How to choose glass garage doors

How to choose glass garage doors

Glass garage doors are becoming very popular lately. Glass doors are modern and bring that aesthetic look to many homes because these types of doors come in various shapes, materials, and sizes. You don’t need to worry about your house style because the glass doors are customizable. However, glass doors don’t assure much privacy, but you can curate them to get some privacy. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the right glass for your garage door.

Glass paneling

Glass panels and regular garage door panels offer the same functions. You can design your door in a full view by using glass paneling from the ground. This design is prevalent in modern homes. It allows enough natural light to get into your home. There is also partial glass paneling which denies you more natural light but provides you with more privacy.

The garage door glass panel is very secure and easy to maintain. Besides, this type is more fragile than wood and aluminum because of the glass. The delicate nature shouldn’t worry you if you want to give your home that modern look unless you have small kids or your residential area has many flying debris.

Consider the glass opacity

You should worry about your glass’s transparency if there are incidents of burglaries in your residential area. Glasses are very transparent, allowing people from outside to see through your garage and whatever you are storing inside. This can make your garage become an easy target by intruders. However, this shouldn’t bother you anymore because there are several garage door options you can choose from, whether you want full-view glass or glass accent panels.

Glass opacity comes in three options which include clear, frosted, and obscure. You can go for the clear glass if burglary is not your concern and need more natural light. You can opt for obscure or frosted glass if you need privacy and some unique effect. Check also on mirrored panels if you don’t want the neighborhood to see the contents of your garage.

Check the glass customization

Glass garage doors have many customizable options that you can choose from. So, when giving that modern look to your door, don’t concentrate only on the size of panels and the glass opacity; also consider their customized options. Such options include insulated or uninsulated glass doors, types of glass that are tempered and standard glass. You can also consider the design of your door, whether traditional or contemporary. Also, consider the grills.

The frame of the garage door is also customizable, just like the opacity of the glass. Aluminum frames come in many different colors that allow you to design your garage door to look the same as your entire home. You can also customize the color of the glass through tinting. Besides, glass door companies also offer matching grips that are customizable to your garage.

Take note of the frame materials

Garage glass doors exist in different styles of frames, just like the traditional garage doors. Most garage door features include aluminum, steel, and natural wood. Among these materials, aluminum materials prove to be the best because of the rust and corrosion-resistant nature. Aluminum also helps offset the glass’s weight because it is much lighter than other garage door materials. You can also consider an electric garage door opener for your glass door since the glass’s weight can be heavier than your garage door.

Look at the glass coverage

How much privacy do you want in your garage? You need to answer this question to determine the glass coverage. Another factor you should also look into is the amount of light you desire in your garage. There are a lot of options that many garage door retailers avail that can help you, ranging from the horizontal line of top glass to the full-view glass paneling.

The Windows pattern is also customizable, allowing you to cover one side of the door, then arrange them in a mosaic pattern or a multi-panel. The customizable nature of glass doors enables you to be creative and come out with a garage door suitable for your property.


Remember that your garage door makes the first memorable impression when someone gets to your compound. You have to be careful in choosing the right garage door. Make sure you plan well before resting on your final decision. Choosing the garage door can also bring you a lot of benefits, as you have seen earlier. You don’t have to worry about damages all the time if you choose the right garage door.

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