Home interior design tips to follow before moving into a new house

Home interior design tips to follow before moving into a new house

Moving to a new home is an experience that very few homeowners enjoy. While hiring Osmon moving and storage can ease the relocation process, there’s a great deal that goes into making your new house a home. Most people think the moving process ends once the moving company drops your belongings at the new address. Ideally, the relocation process includes planning, decluttering, packing, moving, cleaning, and interior design. Since most people prefer making interior design changes in their new homes, below are a few interior design tips to consider.

1. Identify your decorating style

Identifying your decorating style is the best place to begin designing your new house. You are lucky if you already know the design style that fits your home’s interior. As a rule, you should use the same style as the exterior. Below are a few ways to identify your decorating style:

  • Browse magazines: Interior design blogs and magazines have a plethora of interior designed rooms and homes. While there’s no right or wrong choice, tear out photos that resonate with your personality, style, and budget.
  • Take an online quiz: There are endless online questions that can help you identify your preferred decorating style. Choose and complete various design questions during your leisure. These quizzes are fun and help you realize your style.
  • Evaluate your wardrobe: You can also identify your design style by looking at your favorite clothing. Pay close attention to your favorite textures and colors. For instance, if most of your clothes are neutral, you should consider a neutral color palette.
  • Pay attention to exterior designs: As you walk through your neighborhood, which houses are you attracted to? Do you like modern, minimalist, or traditional brick homes?

Choosing an interior design style becomes easy once you have identified your preferred style. Popular design styles include transitional, modern, contemporary, nautical, and minimalist.

2. Decorate your new home by room

Subdividing the house is the fastest and easiest way to decorate your new home without being overwhelmed. Trying to decorate the living room, bedrooms, dining, kitchen, and bathroom at once is a recipe for disaster. Begin by identifying priority rooms and draft interior design plans independently.

Interior design experts recommend starting with the living room, bedroom, and laundry room. Pick at least two dependent rooms and decorate them concurrently. While at it, avoid matching all rooms in your house. You can choose a modern living room and a transitional bedroom. However, find ways of adding unifying elements for the design to flow.

3. Choosing the best colors

Color is an important element in the interior design realm. Choosing a color scheme for different rooms in your new house can prove challenging. Selecting wall paints and buying furniture should be done simultaneously, though you will have endless color options and palettes to choose from.

The best way of selecting an interior paint color is to start with your preferred colors. Use your favorite colors as a base color and develop a color scheme. Below are a few tips for choosing interior design colors:

  • Find color inspiration: Like decoration style, you should read catalogs and magazines extensively to find color inspiration. You can also search for color inspirations online. Social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest provide real-time color inspirations from different projects.
  • Use the color theory: You can create a color scheme using the color wheel easily without necessarily studying the color theory. You can identify matching colors by simply spinning the wheel.
  • Be creative with neutral colors: While neutral colors are a popular choice for most homeowners, your neutrals shouldn’t be laid back. You can revitalize your neutral selections by using them creatively. For instance, a striped wall with neutral colors adds a lot of styles and keeps the room relaxed.
  • Choose paint color from print: Another easier way of choosing an interior paint color is using a print fabric. Bedding, furniture, throw pillows, and table linens can provide much-needed inspiration.

Your interior paint should complement other interior design elements. It should also make the house cozy and comfortable.

4. Buying furniture

Furniture also has an important role in interior design. Fortunately, buying furniture has been made easy by the presence of online furniture stores. From living room couches and entertainment units to wardrobes, you can easily order furniture that suits your preferred style and budget. If you aren’t happy with the available designs, you can have them customized to match your décor.

As for the bedroom design, you should begin with the bed, as it takes a lot of floor space and captures a lot of attention. For other furnishings, you can buy pre-made wardrobes, provided they suit your bedroom design and theme. You can also have them customized.

5. Lighting placements

Besides color and furniture, lighting is another crucial element of home interior design. Expertly positioned lights add a lot of dimensions to your space and enliven the entire interior design project. Great lighting makes it easy to draw attention to impressive areas, creates height and depth, and illuminates cozy spots in your home.

Unfortunately, most homeowners forget the importance of daylight in their homes and overall interior design plan. You should monitor and take advantage of daylight. You should then use artificial light, such as functional task lights, to brighten dark areas. Well-designed artificial lights add brightness to the room.

Decorative lighting is another essential interior design concept. Decorative lights, such as skillfully positioned uplights, downlights, floor lights, feature lights, wall lights, lamps, and pendants, add a lot of interest and depth to various rooms. You should explore different lighting ideas or hire lighting experts for a commendable outcome.


Interior design also includes changes in flooring, storage areas, furnishing, and other DIY decoration projects to improve the overall appearance of your new home. While the interior design tips mentioned above can help you set off on the right track, it is best to consult interior design experts before implementing your interior design plans. This will save you from experimenting and the risks of getting some things wrong when designing your new home. Lastly, don’t overspend or go overboard with your project.

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