Hygge paint colors: colorful inspiration from renowned brands

You have probably heard the word “hygge” often since it is exceptionally popular. But what stands behind the Danish concept? The first thing that comes to mind is coziness. Although it confidently reflects the essence of hygge, there is more to it. Hygge goes beyond the borders of a comfy atmosphere, implying the enjoyment of little things in life surrounded by dear people. 

Hygge is the comfy candlelight, a pleasant discussion with your friends, a piece of decor that reminds you of the good old times, a few splashes of cozy colors. The list can go on and on. Today, we refer to hygge paint colors. The popular approach to interior design has made paint manufacturers come up with shades that replicate the features behind this trend. As a starting point, let’s go through these characteristics and find out what hygge paint colors should stand for, followed by a list of hues of the kind from renowned color brands. Enjoy the reading and get inspired for a hygge statement!

Hygge paint color features

  • Comfort inducing. From the warm shades that fill the space with an unprecedented level of coziness to color variations that feel close to you particularly;
  • Relaxing. These are paint colors that don’t seem imposing at all. The only feeling you can perceive surrounded by such shades is an exceptional sense of freedom and peace with oneself;
  • Connection with nature. It fully refers to colors inspired by nature, replicating nature, and ensuring harmony with everything natural;
  • Simplicity. No eye-catching shades, no bright splashes, or draining colors; only soothing variations that induce calmness and inspire one to find harmony with oneself.

A right shade of white for a perfect light

White is a perfect neutral for reflecting the cool northern weather peculiar to the Scandinavian lifestyle, the base for a hygge interior. Particularly warm whites are the go-to paint colors in this respect. With walls painted in such shades, one can embrace the comfort of Scandi environments to the fullest. Let’s see what paint manufacturers have in store to meet such standards!

  • Cotton Balls OC-122 by Benjamin Moore – sophisticated off-white with warm undertones and an exquisitely soft base, endlessly flexible and ready to adapt to any standard of comfort;
  • Swiss Coffee 12 by Behr – warm off-white with a slightly muted neutral base that calms down the yellow undertones and makes it feel comfy;
  • Whisper White by Dulux – warm white with a balanced pairing between gray and beige that stands behind the welcoming environment this color creates;
  • Alabaster SW 7008 by Sherwin-Williams – neutral white with neither cool nor warm undertones but a balance between those for a perfect combination of the Nordic weather and the cozy feeling.

Gorgeous greiges for a balance of notes and feelings

Hygge is all about balance, harmony, and peace, which lead to the desired sense of comfort. Greige, a combination of gray and beige, perfectly replicates the balance of cool and soft scents, referring to a slight lack of light in the Nordic regions. We cannot help but mention the warm beige scents that unobtrusively bring coziness and make you fall in love with everything within the given space.

  • Fog Mist OC-31 by Benjamin Moore – although part of the Off-White collection, a light greige with a neutral base and exceptionally warm notes that hypnotize with their softness;
  • Mineral UL170-15 by Behr – a pairing of warm beige with slightly cool gray undertones, which lead to a soft and calming environment;
  • Pebble Shore by Dulux – light greige with prevailing gray notes and a soft beige touch that feels impressively airy and inspiring;
  • Modern Gray SW 7632 by Sherwin-Williams – an intense mix of gray and beige with a neutral base that stands behind its impressive calmness.

Embrace the essence of hygge with deep neutrals

Find peace with yourself with deep shades of gray that reveal more than a gray base. Embrace the exquisite undertones that hide between such paint colors and bring harmony to your space. Dive deep into your imagination and implement design ideas close to your heart that make you enjoy every moment. The muted shades of gray with deep undertones come to your rescue.

  • Thundercloud Gray 2124-40 by Benjamin Moore – medium-to-light gray with a soft bluish scent that fills the space with depth;
  • Light French Gray 720E-2 by Behr – middle tone gray, gravitating towards the light side, with a neutral base yet not devoid of exquisite notes of green;
  • Miller Mood by Dulux – a variation between medium and light gray with a strongly perceived blue undertone that offers this color a soothing yet standout appearance;
  • Comfort Gray SW 6205 by Sherwin-Williams – light gray with visible green undertones that offer this shade a natural sense of comfort.

More intense soft notes, more cozy particles in the air

Consider all the mentioned gray shades and go with their more intense alternatives. Keep in mind that they should mandatorily replicate softness, only from a different perspective, a more standout one, although not devoid of smoothness. Any undertone can be considered, while gray has to stay as a neutral base.

  • Silver Fox 2108-50 by Benjamin Moore – saturated shade of gray with slight creamy notes and an extra sense of comfort;
  • Toasty Gray N320-2 by Behr – muted shade of gray with slight beige notes that feel crispy and soft simultaneously;
  • Dieskau by Dulux – delicate gray with beige undertones that feel extremely warm and welcoming;
  • Requisite Gray SW 7023 by Sherwin-Williams – intense shade of gray penetrated by slight beige notes with a deep sense of coziness.

Add an accent for a unique coziness statement

Of course, hygge relies on calm colors, but an appropriate choice regarding a bolder accent can make the most of it within a comfy Scandi interior. The best options in this sense are dark neutrals with earthy scents. They are unusual shades to be regarded as comfy since they are bolder and go particularly for accents. Still, everybody perceives comfort differently. Therefore, this list includes paint colors that show coziness from different perspectives.

  • Silhouette AF-655 by Benjamin Moore – dark brown with a slight foggy effect diluted with earthy scents;
  • Clay HDC-NT-04A by Behr – soothing shade of brown with a neutral base yet not devoid of naturalness and enriched with a haze effect;
  • Nomad by Dulux – soothing brown with an intense base and a soothing effect;
  • Tricorn Black SW 6258 by Sherwin-Williams – classic black, seemingly too dark for hygge, although its lack of undertones and exquisite neutrality are perfect for a bit more emphasized accent.
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