Hotel Design 2023: The Latest Trends in the Hospitality Industry

Traveling around the world is becoming a part of everyday life for many. Someone builds a successful career and spends a lot of time on business trips; someone devotes their free time to traveling and opening new horizons. The continually growing number of guests with different goals, objectives, and lifestyles encourages hotel owners to constantly improve the level of service and interiors of their properties, providing guests with comfort and the maximum pleasant impressions.

Today, regardless of travel plans, emotions are of particular value. Hospitality businesses are talking about a fascinating trend called bleisure: even those who visit a city or hotel on business issues are increasingly extending their business trips to devote time to getting to know the locality and local traditions. In this case, the task of hoteliers is to provide all conditions for the most pleasant memories and high-quality emotional recharge.

One of the working directions in solving such a problem is improving the quality of service. In this regard, the hotel segment bets on high technologies, which generally works. Robots instead of administrators, wireless chargers for mobile devices, a new generation of climate control systems with voice control, and access to the room through a smartphone application – all this increases guests’ interest and provides an unprecedented level of comfort. However, we must not forget about the premises’ design: today, when harmony is a priority everywhere, no less attention is paid to it. We invite you to evaluate the hotel design trends adopted by the world’s largest hoteliers.

Studying the solutions proposed by designers in 2023, it should be noted that they are generally subject to current interior trends. At the same time, hotel decoration is a particular area in which an individual approach must be combined with specific hoteliers’ requirements and general principles of arrangement and decoration of this industry segment’s buildings. Today, certain trends have already clearly taken shape, five of which enjoy special authority among specialists.

Eco-friendly: Keeping Pace with Trends

Respect for the environment and the desire to demonstrate closeness to nature is a mood that representatives of the hotel industry have also imbued. The “green” trend in design, which was born a few years ago, dictates specific rules in the design and decoration of hotels, which both hoteliers and their guests are happy to obey. The most popular solutions in 2023 promise to be:

  • Health and energy-saving technologies. Rooms with motion sensors and automatic water stops, innovative air purification systems, water filters, and circadian rhythm dimmers all demonstrate a smart approach to smart consumption and a commitment to providing guests with all the conditions for maintaining health and comfort.
  • High-quality finishing materials, natural if possible. Today, hotel owners prefer only certified products that meet all eco-standards. Natural wood and large-format porcelain stoneware are in trend today more than ever.
  • Eco decor. Green plants used in various solutions – from the usual arrangement in tubs to decorating the walls in the lobby with greenery and moss – are called upon to revive the interiors of hotels and create the right mood today.

Make yourself at home!

Over the past couple of years, the value of a home atmosphere has been recognized even by those who are used to being in permanent movement. This trend prompted the hospitality industry to develop a new concept – decorating a hotel room as a full-fledged home space, promising maximum comfort and serenity but not devoid of novelty. A similar effect is provided by:

  • layout and zoning reminiscent of studios or full-fledged apartments;
  • using a warm palette and expressive decor;
  • superbly equipped bathrooms and kitchens, cozy bedrooms, and living rooms with extraordinary decor.

Hotel as an Art Platform

One of the most striking trends in hotel design for 2023 proposes to bring art to the maximum in the hotel industry. Integrated art galleries in “Like” hotels, the enormous free contemporary art exhibit at the 21C Museum Hotel are just a few examples. An equally exciting concept was developed for the Nhow Hotel in Milan, in the lobby and corridors of which they regularly hold thematic exhibitions of works by artists and designers and even fashion shows and shoot clips. As a result, the interior of the common areas in the hotel is changed every few months.

Cultural Identity

Add meaning to your visitors’ experiences through local scents. Contemporary travelers are looking for authentic experiences full of direct interaction with the local culture, whether through connecting with people or trying traditional food. Meet their expectations, and they will feel welcome and willing to return. Create a local cultural identity for your hotel through appropriate decoration and share your local pearls with the world since nothing underlines the hotel’s personality the way an individual approach to design can. Besides, intercultural connection and expanding one’s horizons are in demand today, which can be witnessed in the restaurant and bar design trends as well.

Multi-generational Adaptation

Now, more than ever, hotel clients are expected to visit with their families, and ensuring an appropriate ambiance for people of different ages to meet their standards is a current preoccupation of the largest hotel chains. It begins with the lobby and reaches the personal hotel rooms, which should be designed in a way to host families with members from different generations with different needs and preferences. Give also the pet-friendly hotel service a thought. Travelers with four-paw companions will much appreciate it.

Hotel rooms today are by no means impersonal and discreetly decorated spaces. The trends of 2023 again suggest considering them as friendly and welcoming spaces, offering the guest all conditions for a good rest and even living. A similar result is achieved using the following solutions:

  • using a light and calm palette for most rooms;
  • current technical innovations – wireless chargers, acoustic systems, climate control;
  • using an unusual, memorable decor – an impressively decorated accent wall, an abundance of green plants, unusual art objects, and even copies of works of art;
  • the latest noise insulation technologies – including innovative soundproof windows;
  • aesthetic and comfortable arrangement of sleeping areas – using complex lighting scenarios, visually and tactilely pleasant materials, and luxury mattresses.

In 2023, the bathroom in the hotel is proposed to be considered a functional and relaxation area. You can provide such an atmosphere thanks to the methods and elements that are relevant today:

  • the use of several types of plumbing within one bathroom – shower area, bathtub, sink;
  • high-quality finishing materials with the appropriate moisture resistance – and the right level of their installation;
  • a variety of expressive decor – floor vases, designer lamps, live plants;
  • current technical solutions – heated floors, innovative air conditioning, ventilation systems, and smart mirrors with built-in TV.

All-gray and minimalist hotel hallways are a thing of the past. Now, the hotel’s visitors would be much more impressed by authentic introductions to the hotel room. Whether you go with the hotel’s design concept or choose a style of its own for this space, don’t forget to decorate the walls, ceiling, or floor with original patterns, colors, and texture. Make the passing through the hallway as interesting as the hotel itself. Play smartly with the light, add architectural features, or expose pieces of art and leave no space for getting bored for your guests while reaching the hotel room.

At one point or another, while staying at a hotel, the visitors spend a particular amount of time in the lobby zone. When arriving, this is what they are greeted by, and ensuring a proper introduction says much about the hotel’s design. Deviate from the traditional seats and monochromatic schemes. Enliven the entry space with comfortable and interestingly shaped furniture pieces, allow as much natural light as possible, and don’t forget about an individual concept in terms of design; maybe a gallery wall or a biophilic accent can become the main focus. Ensure there are enough open and private social zones so your guests can feel welcome any time they enter this space. A hotel design that considers the visitors’ needs is halfway to success.

The hospitality industry in 2023 offers incredibly flexible and aesthetic solutions for hotel design. The hotels, equipped following the current trends, turn into a kind of modern oasis with their own personality, the highest level of comfort, and an attractive atmosphere for the guests. Try to meet the expectations of all kinds of visitors you can probably have, stand out from the crowd with a personal design concept, and don’t seek inspiration beyond your borders when local culture seems more attractive to those visiting the particular destination – make a stay in your hotel more than a stay, make it an experience.

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