How to integrate flowers into your home decor: 10 ideas for a flowerful result

Flowers have always been used in the decoration process of the house, be it faux or natural. The perfect chosen blooms will never lose their influence in this field, shaping any interior design at the highest level. A flower arrangement can bring a new splash of color in a monochromatic room, add a new sparkle to the set aesthetic, or complement a particular style perfectly. There is no way of going wrong with such a decorative element. 

One thing is the idea of bringing flowers within your interior design. Another one is to apply it. If you are out of ideas or looking for various options in this sense, we are ready to assist you. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to the following list of stylish ideas on how to integrate flowers into your home decor. We will start with the basics and reach the most original ways in this sense by considering various approaches and inspiring you with an array of photos. 

Fresh flowers for a blooming result

There is no easier way of bringing flowers into your interior decor than adding a bouquet of fresh flowers. Depending on the season, you can opt for various flowers. Furthermore, you can stick to a particular kind or consider a more decadent bouquet.

You probably wonder what the best place for such an arrangement is. The answer is everywhere since you cannot spoil the picture by adding natural elements. Nevertheless, one of the best spaces is the hallway since it is the first place to be seen when entering the house.

We also suggest you decorate with real flowers in any room you want. For better integration, consider appropriate sizes and colors for the flowers to complement the existing environment. It should be noted that their scent plays as much an important role. Therefore, avoid extra-scented flowers for your bedroom so as not to disturb your comfort.

House plants for a double effect

As strange as it may sound, we create our interior designs by bringing in as many outdoor elements as possible, for instance, by integrating natural materials. When it comes to flowers, the best option in this sense is by bringing in various plants, which, by the way, are house plants. 

It is interesting how a plant can shape an interior design. Depending on its size, it can either emphasize a small table or add softness to a large piece of furniture. You can consider house plants for any room and style. Take a look at the following ideas in this sense and get inspired:

  • Enormous plants on a neutral background in a living room or kitchen for a splash of green;
  • Many small plants on white background in the bedroom for an aesthetic look;
  • Cacti or succulents for those who do not have much time to devote themselves to plants. They can be hung on the walls or put on shelves, particularly in the bedroom;
  • Faux plants for a natural effect but with less effort.

Flower-patterned wallpaper for a soft environment

Flowers have been always used as a pattern for wallpapers. It should be noted that such a design is trendy now. Depending on the size and color of flowers, you can influence the environment. Either way, it will surely bring a touch of softness for other elements of the room. In this sense, you can consider the following ideas:

  • Romantic wallpaper. Consider big flower patterns for the wallpaper in your bedroom, living or kitchen and offer them a blooming sparkle;
  • Country wallpaper. Opt for small flower patterns on neutral background for a country-style effect in any room, particularly for a more conservative look;
  • Aesthetic wallpaper. Consider non repetitive flower patterns for the wallpaper in soothing shades or bolder ones if in a limited number for a stunning effect.

Flower-patterned textiles to enrich the environment

There are various possibilities in this sense since our house is full of elements of this kind. All you have to do is pick the ones that involve flower patterns. In this sense, we suggest you the next options:

  • Flower-patterned carpet. You can opt for neutral or bold colors depending on the style and small or large details depending on the effect you want to achieve. It should be noted that the Turkish style and the vintage one are particularly popular in this sense;
  • Flower-patterned curtain. Consider flower color and patterns for an aesthetic look and do not go too extra as a slight mistake in this sense can spoil the picture;
  • Flower-patterned blinds. It is a perfect alternative to curtains, particularly for the kitchen. We suggest you opt for a simple design to preserve a balanced appearance.

Flower bedding for blooming dreams

Flower-patterned bedding has been popular for a long time, and it is a perfect way of integrating flowers into your bedroom. You can opt for various colors and patterns as long as they meet your standards and fit the style. We suggest you opt for small flower details on neutral backgrounds or pick one particular color and use it for the bedclothes.

Flower-patterned cushions for your living room

You would be amazed by the effect a flower-patterned cushion can have on the interior design of a living room. It would add a new splash of color to the sofa and enrich the environment. We suggest you stick to a particular pattern and color combination for a balanced result that would not spoil the picture but complement the room style.

Dried flowers arrangement to set an autumn vibe

Besides bouquets of fresh flowers, you can also consider a longer-lasting option, such as a dried flowers arrangement. It will fit perfectly any style and bring in an autumn atmosphere. 

In this sense, you can let the bouquet of fresh flowers reach this stage by itself or buy a ready-made arrangement of this kind. 

At some point, it will bring in hope. Would you like to know why? Even the faded state of the flowers cannot deny the beauty of nature but only emphasize this feature more. It should be noted that decorative elements that bear a particular meaning throw a special light on the interior design.

Flower wreath for a new sparkle

Consider fresh flowers or dried ones for a wreath hung either on your entrance door or indoors. Of course, summer is the perfect season for an arrangement of this kind as every week you can come with new flowers. 

At the same time, the autumn atmosphere will be better felt within your interior design with a wreath of dried flowers. Your only limit is your imagination, and you can go as extra as you want in this sense

Living wall for an unusual effect

What would you say about an unusual way of bringing a new splash of color to your interior design? It will be both original and stylish. In this sense, we suggest you opt for a partial covering of one wall by hanging green plants or bold-colored flowers in your living or bedroom. 

The same goes with the bathroom, where you can opt for different-sized living walls that will perfectly complete other elements of the room and offer it a new sparkle.

Flower tableware for your dining table

Opting for flower patterns or flower forms for tableware is a perfect option for integrating this aspect into your dining area. It should be noted that this particular tableware is to be used occasionally to preserve the uniqueness of its design. 

You can consider various colors and patterns and go as extra as you want but do not forget to combine them with a neutral tablecloth so as not to spoil the picture. 

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