How to choose the color of the interior?

Each color has a character. It will set the atmosphere of the room, affect your mood. And therefore, the choice of palette must be approached responsibly.

What colors to choose

First ask yourself what tastes and decor you want to create. For example, a bedroom needs a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The bureau is best designed in those colors that set up fruitful work. In the living room, it is good to use shades that help to relax and rest.


Often used for wall decoration in the living room, study or bedroom. It visually expands the space, and therefore is perfect for small apartments. White color helps to think clearly, encourages creativity, is well tuned to the working mood.

Good combinations:

  • white, gray, beige;
  • white, beige, yellow;
  • white, pink, beige


It emphasizes other colors with its neutrality. It can be used in any room. Light gray shades are good for a bedroom, but dark gray is perfect for working. True, you should not choose gray as the main one: it is very depressing, associated with sadness.

Good combinations:

  • gray, white, beige;
  • gray, white, pink;
  • gray, blue, brown.


One of the most winning colors. Firstly, it evokes positive emotions and relaxes. Secondly, each room has its own shade. In the bedroom it is better to use light green, in the study/working room – olive or bright green, and in the living room it will look good light green, gray-green or muted dark green.

Good combinations:

  • green, white, beige;
  • olive, gray, brown;
  • green, brown, dark red.


Bright purple is the choice of originals. But even if you are not particularly inclined to non-standard interiors, you should definitely consider choosing purple as the main one. This is the color of rest and recovery. Light purple (lavender) is the best choice for a bedroom or bathroom. Dark purple will create the right atmosphere in the living room.

Good combinations:

  • light purple, white, beige;
  • purple, white, pink;
  • purple, gray, brown.


The perfect color for decorating a child’s room. In other cases, yellow must be used carefully. This color is very joyful and bright, so the interior may turn out to be too saturated. A good option is a light yellow color, which is successfully used for decorating bedrooms and living rooms.

Good combinations:

  • yellow, white, gray;
  • yellow, orange, green;
  • yellow, white, brown.


This color is better not to use as the main one. It will irritate the eyes, create an atmosphere of tension and stress. But if you really like red, use its shades. For example, wine, terracotta or muted burgundy.

Good combinations:

  • red, white, black;
  • red, gray, brown;
  • terracotta, light gray, beige.


Black color is considered too gloomy, but it is not so. After all, he makes the room stylish and respectable. Black is a beautiful and complex color that can and should be used in the interior. It will be useful even in the children’s room, if you choose a special coating for drawing with chalk on the walls.

It is better that black is matte and does not shine in the light. You need to emphasize it with shades of gray, contrasting colors or textures like wood and metal.

Good combinations:

  • black, white, brown (wood);
  • black, beige, gray;
  • black, gray, yellow;
  • black, gray, purple.

How to combine colors

Whatever shades you choose, in order to combine them harmoniously, you need to learn one simple rule. It is called 60–30–10.

  • The main color is used in 60% of the interior. So, it is given most of the walls and furniture.
  • Auxiliary color – 30% of the interior. Perhaps in this color the ceiling should be painted.
  • Color accent – 10% of the interior. This shade needs to be used in detail. You can paint a wall into it or find a small but very bright rug.

Everyone can create a stylish interior in harmonious colors. The main thing is to understand what atmosphere you need and what colors you like, and remember rule 60–30–10. If you are not confident in your abilities as a designer, use the ready-made combinations suggested in the article. 

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