Hygge corner: Feelings of coziness and warmth

Hygge corner: Feelings of coziness and warmth

The term “hygge” in Norwegian means well-being, but the Scandinavians say that this concept is much more complicated and can mean absolute comfort or a feeling of happiness. 

The founder of the Copenhagen Happiness Research Institute says that the main thing is to enjoy every moment of life. The hygge is not compatible with chic and luxury, because the Danes do not like to brag about their level of prosperity and appreciate modesty.

A lot of wood, pillows and pendant lights – that’s it. However, don’t forget that, first of all, the hygge is the atmosphere.

Atmosphere hygge

Scandinavian trends have long been popular in the interior, Ikea and Jysk brands are probably known to everyone, therefore, if you want to create a comfortable atmosphere at home, we have some tips:

  • Light candles more often, because their shaking flame and dim light will help to relax in the evenings;
  • Garlands can be used not only on Christmas trees and not only on New Year’s. It  serves as an excellent decoration of windows and walls in the bedroom, kitchen and living room;
  • Of course, not everyone can brag of having a fireplace, but this Scandinavian element of the interior is required;
  • Another pillar on which the hygge interior is based on textiles – a blanket of wool or cotton wrapped around you will give you the warmth and comfort of the day

Light candles

No candles – no hygge. The Danish word meaning “one who spoils all pleasure” sounds like lyseslukker, literally “one who blows out the candles”, and this is not just a coincidence. The easiest and fastest way to create a hygge is to light a few candles, or, as they are called in Danish, levende lys, “living lights”. Rufus Gifford, the American ambassador to Denmark, said of the Danes falling in love with candles: “You see, they are not only in the living room. They are everywhere. In school classes, in meeting rooms. The American will immediately think: “Fire hazard! Is it possible to keep an open fire in the classroom? ”But candles create a peculiar atmosphere of happiness and emotional warmth.”

During autumn and winter, more than half of Danes light candles almost every day. In December, their consumption tripled, in addition, at this time in the house there are special candles – kalenderlys, or Advent candles, which are lit on the days before Christmas. Twenty-four strips are applied to such a candle, one for each December day before Christmas, which turns it into the world’s slowest countdown timer.


When it comes to hygge decor, twinkly lights are also ideal. Not only are they cheery and festive, but they look great everywhere. You can use them in your bedroom, living room, or even outdoor patio! Like candles, they give off a softer light and can add a pleasant touch to your home design without being too overwhelming. 


Danes coziness means warm blankets, mulled wine and most importantly — curling up in front of a fireplace. 

According to the Danish Ministry of the Environment, in Denmark there are about 750 thousand fireplaces and wood stoves. Given that there are just over two and a half million homes in the country, this means that three out of ten houses in Denmark have an important advantage from the point of view of the hygge. Without exaggeration, we can say that the fireplace is the main stronghold of the hygge. In front of the fireplace, we can sit alone, enjoying an incomparable feeling of comfort and warmth, or spend time with loved ones, strengthening the feelings that bind us.


Here is another “pillar” on which the hygge interior is based. All atmospheric photos with socks, blankets, cups in knitted cases that wander around magazines and social networks illustrate nothing more than Danish rules of life.

At the same time, the main requirements for textiles are its naturalness, pleasant to the touch texture and not too bright colors. The Dane can do without curtains on the window, but a fluffy rug, wool checkered rugs, “nests” of pillows in their house will be required.

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