9 Steps on how to clean your room fast

Are you in a hurry and simply don’t manage to spend a lot of time cleaning your room? Are you having guests later, and your room needs a fast tidy-up? Maybe, it’s a usual weekend day, and you simply have to clean your room, but you definitely don’t want to spend all your time on this. We perfectly get you and would like to help you in this sense.

As with any other process, to make it go faster, you need a plan. If you get it done step by step, it will take less time and effort. Long story short, rely on efficiency. The step-by-step we came up with and used ourselves will help you deal with everything in a few minutes. Find out how it works!

Start with motivation

You won’t even notice how time flows by if you do it the right way – put on some music or a podcast, open the curtains and window to let some fresh air and light into your room, and make the process feel less boring. By no means switch on the TV or put on a series. It will definitely draw your attention and make cleaning last longer.

First things first

Make the bed. It is the main piece of furniture in your room, and this is what you should start with. It really takes a few minutes, and your room acquires a new look. You can even change the bedclothes for a fresher result. Mostly, you get motivated for more in the process.

Throw away garbage

Take the small trash can in your room and put in it any garbage you find on the nightstands, side table, or desk. Don’t forget to take a look under the bed. Additionally, think about things you no longer use and only take space. Scan all surfaces and ensure you haven’t missed anything.

Everything that doesn’t belong goes out

Any mug or bowl you find in your room immediately goes to the kitchen, and other items that belong to other rooms follow suit. You will notice how the horizon instantly gets clearer. Don’t let alien units disturb the clean space you intend to achieve.

Deal with your clothes

If you see any clothes thrown in your room, make two piles and separate them into dirty and clean ones. Fold the clean ones and place them instantly into the closet, while the dirty ones go to the laundry room. You better do the laundry at the same time, and you can safely remove another task from the list. Pressing a few buttons on the washing machine takes a few seconds, and your clothes get clean. 

Declutter the space

Take a look at your nightstands, side table, or working table. There should definitely be a few items that don’t stand in their place. Proceed by placing them into drawers, closets, or any other space they find their place in. Ensure all surfaces are clean, which makes it easier when you want to dust them.

Vacuum cleaning and dusting

Now that every surface is devoid of unnecessary items and everything stands in its place, it is time to vacuum the space and dust the open surfaces. Quick tip: first dust, then vacuum so that you avoid making more dust while dusting after your room has been already vacuumed. 

Deep cleaning

Additionally to all mentioned steps, you can go further and deep clean your space by using water and particular detergents to wipe the surfaces and floor. As I specified for the Porch.com, the easiest way is to clean any type of flooring is to damp-mop it by using commercial products that work for your surface. If you have an area rug that is easily taken out, you can shake it out outside, if this is the case, and let it refresh before putting it back.

Refer to housekeeping services

If you really don’t have time and desire to deal with everything mentioned earlier, you can always refer to professional cleaning services. It is a perfect alternative to doing the work yourself. In one click, you hire a pro who manages to do everything fast. With housekeeping services, your space gets cleaned to perfection. Besides vacuuming, dusting, and moping your room, they can even do your laundry and change the linens. 

You specify your requirements, the professional comes and gets the work done fast, and you can enjoy the fresh and clean room for the rest of the month since most specialize in deep cleaning. In the meantime, you can enjoy your weekend, deal with other tasks, or calmly prepare the meal for a dinner with friends later. 

Quick tips on how to prolong the effect

  • Avoid bringing in items that don’t belong to your room, such as mugs or bowls from the kitchen;
  • Make it a habit to eat in your kitchen only and not your room;
  • Once you use something, put it back right away to avoid clutter;
  • Take your dirty clothes directly to the laundry room;
  • Make your bed when you wake up(it really takes a few seconds yet changes the picture entirely);
  • Don’t postpone vacuuming or dusting your room once a week;
  • Regularly open the window and curtains, letting fresh air and light penetrate.
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