Home decor 2020: The main trends in interior design

The global trend in design will be personalization of the interior. This means that the right decoration, verified according to all the fashionable canons, is no longer relevant. The expression of individual preferences and tastes comes to the fore. But this trend opens up scope for designers to create. Experiments with style, mixing different colors and textures, bright unexpected accents – all these techniques allow you to create a unique, inimitable interior.

Effect of levitation

In trend are interior items with the effect of levitation, which create the illusion of flight and movement in space. How to achieve this? LED-backlighting is installed at the bottom of the bedside table or bed, so the furniture seems to hover above the floor. Designers love to use this technique to visually increase the space. Hovering furniture gives the room airiness, even a massive bed or wardrobe seems weightless. The flight effect is also achieved by hanging structures on cables, hidden supports or magnets.

Abstraction in the interior

See how delicately abstract painting penetrates the interior. Repeating patterns on the sofa cushions help smooth out contrasts. The shape of the floor lamp also continues the direction given in the figure. 

Abstract painting is a powerful technique for creating an emotionally charged interior. It embodies pure energy, free from and objectivity. Many designers in the process of working on the collections were inspired by abstract expressionism, primarily paintings by Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. 

Many abstract prints are expected in 2020: broken geometry and blurry images are the priority. Such patterns do not have clear boundaries, style or shape, the viewer is invited to draw in their imagination their meaning and completion. Abstraction is important to “make friends” with the interior. Start with an accent pillow or a picture on the wall, for sophisticated decorators, designers offer wallpaper with an abstract print. “To let” the painting into the interior will help tonal harmony. For this, a small inclusion of similar shades and repeating motifs in the interior is enough. 

In the example below, abstract painting rhymes with a carpet pattern. Tonal support is also read in the design of upholstered furniture. Please note: despite the freedom of expression inherent in abstract art, the interior retains a conservative sound.

“Warming” Interior

Comfortable furniture in the mid-century modern style, “warm” walls in beige and brown colors, soft accents make this interior cozy and functional at the same time. 

Scandinavian aesthetics, based on the principles of minimalism and functionality, remains dominant in the industry. However, its concept is gradually evolving and personalizing. The coldness inherent in the Scandinavian style is replaced by warm shades, smooth transitions and cautious zoning. 

The classic open-space is becoming less common, it is being replaced by light glass partitions. The emphasis is on creating a cozy home interior; human needs and comfort are at the forefront. The neutral background with a dotted intersection of bright accents is still valid. But the colors noticeably “heat up”: olive-brown, beige, gray, peach-pink colors are in fashion. 

Dilute the monotonous sound of blank walls and smooth surfaces in different ways. Firstly, designers work with textured materials – wood, brick, concrete. Cozy little things are also used: stone coasters, linen textiles, clay pots, woolen carpets. But here it is important not to overdo it – the Nordic style does not tolerate conglomeration and clutter. It should be limited to the necessary minimum of furniture and decor.

A lot of lighting points

Mainstream in the interiors of 2020 – a lot of lighting points or even the use of luminous panels. In the new season, LED lighting moves from the ceiling to the floor and furniture. You can highlight everything, even plumbing. Thanks to the backlight, the effect of soaring objects in space is created.

Actual recessed fixtures made of natural materials: paper, wood, metal and porcelain. In the new collections are presented both concise simple lamps and models of unusual shape and color with original decorative elements. But the most relevant is the minimalist style.

Textured textile

Textured plaid, fur pillows, woolen carpet complement each other and “personalize” the space, giving the interior a cozy and warm atmosphere. In the cold season, it’s nice to add a little warmth and comfort to the interior. The easiest way to do this is with textured textiles. 

Large knitted blankets, decorative pillows made of llama fur, sheepskin chair covers, handmade woolen carpets, fluffy pouffes – all these pleasant little things will be incredibly popular this winter. Do not be afraid to stack them on top of each other, combine different textures and patterns with each other. Carelessly drape the sofa with a plaid, leave a couple of pillows on the floor and windowsill, throw the skin on a chair – believe me, sitting on it will be much more comfortable. So in your apartment there will be several cozy corners where you can read and drink aromatic coffee. 

If you haven’t had a carpet before, it’s time to think about it. Pay attention to gradient patterns, complex textures, intricate prints, as well as warm enveloping shades. As for the decor with textiles, slight negligence is acceptable. Add more pillows and natural motifs to “enhance” the interior.

A little noble shine

Details made of yellow metal look noble and give the interior a touch of vintage. The main thing is to use them metered so as not to cross the line and not slide into kitsch. 

Fairly “seasoned” with metal interiors have been on the wave of popularity over the past few seasons. Next year, the trend will not disappear, but will undergo some changes. The focus will be on “warm” types of metal: brass, gold, bronze. Moreover, the dominant position will be matte surfaces that look less kitsch than the glamorous gloss. 

Metal objects with their expressiveness and self-sufficiency attract attention. They need to be used as accents in a neutral environment. Brass and bronze have impurities of red and pink, so they rhyme well with warm shades. Yellow metals look brighter and richer against a background of deep blue, purple and blue. Metal can be present in the interior in the form of door and furniture fittings, kitchen base, faucet in the bathroom, accessories, fixtures, elegant coffee table.


Low furniture, natural materials and textures, conciseness in everything – are typical for Japandi. 

Under the influence of globalization processes, integration processes in the field of design are strengthened. The Japandi style was born as a result of a mixture of two trends that previously developed in parallel – the Scandinavian style and Japanese interior traditions. The result is a harmonious and modernized hybrid. The prerequisites for its occurrence appeared a long time ago, however, as a Japandi style took shape recently. Next year he will prove himself in all its glory. Several large retailers (including Maison du Monde) have already launched collections that are rich in rich silk textures, graceful bird motifs, stylized oriental prints and structured forms of furniture. 

From the Nordic aesthetics, Japandi borrowed the desire for simplicity, clear forms, rough textures. The Japanese influence in it is manifested in a neutral gamut, proximity to nature, elegant decisions. Organized storage of things, order in the house, and the prevalence of function over form are inherent in such an interior. At the same time, it is decorated in neutral colors, always simple and minimalistic. The situation is conducive to concentration, contemplation, creative activity, acceptance of the imperfection of the world (the concept of wabi sabi).

Mirror decor

Another fashionable trend in interior design, which will remain relevant next year, is mirror decor. Reflective surfaces and mirrors also work great for expanding space.

Feel free to combine finishing materials

Ecostyle in interior design allows you to successfully combine textured, rough materials with light and delicate. As the main finishing material, it is preferable to use natural wood.

According to the forecasts of designers, a mix of gold, silver and copper will come into fashion. But such materials must be diluted with wooden decor elements. The tree will not only help to unite metals among themselves, but also to neutralize the excess “cold”.

For wall decor in living rooms, it is recommended to use textile wallpapers with floral or geometric ornaments.

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