Interior window blinds: Types and features

Familiar window blinds, so cool replacing classic curtains- objects with a very long and rich history. The first mention of such an accessory occurred in the XIX century. Over two centuries, the window blinds have undergone many transformations, and now there are many varieties for any windows. Therefore, often buyers who decide to decorate the windows are easily lost in such an extensive assortment. Knowing specific characteristics will help to choose an acceptable option. In addition, it would be nice to take a look at the various blinds on plastic windows ahead of time, photo options of which can be viewed in our gallery.

There are some types of window blinds

Still not so long ago we saw the window blinds, in the offices, or in a small space in the home, as balconies. But with the appearance of various types of window blinds, you can complete the decor anywhere in the house, either in the bedroom, the guest room, or even the bathroom. It replaces the curtains with a lot of grace, originality and style.

Not only do they reliably protect rooms from the sun, they also adapt perfectly to the interior design.


This type of blinds is equipped with slats of different sizes, from narrow to wide strips. With their help, you can somehow adjust the amount of light penetrating into the room, opening access in whole or in part. Such curtains serve for a long time and are used both in residential premises and in office facilities. Their only negative is the closed access to the windowsill.


This is the first type of modern blinds to appear on the market. Their main advantages: reasonable price, easy care, resistance to moisture and sunshine, they do not absorb kitchen aromas and are very convenient for a window sill with flowers. Looks great with an addition to curtains. Horizontal blinds easily fit into any style and design of the room. The minuses: fragility.


Roller blinds adequately replace standard curtains, because they do not crease, repel dust and are very convenient to roll into a roll. This design does not break, goes well with any design and rolls very conveniently. The main plus of roller blinds is a continuous canvas that neatly closes window openings. There is only one drawback: they are difficult to care for.


Pleated blinds are distinguished by an original and exquisite design in the form of an “accordion”, which is very convenient when folding. This option is suitable for almost any interior of the room, and it’s not only the versatility of the model. Such blinds are easily cleaned from dust and stains and are initially saturated with a special antistatic agent, which allows them to maintain their original appearance for a long time.


This name speaks for itself – such structures are ideal for roofs, attics, verandas and various types of attics. It adhere perfectly and do not sag, and for oblique windows will serve as an ideal solution. This is perhaps the only option when you can be sure that blind will not settle, fall through, hang down and cause any inconvenience.


A great option if your windows are made in the form of arches. Lamels can be both horizontal and vertical. Roll designs that can fit the size of arches will also fit perfectly into the design. The latter option, if desired, can be used with a picture or ornament that is most suitable for the interior. Prerequisite for installation: a specialist must do this.


A chic option with which you can apply any desired pattern to the blinds in accordance with individual preferences. It all depends on your imagination, the main thing is not to overdo it. Consider the fact that for window openings you select a design in accordance with the overall interior. You can order any pattern or drawing, but do not forget about the style of the interior.


This is a very convenient and comfortable type of blinds, similar to a pleated. Such a model can be selected in almost every interior, as well-chosen Roman curtains will ideally fit into any room design. But there is a significant minus – they do not like hand washing, only dry cleaning.

With electric drive

This type of blinds is the most modern because it is equipped with a special button, thanks to which you do not have to twist anything manually. It is enough to use the automatic button – and the window blinds will rise and fall when you want. This type of window decoration is convenient to use and suitable for almost any window, regardless of model, texture and materials.


This option is intended primarily for protection functions, for example, for a garage or balcony. A similar structure is made mainly of metal or other equally durable material. The main function of such structures is maximum protection, whether it is an office or a private house. Protective blinds are resistant to any temperature conditions, easy to clean and have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Materials used for blinds

We considered all the options, what are the blinds, now let’s talk about the materials from which these structures are made.

First of all, it is worth noting the main advantage: they are all impregnated with antistatic dust-repellent and water-repellent agents.

Thanks to this, it is much easier to take care of the blinds – they do not deteriorate from heat and dampness, the spots are easily cleaned with a sponge and vacuum cleaner.


Such curtains are universal – the lamellas close tightly, not letting the light, the material does not heat up and is perfectly washed, and the blinds themselves look great with sheer and curtains. The color of the structure can be different, and choosing a suitable model for the interior is not difficult. But there is also a minus – plastic is subject to fragility and deformation, therefore the cost of such blinds is relatively low.


These blinds are good in that they do not corrode, are strong enough, can be cleaned from stains and dust, are resistant to moisture and temperature changes, look great in any interior. Among the shortcomings, it can be noted that the lamellas heat up during a very hot time, which makes the room stuffy. Aluminum structures are often used in clinics, schools and kindergartens.


As for these blinds, their main advantage is that they do not fade. They are easy to clean, fabric blinds are practical and decorate the room very beautifully. Due to this, as well as a variety of colors, window blinds made of fabric are in high demand. But there is one drawback: they have a high cost.


