Hire an Interior Designer: key aspects to consider

Have you finally decided to hire a professional to bring life to your dream design? Do you simply research the subject? Either way, this comprehensive guide will answer any question regarding the process of hiring an interior designer so that you are fully prepared for the next time you encounter one. 

Finding the best interior designer is as complex as the design process itself. It may seem overwhelming, but we are here to put everything in its place. Make sure you consider all the following aspects, and you will definitely make the most of your experience with a professional.

What to consider beforehand

Narrow down any aspect regarding your future makeover so that you can have a clear image of what you want. This will help you find the right person to replicate it in your interior design. 

Set a budget

Think in advance what sum of money you are ready to spend on an interior designer, considering that this amount doesn’t include furniture and other items. This will help you to dive easier through the available cost options and stop at the one that suits you. 

Well-organized budget management ensures an efficient collaboration with the designer since both of you know what to expect. Still, you should leave space for unexpected expenses in case you find a must-have piece you want to be part of your interior. 

Set the timeline

Interior designers work under different time conditions. It is better you know beforehand how fast you want your project to be ready so that you can find a professional to meet your expectations. All in all, the timeline is an important aspect to know for yourself and prepare to discuss when you meet the designer. Good time management is halfway to success.

Gather inspiration

It’s great if you have a style you like. If you haven’t figured it out yet, there are various online quizzes that will help you find out which design direction matches your view on beauty. Once you know what style you like, start gathering inspirational boards so that you can clearly show the designer what you want to see in your newly designed space. At least, you can go with a list of what you like by priority. 

Interior Designer or Interior Decorator?

Do you plan on renovating your space, starting with structural changes before reaching the decorative part? Then you need an interior designer. Do you want to slightly refresh the appearance of your space? The decorators are at your disposal. Those two terms are used interchangeably, while each profession implies different activities within interior design. To make sure you get it right, check out one of our latest articles on How to distinguish between an Interior Designer and a Decorator

How to find an interior designer?

Firstly, ask yourself the question: Do I need an interior designer to come into my home, or can I go as fine with an online interior designer? Either way, research your local interior design companies and find their options. Speaking about in-person designers, they may cost you more or less depending on the location, while online designers can work with you from anywhere in the world, which expands the options. Considering the Online Interior Design service is as promising yet more efficient since you can visualize everything in advance with 3D renderings and virtual tours at a considerably lower price.  

You can also hire an interior designer based on recommendations or by scrolling yourself through tens of Instagram accounts or Pinterest boards of renowned designers till you find a few that match your vibe. Seeing what their work looks like is more helpful when looking for a professional.  

How much does an interior designer cost?

The price depends on various factors, yet a current estimation shows that one would have to spend from $1,500 to $12,000 on an interior designer, excluding furniture (source: Forbes Advisor). Opting for online interior design services would cut much from the cost without risking quality. In this case, the rate is usually flat, and you would have to spend about $200 to $1,000 per room. In our updated article, find out more about the interior designer cost in 2022

What to ask an interior designer before hiring?

Say you have found a few professionals you think would manage your project just right. Don’t rush hiring one without a mini-interview. A few questions will instantly show whether this person is right for the job or not. If you struggle finding out what you should ask the prospective designers to be on the safe side, here are a few suggestions.

What interior design service do you provide?

Not all designers offer the full package of services that starts with a simple consultation, goes through the planning of each detail, and goes on with project management. In case you are happy with one, a few, or all of the following services, this is your designer: initial consultation; space assessment; interior planning; development of mood boards; development of the future design project; concierge services. 

Can I find out more about your credentialing?

If you want to guarantee the success of your design, ensure your designer has legitimate credentials that prove their experience and qualifications. 

What is your cost?

To sleep safe and sound at night, ensure you set together a budget by finding out how your designer charges for the services, be it a flat rate or hourly rate. You can also ask about any additional fees as regards any aspect of the design project. 

Do you collaborate with local contractors?

It is easier when the designer deals with this as well. Furthermore, contractors recommended by the designer usually don’t disappoint since real professionals don’t risk their reputation and make recommendations worth considering. 

What interior design style seems closer to you?

Although designers usually work with all styles and have a grasp of every design direction, some still have styles that they find especially close to their liking. If you both think in the same direction, it ensures a more efficient collaboration and understanding. 

What were your latest design projects?

If possible, going through the latest works can throw light on how the designer performs the activities. Based on real projects, you can notice the design signature, the defining features, whether the designer keeps pace with the latest trends or not, and finally, whether you like it or not. 

Now that you know everything about hiring an interior designer, why not give it a try? Make the most of your encounter with professionals in terms of money, time, and efficiency in one click with the top-tier Online Interior Design Services offered by the Hackrea team.

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