Home Office Trends 2024: What’s New This Season

The home office itself as a concept is a trend. With the increasing popularity of remote work, most of us are looking for ways to set up a workspace in our homes. This phenomenon of switching from real offices to home offices led to an array of questions from homeowners for designers on how to design such spaces, including the home office trends. Professionals suggest putting the accent on functionality, comfort, and a productive environment since you have to spend hours in this space. The primary purpose is to ensure an ambiance that lets you concentrate on work and doesn’t drain you over time. The rest is style, although it should work in harmony with the mentioned principles.  

Find out how to design a home office in 2024, what materials and colors to consider, and how to integrate the newest design tendencies, whether a separate room or an incorporated workspace in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. 

According to WGSN and Coloro, Digital Lavender was the color of the year in 2023. It is expected to reign in 2024 as well. Simultaneously, Pantone announced peach as the color of the year 2024. So, peach and lavender, including other shades of violet, go hand in hand, bringing updated beauty to the design.


Ergonomic Workspace

The space you spend a considerable part of the day in should be as comfortable as possible. You wouldn’t want to be disturbed by minor inconveniences during work. In a few words, this is an ergonomic home office with large desktops, at-hand drawers, comfortable chairs with rotatable features, plenty of natural light, and storage systems in the close neighborhood.

Expand the Borders of Your Mind

Natural light, original view, a source of inspiration and recreation, and a great design asset – a full-length window inside the home office. There is no better decor trick that would work as successfully as nature, and since natural elements are a steady home office trend, you can safely make it part of the space you work in. The only investment from you is a quality full-length window.

Key Material of the Season

The emerging popularity of Eco-style made us rethink our lifestyle, even when it comes to home decoration. Wood will undoubtedly be used a lot in 2024 home offices. Besides, wooden furniture is sturdy, long-lasting, and, why not, stylish. Keep it practical and ‘a la mode’ by investing in quality wood furnishing.

Video Call Background

If your work implies many video calls, you probably need a perfect background to ensure a formal environment. While designing your home office, don’t forget the space behind your back. Ensure it is decluttered, and go on with the rest. The easiest solution is to leave it as it is, be it a painted wall or wall paneling. For a bit of visual interest, add a large wall painting – an abstract so that it won’t draw much attention. Even open shelving works if you keep a simple yet tasteful decor.

Twisty Lines and Curvy Edges

If you read articles on interior design, you have probably noticed that curves are having their moment. Sure thing, they will also be a must in 2024. Round-edge desks, curvaceous chairs, and arched shapes throughout the home office, such as loops on paintings, round pendants, or wavy indoor plants, are at your disposal.

Integrated Home Office

The new home office trends show you can make the most of your space with smart decisions. For instance, you can integrate a home office into any other room, say the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. If the space allows, opt for open-floor work areas unless the other functional zones may disturb your work process. Overall, this design idea works for those who cannot design a separate room as a home office.

On the Green Side

A modern home office that celebrates the beauty of 2024 trends is devoid of clutter and filled instead with live plants, be it plenty of pots with small greeneries above the work desk or big-leaf plants in the neighborhood. Aside from refreshing the air, which is important for appropriate work conditions, plants quickly transform the workspace into an oasis of retreat and peace where you can fully concentrate on your work. If interested, discover the latest houseplant trends with Hackrea.


Don’t Forget to Take a Break

Everybody knows it is essential to take a break once in a while when working, and having a specially designed space for such occasions will surely make you want to relax for a few minutes. One of the best home office trends designers and homeowners cannot skip – a lounge area in the home office. A comfortable accent chair with a coffee table for occasional cups of tea or coffee or a modular chair to suit your needs.

Simple Solutions for Minimalists

That’s right! Minimalism is still on the stage for those not yet ready to embrace the trending maximalist options. Still, this time, the simple design solutions are redefined through architectural features – unusually shaped desks and sleek chairs as the main focus, decluttered backgrounds and neutral color palettes, personalized decor, and functional layout.

Mid-Century Modern

The style that gives new value to modern interiors with a combination of organic and geometric forms, preserving simplicity yet standing out with stylishly designed furniture, is the new favorite in home offices. Consider the sleek work desks and chairs designed in this style if you love functional spaces that show off taste.

Balcony Office

According to the latest home office trends, you can integrate the workspace anywhere you want. Take the balcony as an example for small apartments. Use smartly the space that would otherwise go unused for any other purposes. Placing a desk and a chair beside a vertical storage system doesn’t take up much space. What’s more, you can enjoy the beautiful outside view from your work desk.


Sunroom Office

The concept of making a home office out of any possibility is going on. If you have a beautiful sunroom you don’t know how to design, make it a home office. This way, you can enjoy the natural light all day and get disturbed only by nature, which cannot help but inspire. Consider personalized decor to make the room feel cozy and use it strictly as a space for work, and productivity will surely be your true friend.

Give Meaning to Decor

The austere workspaces devoid of character that have nothing more than a desk and chair are things of the past. Experts say we should pay attention to the home office as much as to any other room in our house. Decor is essential. Design a place to motivate you daily by surrounding yourself with inspirational sources. It can be a new color palette – bolder, more energetic, and personalized. Or, think of wall art, from paintings to fabric pieces of art. 

Spreading Like Mushrooms

You’ve probably noticed the spread of fungi table lamps in 2023. Well, this trend goes on in 2024 as well. Even more, it brings new features. The traditional mushroom lamps are replaced with leaned-down, inverted, or retextured lighting sources. If you want a quick yet efficient redecoration of your home office, just add a mushroom lamp, and your workspace won’t look the same.

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