Modern design TV stands: Ideas and selection tips

The TV stand in a modern style must not only fulfill its function, but also fit into the interior of the house. For a better choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the main design styles.

TV stand as an element of interior decoration

Modern televisions are very different from their predecessors. As a result, the furniture used as a support has changed. Whereas in the past, a square piece of furniture was enough for a television set, today it takes a whole complex to accommodate all game consoles, tuners and network routers.

Therefore, the TV cabinet has become one of the main elements of the decoration of the room. In some houses, such stands replace the dressers. This is particularly true in rooms decorated in a constructivist and hi-tech style.

Style selection

After the design transformation, the equipment changed its appearance and modern television stands. They became longer and narrower, and much lower in height. Reducing the weight of the television allowed the designers to use glass and a metal profile in the design. This greatly expanded the stylistic framework, and today the furniture is made in accordance with the main popular types of interior design:

  • eclecticism;
  • constructivism;
  • high-tech;
  • loft;
  • rustic and related styles;
  • scandinavian.

Each interior has its own nuances, which are reflected in the design of the TV cabinet in a modern style.

But all are united by a trend dictated more by technical requirements than by aesthetic considerations. The abundance of special equipment and external speakers made the furniture more complex, with a large number of shelves and stands. The photos shown of tv furniture showcase a variety of design solutions.

Eclectic style tv stand

Eclecticism is a very popular style of home decor. In addition, many homeowners do not even suspect that they have used this design to decorate their homes. Basically, there is a mixture of a wide variety of areas. Eclecticism admits the proximity of elements such as 18th century rococo or rocky and plywood night tables from the beginning of the century.

This variety allows you to use the most unusual options for indoor TV furniture. It can be the old chest of drawers mentioned above or a box under the shells. No matter what, if only for that matter, there is enough space in the room.

The colors for the furniture can be very different, the main thing is that the color chosen for the stand fits into the general style of the room. It is not recommended to use bright colors, neon lights, as well as shades contrasting with the main colors.

Many people find the combination of a TV in a modern design and an old support very elegant. In this case, they even decorate the device with a knitted lace towel, as our grandparents did at the dawn of the television era.

Constructivism TV stand

This style is at the junction of minimalism and high technology, but it presents ideas completely different from those of these types of design. There is nothing superfluous, each piece of furniture in the interior only plays a useful role.

This style is characterized by long TV cabinets, in which are located all communication devices and wiring. The stylistic of the design of the premises involves the installation of such a support along the wall. Less often, if the project requires it, an angular TV table is placed.

The most common colors for constructivism are pure: white, black, brown, gray.

The style allows the bedside table to have an open shelf on which the game console is placed. The doors are deafened, without windows or inserts.

High-tech TV stand

Advanced high-tech, which translates to “high technology”involves the use of glass, chromed metal and plastic. Therefore, the furniture for such an environment is most often an open shelf with metal shelves. The main support material is natural wood or laminated particle board. If the design provides for the presence of doors, these are made of transparent or frosted glass.

Dark glass, dark brown – are very popular for high-tech TV furniture. With lighter tones of the base material and chrome steel elements, these colors create a very interesting combination.

At exterior, tv furniture most often looks like a chunky rectangle. It can be lengthened. Some stylists recommend placing objects standing vertically next to such a stocky piece of furniture: home theater speakers, cabinet with open shelves, floor lamp or decorative vase.

The shape of this type of furniture may not be only rectangular. It can be a semicircle, a polygon. Very popular in unusually shaped high-tech design solutions. For example, glass shelves mounted on a chrome pipe, which is the center of the composition. Another feature of the style is the backlight.

Loft style TV stand

If the interior design described above is distinguished by the pretension of high technology, the “loft style” on the contrary implies simplicity and naivety.

Furniture of this style is often simple and composed of natural materials: wood, particle board or MDF, glass. To make the product harmonize with the brick walls (main characteristic of the loft), the product is painted in solid, soft colors, without halftone:

  • brown;
  • black;
  • grey.

The colors of natural wood are popular in such an interior, for which the material is cleaned and varnished after impregnation with mixtures and protective compounds.

Given the style of the loft, the furniture is made from everything that is close at hand. After watching the TV stands in the photo, you can independently assemble your own model from the available materials.

In addition, it may be a finished product, such as old dressers. A stand made of old wooden pallets will also be suitable. So that the central part does not bend under the weight of the television, it must be reinforced with wooden supports.

Rustic and ethnic style TV stand

The difference between the hi-tech style and the adjacent rustic models is based on the use of natural wood for the manufacture of furniture, especially television furniture.

Either you take old furniture that was in use and somewhat restored, or it is handcrafted in a deliberately coarse style.

As a TV stand, if they are in the bedroom, old dressers are often used. In the living room, it can be a simple rectangular shelf made of planed boards. It can rest directly on the ground or have short massive legs.

For country, Mediterranean and other styles, light colors are characteristic, such as:

  • white;
  • blue;
  • milk;
  • beige;
  • lilac;
  • rose.

TV furniture is most often oriented horizontally. On the surface, there must be a place for souvenirs from exotic countries, vases with flowers, photographs in frames and other trinkets.

This design is characterized by the placement of objects in the corners. Therefore, corner TV stand, cut down from thick unpainted planks, looks great in the bedroom as well as in the living room, dining room or kitchen.

Scandinavian style TV cabinet

Despite the spiritual closeness to the rustic and Mediterranean style, the Scandinavian style is distinguished from them. It also basically involves a panel of natural or laminated wood particles, as well as an open form of construction. But the harsh Nordic nature makes it all simple and concise.

In space, the furniture is oriented horizontally, it is stocky and massive. The facade is most often completely open, or with several doors or drawers. Externally, these pieces of furniture look a little heavy, they are meticulously executed for centuries.

Since the Scandinavian style in the design actively uses color accents, the TV stand is painted in a color that contrasts with the range of walls and floors. Most often, these are dark colors, closer to black, dark gray, saturated brown.

The combination of such a support with an integrated chimney is very interesting. The combustion chamber and the chimney are inscribed in the general interior so as not to be visible from the outside, they are covered with decorative panels. Viewers can only see a transparent screen made of heat-resistant glass, behind which tongues of flame are frolicking.

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