Home office in the Scandinavian style: how to design?

Do you work at home or often take some tasks from the office to home? In any case, having a comfortable home office is useful both for productive work and from a practical point of view, because storing papers, stationery, and gadgets is more convenient than collecting all this at home whenever necessary.

The office correctly designed combines functionality with comfort, guaranteeing productivity, even though you are at home.

There are many options for designing an office or workspace at home. However, attention should be focused on a particular option, which does not require massive financial spending. Scandinavian style is perfect for any room in which you need to create a cozy and inspiring atmosphere.

Common features of Scandinavian interior design

Black, white and bright accents

For those who are not familiar with this style, it has been popular in Scandinavia’s countries since 1930. Short sunny days and a lack of light became the reasons for the emergence of such a bright and straightforward interior that focuses on a minimum of color. White and black are its basis, while colorful accents are also necessary, but in small quantities, for example, in posters, textiles, floor carpets, etc. In modern Scandinavian interiors, bright colors are also used for decoration therefore, as you wish!

Wood in design

Wood as a natural material carries warmth and comfort. In the cold winters, the Scandinavian countries especially needed heat, so they use wood for decoration and furniture. It can be left in its original form, opened with varnish or stain, or painted.

Wallpaper with prints

When designing a Scandinavian-style home office, do not use expensive wallpapers, it is better to give preference to white painted walls. And if you want more colors, use wallpaper with patterns or prints.


In such a natural and straightforward interior, open brickwork can be the main focus. Scandinavian style goes well with red and white bricks, so if you have the opportunity to expose the handiwork, be sure to use it.

Open shelves

Open shelves and cabinets with a smooth white surface are famous for this style. They help to maintain order in the office.


It is an integral part of the interior, as small details can radically change the mood in the design. You can use posters, photos, textiles, birdcages, candles, figurines, etc..

Natural flowers

The design of the home office in the Scandinavian style will become a little more comfortable in the presence of green plants in pretty pots. Such a natural style can not do without them. Also, green is in perfect harmony with white and black. 

Steps to achieve the Scandinavian style

Focus on bright thoughts

Scandinavian design is famous because the space designed in this way allows you to feel serenity and tranquility. The room turns out to be bright and spacious because curtains are never used in such a design. Thus, a sufficient amount of light enters the room, which increases due to sunlight on light surfaces of walls and floors.

There is no such amount of natural light in the Scandinavian countries as in other countries, it is not customary to hang curtains on the windows. However, it is still recommended to place light sheer curtains or blinds on the windows to protect from the sun.

It is recommended to choose how the main surfaces will look before starting repair work. A laminate or parquet in light shades is suitable for the floor, and it is recommended that the walls or ceiling be done in creamy colors.

A lot of functionality

As a rule, traditional furniture items in the workspace are huge components that take up a large amount of space and contain many different sections made of chipboard. Hanging worktops that can be moved apart if needed are excellent tables. And chairs can be replaced with banquets, which will also contain additional storage space.

Nothing extra

The home office, made in the Scandinavian style, is designed to create a positive impression. Light colors contribute to a more accurate concentration, and the simplicity of the interior creates an atmosphere of greater discipline. Also, bright shades motivate to maintain order within the workplace. Simplicity and minimalism allow you to focus on the implementation of tasks, and the interior is not distracting with load.

Informal atmosphere

Scandinavian office design will be an excellent solution for those people who like to keep the comfort of their home at work. You can complement the simple interior with a small rug, hang original lamps, or even put chairs similar to home ones.

Tactile contact

Traditionally, the Scandinavian atmosphere is pleasant not only to the eye but also friendly to the touch. 

Creative mood

Creating a concise and straightforward Scandinavian interior, its owner gets a pleasant mood and concentration. Bright space allows you to use unusual objects in your environment and add non-standard accessories to it.

To dilute light colors, it is recommended to hang various paintings on the wall or dilute the walls with patterns, ornaments, art objects. 

Ergonomic compact workspace

Modern furniture is equipped with many useful functions and at the same time has a non-standard appearance. Valuable and necessary furniture items include:

  • Desk;
  • Poufs with folding seat and additional storage;
  • Shelving with movable shelves;
  • Chairs;
  • Lamps;
  • Hinged fabric and wooden pockets for storing papers.

Such convenient things help out in a limited area. They make space not only comfortable but also very creative, which inspires in the work process.

Some, creating a project of a room, divide it into zones, for example, a recreation and work area. In this case, it is appropriate to use racks, screens, curtains as a barrier. Also, the workplace can be organized in a niche. 

Organization of space in a large office

In a large area of the office, it is essential not only to fill the space but also to use it to the maximum. To do this, you can think over what hobbies the owner has, why the office will be used, or maybe here you can combine two purposes of using the room.

The writing desk can be used with a bright and warm color accent that contrasts with a cool dark blue leather reading chair. The interior of the office in the Scandinavian style must necessarily be built on natural materials and textures.

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