How to keep your house minty fresh

Household odors can get the better of anyone, no matter how diligent they may be cleaning the house. If you find that no cleaning helps remove odors in your home, you can be left frustrated and not enjoying the space.

Don’t allow the smells in your home to haunt you. There are multiple items you can try that will help deodorize your home in a flash. Here are some easy tips to keeping your house smelling fresh and some tricks to keep the scents down in your home.

Reducing pet odors

If you are looking to reduce pet odors in your home, you can try a few things. If your cat litter is getting to be a hassle, and you find that the litter itself is not keeping down odors, you can experiment with new kitty litters that will alleviate scent and dust. 

One of the only ways to ensure your house stays odor-free with a litter box is to change it every day. You can also try adding some baking soda to the litter or purchase a brand that already has it as an ingredient, as it helps cut down the smell.

While you don’t need to change the kitty litter every day, rather scoop it. When you do go to change it in full, make sure you are cleaning the base appropriately. Don’t just dump the little and add fresh. This will make a big difference in how your house smells throughout the week.

If you struggle with your carpets and have dogs or cats that leave their hair in all places, you can try some pre-vacuum treatments to the carpet that reduce odors and lift pet hair. These treatments come in powder or foam, and you simply spray or sprinkle them on, wait 5 minutes and then vacuum as usual.

These treatments leave your house smelling fresh throughout and assist with lifting hair and dirt that has been pressed into the carpet. Pre-vacuum carpet treatments are a great item to try if you want to bring back freshness to your home.

Rethinking your go-to cleaning supplies

If your current cleaner isn’t cutting it and is not leaving a lasting clean scent in your home, you can always switch it up and experiment with a new cleaner. New and innovative cleaners are always being released, and especially if you try to go green, some tremendous natural organic cleaners leave your house smelling freshly welcoming.

Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to your current cleaners and open the door to some fresh new ones.

Air cleaners and purifiers

An important thing to remember about keeping your home fresh and clean is to start with the air within it.

If you find yourself dusting more than should be necessary and are struggling with stale air in the home, then looking into an air filter and purifier is a significant step to take. Air purifiers have many different uses, and implementing an air cleaning system can leave your home Oh So Spotless and smelling fresh.

If you are fighting to bring freshness to your area, start at the source and make sure the air you breathe is at its peak. Filtration systems come with optional heating and cooling and can fit in any price range. Options with reusable filters will keep the dust and pet hair down in your home, leaving your air feeling fresh and clean.

Air fresheners

Air fresheners don’t necessarily have to be items you spray to mask smells, and you can build air fresheners into your home decor. A strategically placed bowl of natural potpourri at the entryway will welcome visitors with a blast of scent.

Including potpourri bowls and scented items throughout your decor, such as candles, can significantly affect how your home smells. If your home has beautifully smelling accents, it can help dim the negative effects of pet odors and the smell of gym bags, so many of us struggle within the home.

No matter what is causing the problems in your home, be it pets or persons, you are sure to find ways to reduce the smells and come home to welcoming aromas, rather than smelling the lives lived in your home. 

With these great options, you are sure to turn the tides on your home’s freshness and feel more at ease and welcome in your space. Your home is your hideaway and should be your slice of peace, don’t let stale, smelly, or stagnant air affect your ability to enjoy your home. Try some of these ideas today!

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