This is a very effective material, durable and light, covered with a protective layer of varnish. Wooden blinds in any room create a homely atmosphere, bring coziness and comfort. But, before purchasing window blinds made of wood, it is important to consider that such curtains are not recommended for use in the kitchen, especially close to the stove, since they do not tolerate moisture, quickly absorb fat and food aromas.


We are talking about fabric polyester – a very dense and high-quality material. If we talk about the appearance, then the jacquard blinds are multicolored threads woven into the fabric. Such constructions are strong enough, ideally fit for windows, repel moisture and dust. Due to the fact that the blinds are made of environmental materials, they are often purchased for children’s rooms.


It is a very light and yet durable moisture resistant material. Bamboo blinds lend themselves perfectly to cleaning, bring comfort to the room, look very impressive in the interior and even, as they say in eastern countries, take away all the negative energy. Models can be anything, each of them will decorate the room. Of the minuses: blinds made of bamboo are not cheap.

Game of colors

The new technology methods of applying paints and coatings make it possible to produce blinds of a wide variety of colors. Lamels made of bamboo and wood are covered with non-toxic varnish. The textures are painted in different colors or ornaments are applied to them using special stencils.

More often gilding and silvering is applied to iron lamellas: they are black, brown or silver-white. A large number of colored blinds can be found among paper products or woven fabrics. As for the now fashionable photo-print, each material will allow you to apply it on top of the main tone.

Modern designers have created several basic principles for the selection of color shades:

  • the color is selected in accordance with the tone of the walls: lighter or slightly darker by several shades, which is an error-free solution;
  • the color is selected based on the general spectrum of the environment: the design is non-standard and attractive;
  • shades based on contrasts, but they are only relevant if the whole situation is neutral and in the same color palette – in this case, the blinds will inadvertently become the center of attention;
  • white color as the most common and sought after.

Window blinds in each room


The blinds in the bedroom, the photos of which look so good in magazines devoted to interior design, are not always suitable for an apartment. You need to be able to choose a variety that will fit well into the overall concept, while serving for a long time and will not cause inconvenience when cleaning.

In order for the blinds to fit well into the interior, they must be not only of a suitable design and material, but also of the corresponding color. There are several options: White, Black, Beige or milk, Light warm tone, Light cold shade, Dark warm tone, Dark cold spectrum.

Interestingly, it is not necessary to integrate blinds of the same color. On the contrary, a much better solution would be contrast: you can make them striped, with patterns, a pattern that suits the general theme.


For the kitchen, the best option may be blinds made of light aluminum or plastic. Do not use fabric materials in the kitchen, even if they have water and grease repellent properties. The kitchen is a very difficult place, requiring practicality and functionality in the interior. When choosing blinds for the kitchen, it is not enough to rely solely on their aesthetic appeal. It is better to limit yourself to a simpler option, especially since at the present stage both plastic and aluminum can look very decent thanks to design developments based on modern technologies.

Living room 

Living room – the executive room of the whole house or apartment. Here we host guests. It is worth considering all the details so that everything in the room is consistent, aesthetic and maintained in the same style. This should be emphasized not only with finishing materials (floors, wall coverings) and furniture, but also with additions. Interior blinds will be the perfect complement to interior design. They should be elegant and fit perfectly into the interior design.

Fabric items look great in the living room, but each particular design should match the style of the place where it is located.

Wooden blinds are in perfect harmony with the classic design. In modern interiors look good exclusive high tech blinds. Do you want the blinds to become a real window decoration? Buy jacquard. Such models perfectly replace curtains. Fans of traditional solutions can also choose roman blinds, which perfectly imitate the fancy finish of curtain fabrics.


Select blinds for the bathroom is a successful modern solution. In order for the design to maximally correspond to its functions, it is worth considering the nuances when buying a product. The idea of ​​using original types of blinds in conditions of high humidity is becoming increasingly popular.

Often blinds appear on a window to a bathroom. The decision is made based on the characteristics of the premises. These include temperature extremes, excessive humidity. Take into account the purpose of using such curtains, sizes, accessibility of service, harmony with the interior.

Blinds selected in the bathroom are mainly made of aluminum or plastic. Such material is not afraid of high humidity, is resistant to corrosion, does not absorb odors. It is easy to look after it. Also it is economical, and remain unchanged for many years.

The original design of bamboo is quite acceptable for a sanitary room. It is moisture resistant, able to cope with temperature fluctuations. It has an attractive appearance. Qualitatively regulates the transmitted light.

Practical tips for choosing blinds

Finally, we draw your attention to the main recommendations that will come in handy when acquiring window structures.

Do not buy blinds just because you really like them – think about whether they will fit the interior of the room, will they be in harmony with the overall design? Also, calculate all the measurements in advance so as not to purchase curtains, which therefore do not adapt, otherwise you will have to change them.

Consider the presence of indoor plants in pots that require access to the windowsill. And pay attention to the functionality of the strips, which way they open, this can be important.

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