How to place a rug under a sectional sofa: tips and ideas for a perfect arrangement

How to place a rug under a sectional sofa: tips and ideas for a perfect arrangement

Linear sofa – furniture, no doubt, is universal and for all times. However, we cannot say that the popularity of sectional and modular sofas is lower. Indeed, the configuration of upholstered furniture in the form of the letter L or U has many advantages- it has impressive dimensions, a stylish and balanced appearance of a large living room, and the ability to create a very cozy and visually closed space for relaxation.

As the reviews of the owners of modular upholstered furniture show, the last advantage is especially valuable. And if that warm and intimate atmosphere created by the space fenced off by a sectional sofa is really close to you, then you should take care of the details as well. In this case, such an essential detail is the rug, which will be placed next to it. How exactly to put it to create an oasis of serene relaxation without the slightest flaw – we will figure it out in this article.

Placing a rug next to a modular sofa: what questions may arise

So, the sofa is already there – it remains to decide which rug to choose for it and whether the one you already have is suitable. In this case, questions often arise, the answers to which can be pretty complex. We will try to answer them right now. Don’t worry. The answers will be good news for you.

What size should the sectional sofa rug be?

Are you ready to hear the truth? In fact, anyone. Both large carpets of impressive size and small rugs are suitable for a combination with a modular sofa. The point here is in their competent location, and with this, we will certainly help you.

What shape of the rug will suit the sectional sofa?

In this case, you can also breathe out: the shape does not matter in most cases. Rectangular and square rugs suggest themselves; however, round ones can look no less impressive – and often it happens that they are preferable.

Can I use a patterned rug?

A rug with a pattern is not only possible to use but often even necessary. This moment is especially relevant today when large sectional sofas with monochromatic upholstery prevail in stylish living rooms. Floor textiles with a pattern will provide the much-desired rhythm and accent, so in no case should you give up this thought.

Does a sectional sofa have to stand with its feet on the rug?

Actually, no – not necessarily. And you will learn about this below.

After answering all these questions, we doubt you will have any problems choosing a rug for a modular sofa. And now it’s time to talk about the main thing: how to arrange it next to the couch so that you would like to admire the relaxation area in the living room or on the terrace endlessly.

Full centering

If you are the proud owner of the large carpet and sectional sofa of your dreams – provide complete contact with them, or, in other words, simply place the furniture entirely on the rug. So your recreation area will turn into a full-fledged island and, even from the outside, will look very organic. If, in addition, there is room on the carpet for a coffee table, an accent vase, and even a floor lamp, you can assume that you are close to perfection.

This option works equally well with both L-shaped and U-shaped sofas, but if there is not enough carpet space, you can try the light version – and place only the front legs on the floor textiles. In this case, the composition will also turn out to be harmonious, mainly if the sofa is located closer to the corner.

The short side of the rug to the short side of the sofa

In this case, the rug, as a rule, is located with its long part along the long part of the sofa but does not go under it, while the narrower part of the rug located on the short side of the couch serves as a support for the legs. This arrangement allows you to quickly achieve the so-called visual square – a composition in which all furniture and accessories are enclosed in an imaginary regular quadrangle, which is considered a model of harmony. You don’t have to worry about a coffee table: there is always a place for it.

The short side of the rug towards the long side of the sofa

This decision is quite bold, but if you are still fascinated by the beauty of the flooring and want to bring a real zest to the interior, you can safely use it. Slide a small rug with the short side under the sofa, prevent possible imbalance with an elegant coffee table – and you can confidently consider yourself an interior design guru.

In the center of the room

Just imagine that your rug can be as independent as possible from your sectional sofa, if it is relatively small – and place it in the center of the room so that it simply does not touch the legs of the couch and even leaves a part of the floor between itself and the furniture. Such a composition looks very good in a not too large living room, as it visually expands the space.


If your sectional sofa is so huge that you can hardly find a rug to match it, even for placing it with the long side, do it trickier – just put it in the form of a diagonal passing through the corner between the sections. This technique sets an exciting accent and allows you to take a fresh look at the living room space. Complete the composition with large cozy poufs, and an unusual corner for a warm family or friendly evening is always ready to use!

Round rug

If you decide to use a round rug combined with a sectional sofa, do not forget that it is undesirable to push it under the sofa. This technique only works with linear upholstered furniture. Place it in the middle of the L-zone and leave it empty or place a small accent table on it. For a complete composition, it is worth taking care of a pair of poufs or ottomans.

Along the edge of the pattern

When using a large carpet with minor oriental ornamentation, you can resort to one entertaining technique. Place it under the front of the sofa so that the edge is precisely in line with the edge of the pattern. So you can easily create the feeling that the sectional sofa and the carpet are one, which is worth a lot.

In two layers

Situations when you have a fabulous massive carpet for a sectional sofa and a small one that you really like are not uncommon today. However, there is a way out! Just put a large carpet, slide it all or part under the sofa, place a small rug on top, and complete the composition with a coffee table. However, we cannot but make a small remark: this solution can be used only in cases where the carpet is lint-free and has a relatively neutral color. As a rule, it looks good in ethnic-style interiors, where floor textiles made from natural fibers – sisal or jute – are preferred in combination with more textured small rugs.

Thus, we presented you with eight options for the carpet placement next to a sectional sofa. You can offer your unique solutions within the proposed methods, adjusting any of them to the individual characteristics of your interior. We do not doubt that you will succeed!

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