Home Office Trends 2023: What’s New in the Upcoming Season

The home office itself as a concept is a trend. Even though we are free now to work outside the house, most of us still prefer remote work. This phenomenon of switching from real offices to home offices led to an array of questions from homeowners to designers on how to design such spaces. And here is what professionals suggest as a start – put the accent on functionality, comfort, and productive environment since you have to spend hours in this space, and ensuring an ambiance that lets you concentrate on work and doesn’t drain you over time is the main purpose. The rest is style, although it should work in harmony with those principles. 

Considering the interior design trends still emerging for the new season, we are happy to share our findings based on reliable expert advice. Find out how you design a home office in 2023, what materials and colors you consider, what approaches you can refer to, and how you integrate the newest design tendencies regardless of what home office you have, be it a separate room or an incorporated functional area. 

Color in Demand – Lavender

Designers firmly claim that purple will be a leading color in 2023, and not without reason – according to WGSN and Coloro, the so-called color Digital Lavender is considered the color of the year. Behind the serene shade of purple stand well-being, digital stability, and retreat. Designers have already started integrating it into home offices, and we don’t see why you shouldn’t. You can go with any purple variation, and you will still be in trend. The best part is that the versatile color suits both modern and traditional spaces.

New Pops of Color

In contrast with the usual home office colors that are mostly neutral, the new season shares a love for bright and hopeful with bold shades. If the previous option works for any type of activity, the suggested teal, bright blue, courageous red, and mustard orange are the go-to alternatives for creative minds. You will definitely find inspiration for your creative activity when surrounded by such splashes of joy and positivity. By the way, applying such unusual colors to your work area, when combined with the right contrast, looks stylish and not at all too daring. 

Ergonomic Workspace

The space you spend a considerable part of the day in should be as comfortable as possible. You wouldn’t want to be disturbed by small inconveniences during work. A smart design that puts comfort over any other feature is the upcoming trend of the new season. In a few words, this is an ergonomic home office with large desktops, at-hand drawers, comfortable chairs with rotatable features, plenty of natural light, and storage systems in the close neighborhood. 

Expand the Borders of Your Mind

Natural light, natural view, source of inspiration and recreation, and a great design asset – a full-length window inside the home office. There is no better decor trick that would work as successfully as nature, and since natural elements are a steady trend, you can safely make it part of the space you work in. The only investment from you is a quality full-length window.

Top Material for the Season

The irreplaceable wood is not the new yet definitely the top hit in 2023. Natural, welcoming, and comfortable – right what a place you spend a lot of time in should feel like. Since wood can be used for desks, chairs, cabinets, bookcases, flooring, and walls – literally everywhere, it would be wise to decorate it with additional materials, such as metals and glass – the other two trends. 

Video Call Background

If your work implies making many video calls, you probably need a perfect background to ensure a formal environment. While designing your home office, don’t forget the space behind your back. Ensure it is decluttered, and go on with the rest. The easiest solution is to leave it as it is, be it a painted wall or wall paneling. For a bit of visual interest, add a large wall painting – an abstract so as not to draw much attention. Even open shelving works if you keep a minimalist layout of belongings.

Twisty Lines and Curvy Edges

If you read articles on interior design, you have probably noticed that curves are becoming more popular. Sure thing, they are a must in 2023. Round-edge desks, curvaceous chairs, and arched shapes throughout the home office, such as loops on paintings, round pendants, or wavy indoor plants.

Integrated Home Office

The new trends show us that you can make the most of the space you have with smart decisions. For instance, you can integrate a home office into any other room, say the living room or bedroom. If the space allows, opt for open-floor work areas unless the other functional zones may disturb your work process. Overall, this design idea works for those who don’t have the possibility to design a separate room as a home office.

Simple and Natural

A modern home office that celebrates the beauty of design solutions in 2023 is devoid of clutter and filled instead with live plants, be it plenty of pots with small greeneries above the work desk or big-leaf plants in the neighborhood. Besides refreshing the air, which is important for appropriate work conditions, plants easily transform the workspace into an oasis of retreat and peace where you can fully concentrate on what you have to do. 

Don’t Forget to Take a Break

Everybody knows that it is essential to take a break once in a while when working, and having a specially designed space for such occasions would surely make you relax for a few minutes. One of the best trends designers and homeowners cannot skip is ensuring a lounge area in the home office. A comfortable accent chair with an accent table for occasional cups of tea or coffee or a modular chair to suit your needs would do.

Simple Solutions for Minimalists

That’s right! Minimalism is still on the stage. Still, this time, the simple design solutions are redefined through architectural features. Unusually shaped desks as the main focus and sleek chairs. Decluttered backgrounds and neutral color boards. Personalized decor and functional layout.

Close to Maximalism

Although truly maximalist patterns are not yet a thing, the current trends are surely directed this way with design solutions that bring more color, shapes, and elegance. There are a few techniques you can apply in this respect. Try the Neoclassical style with modern furniture and opulent wall molding. Decorate the home office with art; to be precise – colorful art. Or, consider designer pendants above the workspace that enhance the look of the simplest layouts. 

Mid-Century Modern

The style that gives new value to modern interiors with a combination of organic and geometric forms that preserve simplicity yet manage to stand out with stylishly designed furniture is the new favorite in home offices. Consider the sleek work desks and chairs designed in this style if you love functional spaces worked on with taste.

Balcony Office

According to the latest trends in home office design 2023, you can integrate the workspace anywhere you want or can. Take the balcony as an example for small apartments. Use smartly the space that would otherwise go unused for any other purposes. It doesn’t take much space to place a desk and a chair beside a vertical storage system. What’s more, you can enjoy the beautiful outside view right from your work desk. 

Sunroom Office

The mainstream of making an office out of any possibility is going on. If you have a beautiful sunroom you don’t know how to design, make it a home office. This way, you can enjoy the natural light all day and get disturbed only by nature, which cannot help but inspire. Consider personalized decor to make the room feel cozy and use it strictly as a space for work, and productivity will surely be your true friend.

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