How to make your living room more summer-friendly

How to make your living room more summer-friendly

Summer is already here which means it’s time to update your living room to make it more conducive for this season. If you haven’t started yet, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time to catch up. Here are some ways you can make your living room more summer-friendly.

1. Declutter the room

Before you do any redecorating, you should declutter first. You don’t want items piling up in your space during summer because this will only make the room feel stuffy. Get rid of things you don’t use anymore and give them away. As for the remaining items, you’ll need to organize them and assign proper storage for each. 

2. Change your curtains

Are those dark, thick draperies still hanging on your windows? Time to put it away and replace them with thin, light curtains. This will invite more natural light into your space which gives a sense of airiness. It’s also easier to open your and allow some fresh air to come in. The same rule applies to your upholstery. You’ll want to use a lighter fabric so they’re more comfortable on your skin in this hot, sunny weather. 

3. Clean your windows

Since you’ll be using lighter drapery, you want to see the outside with clear windows. Go ahead and clean them inside and out making sure they are shiny and free of dirt. Then open them so as to let the air in the house. There’s nothing like fresh air permeating your home. 

A good tip to remember when cleaning your windows is not to use a cloth for the rinsing / drying of the windows as this can leave streaks. Rather use old newspapers or even paper towels. This will leave the room looking more open and give the impression of a big/decluttered area.

4. Brighten up your cushion covers

Another way to lessen the heat is by brightening up your space. You can easily do this by using bright, summer colors on your cushion covers. Think light pink, blues, greens, and white. Colors actually have an impact on your brain, triggering certain areas that make you relate to certain aspects of life. For example, blue can bring the ambiance of a hot summer day, relaxing by the ocean and unwinding. 

5. Add a daybed

A daybed is the perfect way to make your home summer-ready. Spend lazy afternoons here taking a nap or enjoying a cold drink. If you don’t have one yet, you can find a comfy sofa for your home in addition to the one you already have. Once summer is over, this extra sofa can easily serve as a lounging spot for when you have a number of guests over.

6. Install a refreshments area

Or a bar cart if you enjoy a drink every now and then. Sure, there’s the kitchen fridge but wouldn’t it be nice to have cold drinks nearby? This refreshment station can have some of your favorite drinks like cold iced tea or gin and tonic. Don’t forget water! Also, have a few extra glasses, utensils, and a bowl of fruit ready in case you need to whip up a quick cocktail.

7. Bring in the plants

Plants are a great way to instantly freshen up a space. They’re wonderful to look at and they improve the air quality of your home. Bring in some hard-to-kill plants like the Chinese Evergreen or Snake Plant. These plants love natural light but they also don’t mind being quartered indoors. It’s the perfect addition to your summer living room.

8. Use natural accessories

In addition to plants, you can also bring nature in using natural accessories. Think woven baskets, wooden bowls, and linen rugs. These elements lift the tone of your living room and make it feel more light and airy. 

9. Add summer scents

The right scent can bring you to the right mood. For summer, you want fragrances that are bright, floral, or clean. Something that will make you reminiscent of a relaxing summer getaway. Some good ones are lilac, rose, orange, lemon, and linen. You can add these by using a candle, a spritz bottle, a diffuser, or a humidifier. 

10. Bring in ambiance with better patterns

Summer is all about fun. In order to bring in that ambiance of a cool, but breezy day – use decorative patterns that play with the mind. A mixture of colors and patterns can trigger synapsis in the mind. 

To do this, you can use blue and white geometric block prints, squiggly lines or even bright medallions. Try make use of a combination of large and small patterns to create a sense of balance in the home. You should also make sure the rugs / curtains or whatever you decide to use with patterns fits in with the overall color scheme of the room.  

Which of these tips are you going to do first in your home? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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