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Home office trends 2022: top 10 gorgeous ideas for a stylish and functional space
Irina Tomsa -

Home office trends 2022: top 10 gorgeous ideas for a stylish and functional space

Irina Tomsa / October 13, 2021 - views 33 - 0 likes

Working from home has always been up-to-date. Furthermore, the pandemic led to an increase in performing the work from home. Therefore, the home office became part of many houses. As with other rooms, this one has to integrate into the interior design of the house and keep pace with the latest trends for a stylish result. It should be noted that the latest ideas in this sense suggest a functional approach as well.

If you work from home, it means you need a working space adapted to your preferences. This is where the most interesting part begins. You have to combine the latest trends with elements of your liking for a stylish and practical use of space. Considering that you will spend most of your time here, you should opt for a productive environment, and there is no easier way of reaching that level than with an appropriate interior design. Therefore, we prepared a list of 10 best trends for a home office in 2022 to match your preferences and help you achieve an up-to-date result. 

Eco-friendly approach for an impact

As environmental issues are being tackled more and more, interior design is a perfect chance to make an impact on nature by promoting its beauty and bringing it closer. Furthermore, such natural elements as freshness, light, and calmness are welcome in a workplace. Consider the following aspects for perfect integration of this trend into your home office:

  • Natural materials. Opt for wood, glass, metal for an environment that is not difficult to comprehend and easy to work in;
  • Colors inspired by nature. Consider natural shades, such as green, brown, beige, blue for a fresh atmosphere to ensure the calmness of the workplace;
  • Natural light. Direct your attention toward large windows, particularly east-facing ones, to let the daylight penetrate the room. Avoid thick curtains and opt instead for blinds;
  • Elements of nature. Consider indoor plants for freshness to bring a new splash of color to a neutral environment.

Stick to the classic

There is no way of going wrong in 2022 with a classic workplace. Although the elements may seem out-of-date, we would like to convince you of the contrary. A traditional home office is welcome within the interior design this year. Furthermore, its classic units bring elegance to a modern house, enriching it with a balanced environment and luxury. Consider the following elements for an effect of this kind:

  • Symmetrical setting and balanced contrasts;
  • Rich textures, such as wood, leather;
  • Elegant tables and various accessories, particularly on the wall.

Scandinavian style for a creative mind

Scandinavian style does not plan on getting out of date in 2022, particularly when applied to the home office. It is the perfect space for integrating sharp lines, bold yet neutral contrasts, and unusual decor of your liking. We would like to draw your attention to some aspects to be considered in this sense:

  • Nature-inspired materials;
  • The richness of decor;
  • Popular combinations of bold colors, such as black and white.

Art Deco is back 

Art Deco is back in 2022, and it comes with new variations of the popular style. It will fit perfectly those who want to offer status to their home office.  Although such a workplace has a luxurious look, the balanced contrasts keep it within the appropriate borders. It is noteworthy that such an environment is sophisticated and would not match any preference. If you are looking for a complex design, consider the following elements:

  • Neutral and dark colors in combination;
  • Luxurious decor units, such as glamorous lamps;
  • Large tables and armchairs;
  • Reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, glass, crystal.

Neutral colors for a balanced environment

The home office needs an environment for concentration and comfort, where the colors play an essential role. Therefore, bright colors should be replaced with neutral ones so as not to overwhelm the interior design and serve as a distraction. 

At the same time, we would like to stress the importance of playing accurately with such a color as black, which should be avoided in small spaces. Nevertheless, it will fit perfectly in larger places. In this case, you have to consider bright accessories to balance the contrast.

When it comes to the most popular shades in 2022, consider the following ones:

  • White; 
  • Soft green;
  • Dusty pink;
  • Soothing blue;
  • Earthy brown;
  • Various shades of beige.

Practical and stylish lighting

Lighting plays as much an essential role. The 2022 trends suggest you opt for appropriate lighting for efficient work within this space and fixtures of various styles, including vintage, Art Deco, industrial. It should be noted that every area of this room requires particular lighting. Take into account the following aspects when deciding upon the lighting of your room:

  • Full lighting sources at the working space, such as table lamps;
  • Large chandeliers to brighten the room;
  • Floor lamps for the recreation space.

Functional furniture for practical use

Functionality is one of the main principles of the 2022 trends. There is no way of applying it better in a home office than going with such an approach when it comes to furniture. Consider this aspect when choosing the table that should meet your standard of comfort and offer enough surface. Considering the 2022 trends and your own preference, opt for one of the following alternatives:

  • Classic table for a classic look;
  • Large table hung on the wall for functional use of space;
  • Traditional table with shelves for convenient use;
  • Console table for better integration.

Comfort in the first place

The 2022 trends stress the importance of comfort within a workplace, particularly if it is a home office and you can adapt it to your preference. The element that is referred to mostly by comfort is the chair. You spend the most time on it while working, and an appropriate choice in this sense will keep it both comfy and stylish. Take a look at the following options:

  • Retro chair for a vintage look;
  • Chair made of nature-inspired materials for an eco-style;
  • Eclectic combination of minimalism and industrial style within the chair design;
  • High-back chairs for full comfort.

Nature-inspired wallpaper for creative souls

If you want to set a less formal home office and use it for a particular work that implies creativity, consider bold wallpapers with nature-inspired elements. In this sense, you can opt for patterns that imply plants or animals. Furthermore, consider a mural to make a statement or choose lighter colors to bring in a point of interest. Nevertheless, do not go too extra as a space like this requires a calm environment.

Stylish decor to meet any expectations

The decor trends of a home office in 2022 suggest you opt for elements that reflect your personality to add individuality to this space. You can consider indoor plants, motivational pictures, Art Deco chandeliers, or any other unit that suits your liking. 

Use your imagination as much as possible and come with a unique decoration. Nevertheless, do not go too extra so as not to suppress the other elements. Furthermore, a great suggestion would be to enrich your home office with simplicity. As strange as it may seem, the lack of decoration is quite a compliment to a contemporary home workplace.