Hidden pantry door: design ideas and tips
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Hidden pantry door: design ideas and tips

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In any house or apartment, there are areas that the owner would prefer to make as less noticeable as possible. We are talking about pantries – useful but unpresentable premises, where it is customary to store all sorts of things from food to building materials left over after repairs. A hidden pantry door is an ideal way not only to fence off the service area from the main space but also, in principle, to make its presence secret.

The sash, which is skillfully masked on the wall surface, makes it possible to:

  • unload the hallway or kitchen, in which the utility room is equipped;
  • minimize the effect of the opening on the interior, preserve the integrity of the composition;
  • bring more air and volume into the room, expand it visually;
  • to realize any creative ideas, taking advantage of the boundless artistic potential of the system.

How to mask the opening?

There are several approaches to the design of hidden pantry doors. All of them are designed to conceal their real purpose, if not to hide them completely. The constructions are decorated with:

  • turning into an extension of the wall. To do this, they are pasted over with wallpaper, treated with paint or colored plaster, and tiled. The presence of an opening gives out only a small, perfectly even gap around the perimeter; however, by choosing the right finish for the wall, it can be made invisible;
  • complementing with mirrors. By installing mirrored hidden pantry doors, you can effectively remove the service area from the field of view, but not only. The reflective surface radically changes the space’s appearance, giving it more hospitality, lightness, and depth. Besides, such products are universal – they are equally appropriate in sophisticated, classic interiors and laconic compositions of modern trends;
  • attracting professional artists or independently decorating using painting, appliqués, photo printing, fabrics, etc. Thus, a hidden pantry door acquired at the most affordable price becomes an exclusive work of art.

Primed doors are supplied in a set with a special box designed to hide behind the wall decoration, invisible hinges, and a silent magnetic lock.

Sliding systems to save space

A hidden sliding pantry door is worth buying when there is not enough space to turn the swing sash next to the opening. The structure, built into the wall using a metal case and disappearing into the inner parking when opened, frees up the entire area adjacent to the passage.

If the room is very small or loaded with furniture, you cannot do without a door on rollers. True, when choosing in his favor, it is worth considering several nuances:

  • the model does not match with all walls. The possibility of its installation should be discussed with a pro;
  • the installation of sliding hidden doors in the pantry begins at the renovation’s rough stages since it requires the wall’s dismantling.