How to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them: 8 makeover ideas with useful tips

Kitchens are put in place for a long time because nobody would like to change them every year. Nevertheless, there comes the time when it needs a replacement. Due to modern techniques, you no longer need to replace an old kitchen with a new one. All you have to do is come up with a good makeover of the cabinets that will offer your kitchen a new look. Such an approach will keep you within the budget and breathe a new life into your old kitchen. 

Furthermore, there are various ways of implementing such an idea. We prepared a list of the 8 best ways to refresh your kitchen cabinets that can be done with minimum effort and reach a maximum result. We are ready to assist you in this sense through an array of practical tips. Let’s get it started!

New paint for a new look

Over the years, kitchens usually lose their gloss, taking all the light from the room. A new refreshment is more than welcome. All you have to do is pick a paint color and offer your kitchen a new look. As long as your cabinet doors are well preserved, clean and brush them in advance, preparing the painting process. Consider the following steps for better integration of this idea:

  • Oil-based paints or latex. Oil-based paints are more durable and offer a smoother surface. At the same time, latex paints are user-friendly, dry faster, and can be cleaned up with water. Either way, they both offer a good result. One thing to be noted: if you go with latex, consider a 100% acrylic formulation to make the result last longer;
  • Strip the cabinets. Before applying the new paint, do not forget to strip down the existing finish for a smoother new covering;
  • What you need: square paintbrush for the main work; angled brush for smaller details; roller for covering the cabinet sides; paint or spray paint, considering that the latter offers an easier alternative of achieving a factory-like result;
  • The painting process: set up a painting area; remove every element in part (doors, drawers, shelves); start by painting the boxes and finish with the other units; let them dry, and put them back.

If simply painting the cabinets is not an option for you, consider a particular technique for a unique result. We would like to draw your attention to the following alternatives and inspire you for something new:

  • Crackle technique to match a rustic style for a shabby chic effect;
  • Antiqued technique to fit a provincial style for a vintage result;
  • Distressed technique to match a rustic style for an eclectic combination of contrasts;
  • Gloss technique to suit a modern setting for a practical and smooth effect.

Crown molding to add elegance

Who said that you have to change the entire look of your kitchen cabinets for a new result. Go simple and achieve a brand new kitchen by adding small details. In this sense, we suggest you opt for a molding crown, which is particularly popular now. Furthermore, you can opt for a simple one to complete the look of your kitchen cabinets or a larger one to reach the ceiling. This way, a new and up-to-date kitchen is guaranteed.

Gold details to enrich the design

Consider new kitchen cabinet hardware, particularly the ones that resemble gold, to offer your kitchen a new sparkle. As simple as it may sound, such small elements can enhance the entire look. Therefore, a usual kitchen can reach the level of an elegant one. Just imagine the reflecting sun rays on tiny gold handles. Your kitchen will constantly be filled with light and glamour. 

You can switch from the simplest shapes to fascinating ones that bring in new points of interest. Easy to install, such elements will refresh your kitchen cabinets.

Open shelves for a full update

This time, you do not have to do anything with the kitchen cabinets but remove them entirely. All you have to do is take off the boxes and doors and opt for open shelves for particular spaces. The result will be a new design, which will brighten the room. Furthermore, consider storing here beautiful kitchen units, which will serve as decorations and fill the place with a whole new vibe. Such a simple trick, but your kitchen acquires an entirely new look.

Wallpaper inside glass cabinets

It probably sounds weird, but not when you put it into practice. Consider a particular wallpaper that would fit your kitchen style in a neutral shade or a bolder one to bring in something new. Stick it inside on the back of your cabinets, particularly those with glass doors, and enjoy the result. It is not enough that it will serve as a perfect background for your kitchen units; it will also enrich the space with new splashes of color.

Fretwork to shape the picture

In this sense, you do not have to change anything about the look of your kitchen cabinets but add something new. Consider fretwork in various colors and designs that would fit your kitchen and stick them to cabinets. Of course, you can opt for a different shade if it supposes a perfect combination of colors. A better choice in this sense is a similar color to the one of the kitchen to achieve a particular aesthetic. 

You can opt for various shapes when it comes to design, considering that geometric forms are popular now.

Brighten the space with new sources of light

Do you wonder how to brighten your kitchen without applying a new layer of paint? There is no easier way than actually bringing new sources of light. That’s not it. Consider such spaces as the interior of the cabinet or under it. Furthermore, go bolder and opt for light sources right by the floor to brighten the lower cabinets. 

In this sense, we suggest you consider LED stripes that are practical, modern, and brighten the space at the necessary level.

Vintage-inspired grilles

Vintage has become popular lately and does not plan to get off the stage. Therefore, we suggest you integrate it into your kitchen by updating the cabinets. Replace the doors, particularly the glass ones, with Vintage-inspired grilles. You can consider metal or wood grilles and various designs. Opt for smaller shapes to enrich your kitchen with new details or larger ones to add volume to an apparently plain surface.

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