How much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets: DIY vs. Professional painting and alternatives

Whether you want to offer your kitchen a new sparkle or plan on painting your old kitchen cabinets, you have to be equipped with patience and basic knowledge to achieve a perfect result. We are sure you will manage with the first point. Regarding the second one, we are here to assist you in this sense.

Stay with us, and we will provide you with relevant information on the expenses of painting the kitchen cabinets, including such aspects as a DIY and professional approach and other alternatives. We will reveal the precise sum of money you will need for every step in part and practical tips to make it easier for you. All you have to do is scroll through the information and stop at the option that suits you best. We promise to be as relevant as possible and helpful at every step of this journey.

Starting points to be considered

  • Paint type. Professionals use oil and water-based paints that lead to a durable surface and are not prone to be damaged while drying. At the same time, latex paints are used for DIY projects, being easily cleaned with water and drying quickly.  
  • Paint color. Some of the popular kitchen paint colors are white, gray, black, soothing blue, and brown.
  • Paint quality. A quality product is expensive, but it will lead to a long-lasting result, be resistant to water, and not chip.

Kitchen cabinets painting expenses

If you plan on painting or repainting the kitchen cabinets, you should be ready to spend on average $1,000. The sum may vary depending on the number of kitchen cabinets. It should be noted that part of this amount is also influenced by the time needed and the labor involved.

To be precise, here are some of the sums to be considered:

  • $30 to $60 per linear foot for the professional labor;
  • $200 to $600 for the necessary supplies, such as brushes, tape, rollers.

Of course, you will adapt this amount to the one you can afford. But there are a few things we would like to draw your attention to:

  • Cheap materials will lead to temporary results;
  • Don’t repaint the damaged board, which is better to be replaced;
  • Vinyl paper veneers are not the best option as they are harder to fix than wood.

Average costs to be considered

We would like to provide you with average costs you will have to encounter regarding various aspects. Go through them to get a general picture.

Expenses on repainting kitchen cabinets

If we speak about a 150 to 250 square foot kitchen, consider an average cost of $900. It should be noted that you have to add a sum of $500 to $1,500 if you also have to remove the existing finish on your kitchen cabinets. Of course, you could not do that, but you should know that paint will not look properly on an old finish. 

Furthermore, if you would not like to scrape it away, we suggest you apply a chemical solution for this purpose. If you opt for this variant, consider that stripping agents are useful when it comes to shiny paints, such as lacquer. It should be noted that the handles and knobs have to be removed beforehand.

Expenses on painting kitchen cabinets per square foot

You should be ready for the following expenses:

  • $3 to $10 per square foot on labor and supplies;
  • $30 to $60 per linear foot on labor and supplies.

If expenses are considered based on particular parts of the kitchen cabinets, the following costs are to be encountered: $25 for a drawer, $75 to $150 for a cabinet. 

Expenses on spray painting the kitchen cabinets

It is easier for some people to paint kitchen cabinets with spray. As regards the costs, they are the same as the ones when using a brush. You will have to spend on average $400 to $1,000 for this type of painting, based on the number of cabinets. 

It should be noted that you have to remove the doors and drawers and paint them separately if you apply this variant.

DIY vs. Professional kitchen painting

If you want to save money and are experienced in working with a brush, consider painting kitchen cabinets by yourself. We would like to draw your attention to some essential aspects:

  • Don’t forget to remove the old paint for proper coverage with the new paint;
  • Use a primer to avoid achieving a result with different shades of the chosen color;
  • Remove the doors and drawers and paint them separately in order not to miss any sections.

There is no doubt a professional will make this work faster and with better results. Of course, it will lead to greater expenses, but we suggest you don’t do it yourself if you are not experienced in painting.

Kitchen cabinets painting alternatives

We would like to tell you that painting is not the only option to add a new sparkle to your kitchen. Another variant is to reface the cabinets. As regards the expenses, you have to spend $1,600 to $9,000. It should be noted that it includes the use of veneers to offer the kitchen a new look.

You could also opt for refinishing the cabinets. It would cost you $1,600 to $4,000, including the use of lacquer, varnish, paints. 

As a finishing point, we would like to encourage you on this step of offering your kitchen a new look. All you have to do is take another look at the information provided by us, stop at the option that fits you best and proceed to work. There is one more thing: if you add patience and love to the things you do, you will receive a perfect result.

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