaking about herringbone, the first thing that comes to mind is parquet since this pattern is usually applied to flooring. Nevertheless, its increasing popularity led to the integration of this subtle pattern at different levels. One of the most common approaches is the herringbone backsplash in the kitchen. Besides adding visual interest to the room, there are various textures and colors to opt for to suit a particular style.

First things first; what is a herringbone pattern? For those unfamiliar with the term, herringbone refers to a V-shaped pattern, resembling a herring skeleton. Its repetitive feature adds balance to the environment and a sense of stability to interior design. Besides the fact that it is visually pleasing, herringbone brings symmetry into the room, which is welcome in contemporary interiors. The list of its benefits can go on and on; this is why we prepared an array of design suggestions for a herringbone backsplash to help you visualize its integration in the kitchen and get inspired for outstanding results.

Double effect with two classics

The irreplaceable herringbone pattern and impressive marble design, two outstanding trends that do not seem to get out of date any time soon. What would look like a result that integrates both of them? The answer is simple: perfect. Be it a counter-to-ceiling backsplash for a stunning accent wall or a simple backsplash, the impressive pairing of white and gray or white and beige will complement the subtle pattern and lead to a fascinating result.

Large white tiles

Another classic in this list. White does not cease to impress with its wide use in interior design. Undoubtedly, a white backsplash is the last element a contemporary kitchen lacks, but if you opt for large tiles as well, be ready for an impressive effect. Both these aspects will enlarge the space and refresh the cabinets, while the herringbone pattern will ensure the pleasing look of the kitchen.

Mini herringbone tiles

In contrast with the previous option, this one suggests a detailed approach. A backsplash with repetitive tiny tiles that reflect the same herringbone pattern is all you need for an eye-catching effect. They say true beauty lies in details, and the mini herringbone tiles are ready to prove it. The most interesting feature behind this design is the fact that it adds texture to the kitchen.

Freshness, serenity, and confidence with blue 

One of the best choices for a contrastive herringbone backsplash is blue. Depending on the particular shade, this nature-inspired color will bring in the fresh mountain air or a deep ocean note. The bolder the undertones, the more accentuated the herringbone pattern will be. One way or another, your backsplash will become more than a constituent part of the kitchen but rather an accent that will enrich the space with vibrancy.

Energy, positivity, and harmony with green

All these features are easy to be put in one place only by opting for green, regardless of what element you have in mind. Nevertheless, considering that we speak about backsplashes, in particular, green is welcome in this sense in any shade, from the calmer undertones to the most vibrant notes. Furthermore, this color will make the herringbone pattern shine in a fabulous way, particularly if opting for glossy surfaces.

Warmth, softness, and vibrancy with pink

Nothing will complement the trendy herringbone better than a stylish color, and pink is irreplaceable in this respect. From the most eye-catching shade to soothing undertones, pink is ready to impress you in the most unexpected way. Enrich the environment with vibrancy and enhance the up-to-date feature of your backsplash with this outstanding color. Additionally, you can opt for gold grout and make an impressive statement for an additional touch of elegance.

Shape the aesthetics with black

This dramatic color cannot be ignored, even when we speak about the face of the kitchen, which is regarded to be reflected through the backsplash. Although bold and cold, black will surprise you with its sophistication and perfect matching for the herringbone pattern. Experts suggest glossy surfaces for an appealing effect, which works perfectly for styles that require elegance, such as Art Deco. On the other hand, a matte surface will complement at its finest a modern kitchen. Consider contrastive grout to emphasize the pattern or keep it simple with grout of a similar color.

Cohesion and depth with gray

At some point, the backsplash can transform into a background and serve the purpose of emphasizing the cabinets. In this case, the best option is a neutral shade, and gray fits this requirement better than any other color. Let’s not stop at the simple idea of a backdrop! Gray has more to offer, from adding focus and vitality to enriching the space with serenity and focus, depending on the undertones. Particularly for herringbone, any shade of gray will work. As regards the grout, a slightly visible one is a perfect approach. Nevertheless, emphasizing the tiles with contrastive grout will set a particular order, which leads to a pleasing look.

Extra texture for visual interest 

Do you feel like your herringbone backsplash is missing something? Whatever it is, adding extra texture will solve the problem easier than you thought. Consider tiles with uneven surfaces or the ones with extra layers of various forms, for instance, stripes. Such designs will ensure an original result and make your kitchen shine in a new way. There is no need to go too extra with colors; stick to neutrals since they can bring to the surface the hidden beauty of such designs.

Faux herringbone backsplash 

It is no secret that a herringbone backsplash is trendy and works perfectly with almost any style. Still, it is not that easy to play with this pattern, particularly when we speak about small tiles. Fortunately, the latest techniques offer solutions for any problems related to interior design. A herringbone wallpaper for the backsplash will save you time, be easy to replace with a new one, and ensure a result that is no less impressive.

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