Horizontal Wall Art: How to Style It and Decor Ideas

Wall art uplifts a blank space and adds visual interest to any room. Today, we speak about horizontal wall art, which mainly suits low-ceiling spaces or rooms with long walls. If that’s your case or you simply look for the latest horizontal wall art options, dive in. Moreover, we’ll show you how to style horizontal wall decor and reveal the best ideas.

1. Long Horizontal Wall Art

This one is the most versatile and flexible of all available horizontal wall decor ideas. So, choose an original landscape painting, especially a long one, and add a visually charming focus to your room decor.

2. Large Horizontal Wall Art

Aside from horizontal, your new wall art can also be extra-large. In addition, this option best suits immense blank spaces, where a simply long wall decor won’t look as perfect. Even more, we like this wall decor solution in dining rooms with large, empty walls.

3. Switch to Soft Options

Learn to stand out. Moreover, leave your comfort zone. Not least, make a cozy home out of your abode with these unique horizontal tapestry wall art ideas. For instance, replacing the headboard with a colorful and richly-grained rug gives your bedroom an impetus of comfort and texture.

4. Horizontal Macrame on Walls

In the same spirit of craving for organic and colorful texture, experts emphasize the relevance of thread wall art in contemporary design. Simultaneously, a wide range of possible macrame designs with long and horizontal features is always available. 

5. Set Up an Industrial Plot Twist

This original horizontal metal wall art idea is everything you need to make your home decor look edgy. To be noted, designers’ favorites are metallic compositions of more pieces, sculptural shapes, and round edges in particular.

6. Horizontal Wall Decor Set

If you’re not a fan of long canvases, you’ll absolutely love the alternative – sets of two or three pieces in the same style. What’s more, experts recommend a geometric design enriched with pastel or vivid colors, depending on how much of a statement you want to make.

Try the horizontal gallery wall option as one of the best living room wall art ideas. Designers’ top choice is combinations of various art styles, including paintings, photos, and abstract canvases. Use creativity and imagination!

8. Wall Sconces as a Separate Form of Art

Save space with multi-purpose horizontal wall sconces with intriguing designs that will brighten the darkest corners of your room and beautifully accessorize your low-ceiling living room, bedroom, kitchen, or hallway.

9. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Make it a double win with the horizontal mirror wall art solution. Thus, it can be a single horizontal piece with an original frame or a set of interestingly shaped mirrors that will visually expand the borders of a low-ceiling room and add that long-desired statement to the design.

10. Large Horizontal Window to the Outdoors

Decorate the blank space above your bed, sofa, or loveseat with large horizontal photographs of real-life natural landscapes. In addition, the sizable feature of your wall decor will make it seem as if you are looking at the seaside landscape or a farmland field out of the window.

11. Open-Shelf Wall Decor

If you cannot decide which of the accessories you have at home best work for your new living room wall decor, go the easy way by installing an open shelf and decorating it with customized combinations of canvases, candles, personalized accessories, and anything you like. Even more, that’s probably the best definition of horizontal wall art put into practice.

12. Horizontal Wall Niche Decor

Try this practical, original, stylish horizontal wall art idea to save as much space as possible. Decorate the wall niches in the living room with pottery collections, candles, canvases, or other accessories. Or, beautify the available space in the bathroom with greenery or aesthetic shower bottles. 

Wall decor is the designers’ beloved tool in interior design this and the following season. Moreover, you don’t have to hire a specialist to help with your wall decoration when there are so many online options. The question is: which one to choose? Luckily, we’ve gathered the best horizontal wall art ideas here.

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