The home decor that reflects your image: 10 stylish ways to display your family memories

Interior design styles are many, and each reaches a particular level of originality. Furthermore, different approaches lead to even more unique results. The most interesting part refers to decoration as the last piece that completes the puzzle. The more personalized it is, the more individuality your interior will acquire. What can make it feel more personal than displaying your own image? Besides filling the space with units that make you really feel at home, sharing your family memories within your interior is a perfect way to preserve them and surround yourself with warm feelings in every room of your house.

We are aware that the newest technologies made us forget about the traditional ways of sharing memories, and such elements as a traditional photo book are not to be found that often, but believe us, they have never lost their charm and are the best way to spread love all over the house. Let’s stick to tradition, embrace family values, and decorate our houses in the most outstanding ways. Discover with us the best 10 ideas for displaying your family memories! 

The irreplaceable photo book

The main decor unit that is 100% personalized and, regardless of its rather traditional feature, is extremely trendy, particularly at times like now when family values are another source of inspiration. Luckily, there are so many options that your photo book will surely stand out. It is a shame to store such beauty in hidden places. Be free to decorate with it a floating shelf, a bookshelf, or a desk so that your favorite photo book will become the pearl of your interior. Moreover, you will be able to easily go through your family photos every time you see this source of family memories. Let’s scroll through some ideas!

  • Photo books by year. Organize your family photos by year and keep track of your favorite memories. Each year supposes a new photo book, which means the continuation of this tradition;
  • A small backstory. Fill your photo book with photos and personalized stories from particular events, such as your last birthday, a spontaneous voyage, or a family day. Accompany each photo with a personal note that adds even more value to such moments;
  • For travel lovers. Keep your favorite family memories experienced while traveling by displaying such photos in original photo books that look like real books, each with its title, depending on the countries you have been to. They will surely integrate into a bookshelf or even add a splash of uniqueness to a stylish coffee table;
  • DIY project. Nothing will add more originality to your photo book than one made with your own hands. The more love you put into the process, the more precious such a decor unit becomes. Go with a scrapbook and fill it with your wildest design ideas, favorite photos, and deepest thoughts. It may seem too personal to display it in a living room, where everyone has access to it, but your bedroom sounds like the perfect spot;
  • Go fancy! If DIY projects are not about you, consider a professional magazine-style book for your photos. Sleek, contemporary, and perfect for a modern interior;
  • Stick to old values. Decorate your interior with a few tiny photo books made out of polaroid photos and categorized by events, be it a particular summer month, a week spent in another country, or a significant day in your life.

More originality with photo canvases

A more emphasized way to display your family photos is to consider photo canvases, and believe us, the options are so many and unique that you will simply fall in love with them. The more original the approach, the more special such memories feel. Take a look at the following ideas and get inspired!

  • Black and white. Nothing makes a few photos feel like a memory the way a “black and white” approach can. Pick a free wall, and decorate it with a well-arranged system of photos in black and white, sharing your favorite memories. Such photo canvases will surely stand out and pair with any neighboring colors;
  • Space over the stairs. This space will always be a leading one when it comes to displaying your whole collection of memories, particularly if these are photo canvases, which adds even more uniqueness;
  • Into pieces. Pick one of your favorite memories and share it through a system of separated canvases that form the whole picture when put together. Your family photo will receive more attention, while the interior design will be enriched with visual interest;
  • Go with a theme! Stick to the style of your interior. For instance, if we speak about a rustic one, considering the use of natural texture and nature-inspired colors, you can go with a brown-based theme for your photo canvases that stay in harmony both among themselves and with the overall design;
  • Add a personal thought. Besides the collection of photo canvases you want to display, consider one unit of this kind to share a quote or a personal reflection on the displayed memory. Your photo canvases will acquire even more meaning, while your interior will be enriched with a point of interest;
  • Combine various concepts. Go beyond the limits and opt for a combination of concepts within the same system of photo canvases. Besides your family photos, add a few pictures related to your memory, such as a beautiful landscape you witnessed while being abroad or an amazing sunset you admired on a date night with your loved one.

A splash of inspiration for your workplace

If you are lucky to have a home office, you can decorate this space both in a stylish and functional way. The monotonous working day would benefit to the fullest from a tiny splash of inspiration, which consists exactly of your memories. This way, you personalize the space and add individuality to it. Consider a few polaroid photos to be displayed over your working desk, be it on a wire structure or any other system that goes with your style. From a single-color scheme to a color palette rich in shades, such a collection with memories will dilute the formal work environment and bring back your memories while taking a break from work. 

Feel free to expose all your favorite memories and spread the love for your family within the interior. Pick any wall you want, over the stairs, in the dining area, right in the hallway, the living, or the bedroom. Cover the entire wall with family photos in simple frames or opt for exquisite units, such as particular materials or styles, to add individuality. 

Bottle up the memories

Beautify your decor with an unusual way of displaying your family photos. Consider inserting them into recycled bottles of various shapes and decorating the interior with them, from a coffee table in the living room to a floating shelf in the kitchen. Additionally, consider tiny lights to throw new light on the old memories. One should note that such a decor idea works exceptionally well for old black and white photos, resonating with the concept of embracing the old values.

Floating memories

If you are looking for more original ways to dilute your monochromatic interior, consider floating photos attached to a wire or string and displayed usually on the wall. Such small but unique photos will share your memories sequence by sequence, adding a bit of charm to the moments that have passed a long time ago. 

Personalized photo holders

Sometimes the real beauty consists of small details. Therefore, you don’t have to go too extra but opt for original photo holders, and the result will be no less impressive. You can always buy such units at stores of that kind or go with a DIY project. The latter promises to personalize the decor even more. From office clips, wires, stones, even pieces of pottery, your memories will be enriched with a splash of flair that is no less beneficial for the interior.

A new door frame

The best way for a decor unit to stand out is by putting it in an unusual place. Who might have thought that family photos could look this good around the door frame? Lucky you if you already knew. Either way, it is a decor idea worth giving a try. Whether you consider photo frames or chaotically display your memories, your interior will surely acquire a new point of interest.

Play with shapes and colors

You cannot even imagine how the scene changes when frames of different colors and shapes enter the play. Wooden or metallic, neutral or bright, large or small, simple or elegant; go with one particular option or consider all at once. This way, your memories will become more colorful, while the space will feel cozier, and even the coldest winter evenings will seem warm and filled with comfort.

Make a real accent out of your family photos by opting for a mural that replicates all your favorite memories. Although a colorful approach is appropriate, the richness of shades may be too eye-catching, while a black and white accent wall implying a wide collection of your photos is exactly what a contemporary hallway or living room lacks, which resonates with the appealing notes of love that these spaces will be instantly filled with. 

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