How the evolution of technology changed the use of furniture

How the evolution of technology changed the use of furniture

hackrea - November 18, 2020 - views 51 - 0 likes

Technology has totally transformed our lives, and nowhere is this more clear than in our homes. When we consider the impact of technology at home, we may automatically think about smart TVs and advanced electrical appliances, but one thing that is often overlooked is how technology has changed the furniture in our homes. Not only has the design of furniture itself evolved, but the way we organize it in our home has changed significantly.

In this article, we will look at how the evolution of technology has changed the use of furniture in our homes.

Furniture layout

In most homes, the living room furniture is organized with the television as the focal point of the room. Sofas and armchairs are all angled in a way so that no matter where you are sitting, you have an unobscured view of the TV. The evolution of television technology means that whilst this layout has remained relatively unchanged, your furniture can now be significantly further away from the TV. This is because TV screens have got much larger than previously whilst still being affordable for most families.

Old TVs rarely had screens which were bigger than 22” and their definition was so poor that to be able to see what you were watching, you were limited to arranging your furniture no more than ten or twelve feet away. Most living rooms now have TVs with screens upwards of 42” with incredible definition, so it is possible to place your three-piece suite and other furniture anywhere you want. This has also led to bigger living rooms in new houses providing families with more living space and a significantly less cluttered interior design. Whilst the TV is still the focal point, you no longer have to completely base your living room around it. 

More streamlined stands

The development of the flat screen TV has completely changed the design of TV stands. Old TVs were almost cube-shaped and so you needed a stand or wall bracket large enough to fit their bulky design. They were also far heavier than flat screens so consideration had to be given to whether the stand would be able to support the weight of the TV. Modern TVs can fit comfortably on a far more streamlined stand or can even be set flush into the wall. Computer stands have undergone the same evolution as most people now use a laptop, so they don’t need a huge stand for the computer, monitor, keyboard and speakers.

A typical home entertainment system just five years ago would have had at least a TV and a DVD or Blu-ray player on a separate shelf of the TV stand. These days, DVDs have become somewhat obsolete as there are multiple movie channels available through most cable providers and smart TVs can access multiple streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Changes in the way we access entertainment often happen without us really noticing. Just look at this video of the entertainment trends throughout the years and think about all the equipment and furniture needed just to play this video!


Less storage furniture and shelving required

The development of smart TVs and streaming services has also led to a reduction in the amount of storage which is needed for DVDs or VHS tapes. Living rooms and many bedrooms previously had at least one cabinet or set of shelves where people would have stored all of these but now there is no need for them. The same applies for CDs and cassette tapes as now people download most of their music directly onto their music players or onto a USB stick drive. There are still many people who have a lot of books in their home office or bedroom, but as minimalist living and e-book devices are becoming more popular, the number of books and bookshelves in people’s homes is also on the decline. 

Specialized furniture for the use of technology

As well as technology changing the way we use furniture, it is also changing the design of furniture itself. With more and more people now working from home, ergonomic office chairs and desks have become popular as they make it far more comfortable for people to work at a computer without suffering from neck and back pain or issues like carpal tunnel. As gaming technology has advanced, so too has the development of specialized gaming chairs, which offer the ultimate in comfort and also have added features like built-in speakers and USB charging ports. 

Technology has changed our lives in so many ways and our homes today look so different from those of even ten years ago. Some furniture has become totally obsolete whilst other pieces have had to adapt to retain their relevance. With the advancement of technology showing no signs of slowing down, who knows what the future of furniture may look like.