How to achieve a modern farmhouse vibe with reclaimed wood
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How to achieve a modern farmhouse vibe with reclaimed wood

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Are you dreaming of having a modern farmhouse vibe for your home? Whether you’re building a new house, moving into a different place, or renovating and redecorating your current living space, incorporating unique décor pieces is a great idea to achieve a particular theme. Imagine going home to an exceptionally charismatic, cozy, warm, and refined interior—you’ll surely want to spend all your free time relaxing. 

A modern farmhouse style means combining comfort and style in every way possible. As such, using reclaimed wood is a good starting point because you can’t possibly imagine a farmhouse without the natural accent that only timber can best bring. You need to ensure you’re able to aesthetically incorporate the rustic touch of a farmhouse in a modern setting, which isn’t very easy to do. You’ll need more than a bit of elbow grease, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking to make it happen. 

Country living with a contemporary flair 

Country living but make it charismatically modern? Yes, please! A modern farmhouse depicts this vibe and even more. To help you think of more ways to use reclaimed wood for this dream project of yours, here are some ideas to consider: 

Reclaimed wood in the kitchen 

Being one of the focal points of any home, the kitchen is one of the areas of the house where you need to be very detailed and accurate in blending both the modern and rustic appeal of a farmhouse. Think of what you want guests to immediately feel as soon as they get a glimpse of your cooking and dining space. The contemporary feel of your farmhouse should be firm and inviting enough to make them feel the vibe. 

A ranch kitchen décor surrounded with the most modern appliances and kitchen devices is undoubtedly the perfect definition of a modern farmhouse. Thankfully, there are more than enough ways to use reclaimed wood in the kitchen, starting from the center island. The distressed and recycled quality of wood would be nothing but perfect for your center island, especially if you’re to accentuate it with farm-style pulls and iron button knobs for the drawers.  

You can use reclaimed wood for kitchen shelving, cabinetry, countertops, and even the kitchen table. Such an idea for the table is even better if your space isn’t wide enough to accommodate a kitchen island. What you can do instead is to use reclaimed wood in your table that features ample seating. Such addition could most definitely add extra texture and character to your cooking space. 

A rustically-accentuated bedroom 

There’s nothing more relaxing than a bedroom that features all the accents and style that make you feel like always wanting to hit the sack early and call it a day. Reclaimed wood can do more than just that, actually. Aside from making the room look charmingly relaxing, the modern touch you can add by using different fixtures and accessories is something you’ll surely love even more.  

To start, you can create an accent wall using stained reclaimed wood to match your bed frame. You can leave that wall as it is or hang a few frames and pictures in uneven dimensions. This idea will make the wall look effortlessly rustic. 

Then, to make sure there’s a modern touch to your farmhouse-inspired bedroom, you can consider putting high-end rugs and carpet to complete the vibe. You can also add a gold-framed mirror with LED (light-emitting diode) lights to make your vanity corner look more pleasing than it already is. 

A country-style bar with all the works 

Suppose you’re usually the entertaining type of homeowner who likes welcoming and having guests and friends over. In that case, you can consider making a country-style bar complete with all the works in every modern way possible. It’s like stepping into a ranch club in the middle of a big and bustling city, if you may think so.  

A bar connecting the living room and dining room would be an absolute delight to your contemporary farmhouse-inspired home. You can use reclaimed wood in making the cabinets and shelves. If you want to go all-in, you can even panel the wine cooler and refrigerator using mildly treated reclaimed wood to make the ambiance look and feel even more country-style. 

Living room ideas 

Of course, a home won’t be called as such if you don’t consider the other essential parts of it, including the living room. To make sure there’s a modern farmhouse vibe in the living room, you can use the same idea for the bedroom. An accent wall feature made of reclaimed wood will surely be a charming feature in this comfy space. Throw in some vertical planks in the wall that continue up to the stairwell—how lovely that would look, for sure!  

To ensure the accent wall won’t look out of touch with your modern décor, you can paint it in white or soft grey that looks just as effortlessly rustic but with a twist. The vibe won’t look overpowering in any way, but just enough to accentuate your couch, center table, and other accessories you may want to add to your living area. The idea works well regardless of the patterns and colors you have for this particular spot in the house. 

A rustic vibe in your living space but with a modern twist 

As you can see, it’s not at all impossible to achieve a modern farmhouse vibe, mainly if you have reclaimed wood to use at your disposal. The natural charm of wood can turn any room of your house into something that’s charmingly and exceedingly rustic without losing a modern touch. 

From kitchen center islands to countertops, cabinets, shelves, bedroom walls, and stairwells, you won’t run out of ideas and ways to make sure this natural element is visibly incorporated in every part of your modern farmhouse.