How to find the right under sink water filtration system

How to find the right under sink water filtration system

Water filtration technology has developed much and continues to do so, as demand for clean purified water increases each day. Using water filtration systems at home has become so prevalent that the market is saturated with many different types of filters ranging in size and functionality.

Some of the most popular water filters are ones that can tackle an extended number of water quality issues and they usually come in the form of under sink filters. With all the options available, picking out the right under sink water filter can be daunting, but there are certain factors that can help one with the decision-making process.

Why would a water filter be needed?

As many households are connected to the city water supply, the water that comes at the tap already undergoes treatment by the municipality. But there sometimes is no accounting for certain smells or tastes that still find their way into the water, regardless of how much it has been cleaned by the city. This can happen due to many reasons, like the pipeline infrastructure being old and permitting foreign substances to seep through on their way to the tap. An under the sink water filter catches these contaminants before the water can be consumed.

There are also homes that are not connected to the city supply, or that use a vast majority of water in the home from a private water source like a well. Using a water filter for well water is almost always necessary, but to be sure of it, testing the water can undoubtedly show if there are any harmful components present.  The test will also provide enough information about the water’s quality that can lead one to the best filtration system to treat specific pollutants.

Finding the right under sink water filtration system by functionality

What the right water filter should do is improve the quality of the water. Depending on the location in which your home is, and the water source, specific components need to be cleaned.

Carbon filtration systems

The most widely known type of water filters are ones that use carbon to absorb unwanted elements from drinking water. This filtering medium is so popular that it can even be found in smaller pitcher filters. Under sink water filters also often come with a carbon filtering medium and they can tackle a great many water issues. Tap water issues are most easily dealt with by using a carbon filter, especially when wanting to improve smell and taste due to excess chlorine, or in removing organic substances.

Ultrafiltration water systems

Using an ultrafiltration membrane as a filtering medium, units of ultrafiltration are some of the most powerful types of water cleaning devices. They can take out dissolved contaminants from drinking water while leaving beneficial minerals. UF filters are so efficient that they can be implemented at any water source and produce high-quality clean water, especially since they can effectively deal with pathogens and viruses. The consistency with which a UF system cleans water makes it a highly coveted type of filtering device.

Reverse osmosis filtration systems

A reverse osmosis water filtration system can deal with anything from chlorine and sediment to arsenic, heavy metals, and volatile organic components. The membrane used as a filtering medium within an RO system is quite effective at removing dissolved particles, which can be missed by other water filtration systems. A RO unit can even be equipped with multiple stages that can include other forms of filtration like carbon or mechanical sediment remover.

Water filtration system by source

Any number of water-related issues can be treated with the many kinds of filtration systems available. The source of the water is one of the most important factors to consider, along with the region and possible water tests to determine exactly what contaminants are present.

Tap water can have issues with odor, taste, limescale deposits, or heavy metal contamination and can benefit from any of the above mentioned filtration systems. Carbon absorption filters are the most common ones used in households with connection to the municipality source. An under the sink filter with carbon medium and possibly another layer for heavy metals is the best choice.

Private water sources need a little more power when it comes to filtration. Some of the best under sink well filters come in combination as there are many things to clean out of well water. A combination reverse osmosis system with carbon and ultrafiltration can take care of heavy metals, microbes, pathogens, insecticides, and herbicides to provide safe, clean drinking water.

Pros and cons of under sink water filters

When it comes to space, an under sink water filter will not take up as much space as it sounds, as it fits neatly under the kitchen sink. It also saves space on the counter hidden as it is in the cupboard. Installation is quite easy and does not require a professional plumber’s aid. An under sink water filter can also be mobile, as they are not extensively big, and can thus be reinstalled in a different location.

In trying to find an under sink water filter there is no one size fits all, especially with well water. The disadvantage of needing to install a separate tap for the filters can be outweighed by the benefit of combining more filtering mediums to deal with many contaminants.

Wrapping up

One can never go wrong investing in a water filtration system as it will only improve water quality regardless. The fact that an under sink water filter is highly effective and can be subject to modification only adds to its appeal. The installation process can be fairly easy with some DIY skills. The versatility and convenience of using such a unit will drastically improve water quality as many of us seek to do.

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