Stunning herringbone fireplace ideas: add charm and visual interest to your house interior

A fireplace within an interior design is more than a heating source; it is an efficient element to play with for a stylish setting. From becoming the focal point of the room to ensuring the consistency of your interior design, it can be adapted to particular styles with appropriate decor approaches. There is more to come! You will be amazed to find out how efficiently a pleasant evening spent at the fireplace will encourage you to embrace the feeling of comfort.  So far, so good, but we are here to speak about the stylish perspective, and one of the trendiest approaches is to opt for a herringbone design.

Traced back to the 16th century, the herringbone design experiences an outstanding revival and is ready to impress us with new approaches that can be adapted to various interior elements. It would be a shame to tackle the fireplace design ideas and skip the well-known pattern that was used in the past to decorate palaces and stately mansions. Furthermore, the herringbone design is perfect for a fresh perspective and sophistication.

Quite astonishing benefits for each of those two elements, but the result of combining them promises to reach what is thought to be perfection by means of adding something new to interior design. A herringbone fireplace will add visual interest to the space, taking any possible direction, from the renovation of a traditional setting to a whole makeover of a modern one. Let’s discover how those two concepts can work together by adding structural stability, dynamism, and sophistication to interior design!

Herringbone fireplace surround

You cannot go wrong with a herringbone design when it comes to the fireplace surround. This versatile pattern will add texture and emphasize the role of a fireplace within interior design. Considering its flexibility of adapting to any style, you can successfully integrate it into your interior and be sure that it will match your standards of beauty. Take a look at the following options and be ready to be impressed one more time by the wide range of possibilities that come with the herringbone pattern!

  • Vintage finesse. Considering that this pattern takes us back to the Renaissance era, it would be inappropriate not to benefit from its aged look and add a touch of vintage flair to your interior. From brick replications to porcelain tiles, complemented with decor elements of the same style on the mantel, your room will acquire a point of interest that imitates perfectly the old values;
  • Modern chic. A modern and simple design with a few to no decorative units, including small tiles and a herringbone pattern, particularly in white, is all you need for a style of this kind. If you wonder where the chic is? Right here: consider marble replication to enrich your modern setting with a subtle touch of elegance;
  • Rustic simplicity. Consider rough stone or quality replications, particularly gray porcelain tiles, accompanied by a wooden mantel to complete the look. The result will be a natural and casual style that will enhance comfort and integrate perfectly the concept of bringing the outdoors indoors;
  • Eclectic mixtures. It is worth experimenting with various styles, using this pattern, for an original result. Contrastive color combinations, outstanding material pairings, and a touch of individuality will complete the interior at their finest;
  • Ultra-modern feel. A fireplace can perfectly complete an ultra-modern style with a slick design and exquisite decor that integrates contemporary values. Large ceramic tiles with simple designs and the irreplaceable herringbone pattern will add visual interest to the modern settings that seem to lack this particular texture and feel of sophistication.

Herringbone fireplace wall

An outstanding approach, which works particularly well for modern settings, is decorating the fireplace wall with herringbone patterns. Such a beautiful design is worth showing off, and an appropriate choice of colors will make it stand out as a point of interest that does not suppress other elements of the room. 

You can go two ways in this respect: cover the entire wall with this pattern, involving the use of neutral colors, or consider only the part of the wall where the fireplace finds itself, including brighter shades if you want, for a bold accent. If the latter offers you a wide range of possibilities when it comes to color and materials, covering an entire wall with porcelain tiles, for instance, would look rather inappropriate, which brings us to the idea that you can even opt for wallpaper with a herringbone design.

Herringbone tile fireplace

There is no doubt that the tiles are the best option for a herringbone fireplace. Functional, rich in sizes, colors, and designs, tiles are a win-win variant. Furthermore, they can be used efficiently as replications of particular materials and bring in the wanted texture with less effort. You do not have to come up with new ideas since this option offers such a wide range of variations that you will surely find the one that matches your preferences. Let’s get inspired!

  • Small tiles to add depth to interior design and enrich the surface with texture for successful integration;
  • Large tiles for expanding the space and adding visual interest to an apparently simple setting;
  • Bold-colored tiles for a contrastive splash of color on a neutral background that will emphasize the fireplace;
  • Accent tiles on the interior walls of the fireplace, particularly if it is a faux fireplace, to underline its features in an unusual way.

Herringbone brick fireplace

This rough-looking material is a versatile choice that works perfectly with different styles: rustic, modern, industrial, or eclectic. The brick texture is bold and full of character, adding individuality to interior design. What a perfect matching partner for a herringbone pattern! Unique look and exquisite taste are the synonyms of a combination like that. We encourage you to discover how this pairing can be applied to a fireplace.

  • Aged brick tiles for the surround of the fireplace to increase comfort and warm up the environment;
  • White brick tiles to suit contemporary settings, particularly with a combination of layouts, one of which is herringbone;
  • Combined layout of aged bricks to make an impressive statement and show off your good taste;
  • Brick tiles of the interior walls for drawing attention to the main source of light and warmth within the room.

Herringbone shiplap fireplace

Shiplap does not plan on going anywhere any time soon; why not use it at the maximum? Does a shiplap approach to the fireplace seem inappropriate? On the contrary, it is more than welcome. If your room follows the decor rules of any of the following styles: modern farmhouse, mid-century modern, rustic, coastal, Scandinavian, industrial, then shiplap will complement your interior design the best way it can. 

The large wooden panels painted particularly in white will offer the room a touch of freshness and an airy environment, serving as a perfect contrastive partner for a fireplace by means of color and an irreplaceable companion for ensuring comfort.

White herringbone fireplace

We have tackled so far such aspects as styles, materials, designs, stopping for a little bit at colors, all because the pearl of this list is the white color. Nothing will enhance the aesthetics of a room the way this color can. Be it brick or ceramic tiles, the fireplace surround will be substantially refreshed. Furthermore, if you consider it for the interior walls, it will serve as a perfect background for a contrastive statement. 

That’s not all! Add subtle marble patterns to your white tiles, and the whole decoration will instantly acquire a feel of elegance and finesse that is welcome within both a mid-century and modern style.

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