How to choose a mattress for a child: practical tips and ideas to meet your expectations

There is no doubt that children need a good sleep as they are constantly growing and every day is like a new adventure. Furthermore, while sleeping, they bring together all things they have learned during the day. Therefore a good night’s sleep is all they need to ensure that the brain processing of the acquired knowledge takes place appropriately. 

You have probably understood the connection between the processes mentioned earlier, essential for a child’s development, and the mattress they sleep on. The latter makes sure that children have a fulfilled sleep and are getting ready for a new day. Therefore, you should look for the best mattress in this sense, and this is why we are here. We will provide you valuable tips regarding the process of choosing a perfect mattress and practical ideas to meet your expectations. We promise to be relevant and help you choose the best mattress for the perfect sleep. 

Starting points to be considered

  • Individual needs. A perfect mattress depends on every individual in part, relying on their needs. For instance, a mattress will differ from the others if your child has allergies. 
  • Child’s age. The child’s age supposes particular body features that can also point out the perfect mattress material, shape, and size. 
  • Mattress foam. Depending on the child’s age, needs, and affordability, you can opt for various types of foam. Don’t forget that a good mattress, although expensive, will assure a fulfilled sleep from all points of view. Therefore, we suggest you prioritize your child’s health.

We would like to provide you with information regarding particular things that you may wonder about during the process of choosing a mattress for your child. All you have to do is scroll through them to get a general image on this subject and pay special attention to the aspects that refer to you.

Best mattress for your children

Regarding the type of mattress, we would like to inform you that the best options in this sense are pocket-sprung, latex, and memory foam mattresses. Of course, each of them supposes particular features, and this shall be discussed as follows.

Pocket-sprung mattress

This mattress is part of the most popular ones, which means that it really fulfills its duty. We would like to reveal some of its benefits for you to have a general image.

  • Body support. This type of mattress is known for offering total support for the body. Its spring pockets work independently from each other, offering greater support to the body weight. Furthermore, there is a wide range in this sense for you to choose the suitable level of support.
  • Firmness without borders. This mattress has a uniform level of firmness across the whole surface since each pocket spring finds itself in its own cloth. 
  • Consistency. Since this mattress does not spread the body weight across its whole surface but allows every pocket spring to react separately, the feeling of constantly rolling from one part of the bed to the other is reduced.

Latex mattress

This mattress has become increasingly popular due to the comfort and durability it offers. Furthermore, most types of these mattresses are referred to as eco-friendly, which is another plus in its direction. We suggest you opt, in this sense, for natural latex. Let’s scroll through its benefits.

  • Hypoallergenic features. Latex is antimicrobial, which means that it is not prone to accumulate microorganisms that can cause allergies.
  • Eco-friendly. The process of achieving a latex mattress is sustainable. Furthermore, this material is biodegradable. Besides the comfort, we consider this point to be as much important. 
  • Consistent support. This mattress supposes natural elasticity, which maintains the spinal alignments and supports the neck and back. 
  • Constant airflow. Natural latex has a specific structure that makes it breathable. Furthermore, it almost does not contain any additives. 
  • Durability. This mattress is known for its durability of almost 12 to 20 years. It can be explained by the fact that this material maintains its shape due to bouncing back once the pressure is removed.

Memory foam mattress

This mattress is designed to contour the body’s shape, providing support. There are various benefits in this sense that we would like to provide you with.

  • Natural softness. Due to its specific structure, it provides soft support for the body and offers a fulfilled sleep. 
  • Flexibility. This type of mattress tends to take the body form, thus, countering it. Furthermore, it regains the initial shape once the pressure is removed. 
  • Availability. It is easy to find, be it online or at the store. Furthermore, various mattresses of this kind come as a topper and can be adapted to the existing mattress.

Anti-allergy mattress alternatives

If your child has allergies, you can opt for a synthetic mattress as an alternative. Its fibers are not prone to attracting bacteria. It should be noted that the same result can be achieved by using cotton, wool, or silk mattresses. The latter categories are hypoallergenic but also natural, which win at more levels.

Best mattress for small children

If your child’s age is around three years old, we suggest you consider a memory foam mattress. Firstly, it will counter your child’s body and offer it soft support. Secondly, this mattress is hypoallergenic, which means that it does not attract bacteria. And last but not the least, a memory foam mattress will preserve its form, considering that small children tend to jump on their bed. 

Mattress for bed-wetting

Of course, no mattress would not get wet and have all the benefits mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, there are solutions in this sense. We suggest you opt for a mattress protector or bed pads that would protect the mattress from wetness. Furthermore, they are washable and can be reused. There is more to come. Considering that the material has been well-preserved, this mattress can also be used once your child no longer wets the bed.

Mattress & bed frame

If you are looking for a mattress for a baby or toddler, it means that the bed has frames. What do we do about that? Firstly, this type of bed requires smaller mattresses. Considering that the child is constantly growing, you will have to change both the bed and the mattress at a consistent level. Therefore, we suggest you opt for a single-sized bed that can be used for many years and a mattress that would suit it. 

Regarding the mattress itself, almost all of them have a durability of 10 years. Therefore, consider flipping it regularly, which will restore a particular part of its shape and make it comfortable during all this period.

Price difference

Considering that children are growing very fast, it is important to pay attention to the price. There are different prices related to different mattresses. 

The most expensive ones are latex and spring-pocket mattresses. The price depends on whether the latex is natural or not and the number of spring pockets. An affordable price is attached to the memory foam mattress. Although it is synthetic, it is very comfortable and does not tend to attract bacteria. 

Of course, you should also consider the price, but buying a mattress for your children determines their sleep quality. Therefore, we suggest you prioritize their health. Furthermore, by making smart decisions, some of which are referred to in our article, you can win at different levels: quality mattress, affordable price, and durability. 

Buying a mattress for your children should be a balanced decision. Therefore, we suggest you take another look at the information provided by us, prioritize your needs, consider your budget and choose the perfect mattress for your children. 

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