Home Decor Fabric Trends 2022-2023: Colors, Patterns, and Materials

Home Decor Fabric Trends 2022-2023: Colors, Patterns, and Materials

During the pandemic, textile and fabric companies had to rethink their business processes. The global decline in production prompted the formation of topical issues of rational consumption and new ideas. While the fashion industry is gradually moving away from the concept of rapidly changing trends, the interior sphere still needs to catch up. Based on this, at one of the leading exhibitions dedicated to textiles (Heimtextil), most of the established trends were formed by the idea of wise use of resources. The theme of this season is “Next Horizons” meant to promote sustainability and conservation of resources. As specialists claim, the new textile and fabric trends are more about a new mindset directed towards the aim of re-establishing the balance, which primarily stands for creating without leaving behind waste. This is how 4 major trends developed. Discover them as follows!

We start our list with something more familiar. Deep Nature features elements already known to most homeowners. It focuses primarily on the Eco-style and encourages a better understanding of what resources we have at hand and how we should use them. The same concept of re-establishing the balance prevails over this trend. Inspired by our surroundings, the fabrics peculiar to this trend are meant for modern interiors. What you should opt for in this context:

  • Shift to biodegradable materials, such as eelgrass, which is a marine plant, and leek paper; the greatest thing about them is their ability to regenerate;
  • Opt for repetitive patterns reminiscent of the natural world by seeking inspiration in everything you see outside – rich-textured, uniquely patterned, and versatile;
  • Consider nature-inspired colors with eco-origins that look organic for any color scheme, such as earthy shades with lighter and deeper variations, soothing greens, pastel clays, and even dark browns.

Next comes a highly expressive trend combining nature’s authenticity and digital dynamism. Once again, it promotes sustainability by connecting the two worlds and raising more awareness. As the visitors of the textile exhibition state, this trend replicates nature in the metaverse. What does it imply?

  • Textiles made of natural materials yet created through digital approaches such as photobiology and LED lights, which decrease the number of pesticides for a healthier environment;
  • Use of pastel and bright shades of colors found in nature alongside patterns inspired by natural motifs, whether as abstract or as clearly-defined as possible.

Based on sustainability again, the new trend connects generations by considering heritage textiles and combining them with modern ways of expression. Connecting with the past through traditions and revealing them to the contemporary world is the core principle of the new fabric trend. This is what you should think of for this approach:

  • Recycled and up-cycled fabrics, from synthetic to wool;
  • Extroverted shades of bold colors with raw textures, including white, bright yellow, eye-catching blue, earthy orange, ostentatious peach, yellow-green, and even red;
  • Traditional checkered or striped patterns, alongside other common patterns, are accepted.

This magical fabric trend is simply meant for the young generation, with its vivid pastels and abstract patterns traced again to sustainability. The main highlight of this trend is the naturally produced color of the fabric. This way, each textile piece acquires its personality. How do we make it work?

  • Using fabrics colored with natural dyes, such as avocado seeds or various plants;
  • Free choice of patterns for unique designs to stress the importance of identity;
  • Pastel shades with vivacious bases and a few soothing shades, starting with soft blue and green and reaching the brightest possible yellow and orange.

All presented trends are united by a common sustainable development concept based on the search for adaptable, useful solutions. The design world is already changing towards an eco-friendly approach to everything, including fabric. Keep pace and opt for trendy textiles to positively impact your interior aesthetics and show respect for the environment by preserving the ecosystem.

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