Iluminated round bathroom mirror design and expert tips

The first mirrors date back about 5,000 years, coming from Egypt and China. They were made of polished bronze or silver and had an oval shape. The first glass mirrors were obtained from Murano glassmakers during the twelfth century. 

Until the seventeenth century, in Venice, it was possible for all those who divulged the secret of making mirrors to be sentenced to death. The production of mirrors remained the monopoly of the Venetian state until the middle of the seventeenth century. 

Over time, mirrors have gained momentum, with the industrialization and development of techniques to obtain this object much more quickly, so necessary in a house.

It isn’t easy to imagine a modern bathroom interior without a mirror. After all, it is vital for any person, regardless of gender and age. Because previously we talked about mirrors in general, today we will show you models illuminated round bathroom mirrors. 

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are currently very popular. The classic round mirror with backlit serves not only as a light source but also makes a bright accent in the overall design of the space.

The features of round form

If you decide to hang a round mirror in the bathroom, then teach it to be more classy and chic than direct-shaped mirrors. Round mirrors are impractical since cannot be hung on shelves. But they can be mounted in mirror cabinets or placed on the sides.

Today’s most common option is a round mirror without an ordinary frame but a beautiful frame with LED strip.

Surface material

The life of any mirror is directly dependent on the material of the reflective coating. It can be of the following types.

  • Aluminum. This coating is not very suitable for wet rooms. It easily scratches. The advantages are the low price and the fact that aluminum spraying does not distort the perception of color.
  • Titanium. This is a durable coating, but bluish tones may be present on reflection.
  • Coated with copper or silver. The best option for covering a mirror surface. It is not damaged by corrosion.

Lighting options

For the mirror located in the bathroom, there are the following types of lighting.

  • Outside. This is the most popular option. It is not difficult to carry out external illumination using small sconces or spots – lamps designed to direct light to a specific part of the space. They can be placed near the mirror or embedded in their area.
  • Inside. Such illumination is performed using LEDs, which are placed behind mirrors. It softens the light and protects the eyes. Indoor lighting helps to examine reflection in detail. In addition, a mirror with interior lighting plays a vital role as a decor element.
  • Decorative. This option is used not only to illuminate the bathroom but to create a cozy romantic atmosphere. LEDs are located at the rear of the mirror around the perimeter. Uniquely beautiful is the highlighting of patterns on a mirror surface.

Types of lamps

Lamps for bathrooms should be, first of all, reliable and high-quality. Their power ideally matches the size of the room. In a modern design, the following types of lamps are most often used to illuminate a round mirror in a bathroom.

  • Halogen. They are more productive (10 times) than standard lamps. Light is like normal, but they consume less energy. Halogen lamps are resistant to moisture, but they still need to be protected from getting on the surface of the water, as they are gas-filled and have a high cylinder temperature. Also, they are very fragile; they can not be shaken.
  • Luminescent. Often they are called fluorescent lamps. They are durable, consume little energy, have a low cylinder temperature. Therefore, in a bathroom where humidity is high, it is advisable to use them for lighting. But some people are annoyed by the fact that these lamps flicker, slightly buzz, and take a long time to adjust to working.
  • Neon. Such lights are rarely used in bathrooms. Mainly as a decorative element.
  • LED (or LED-lamps). This is the best option for illuminating a round mirror in the bathroom. They have high work efficiency, consume very little energy, and at the same time, have high brightness, are very durable (200-500 thousand hours can work continuously). Such lamps are easy to use, safe, quickly react to inclusion, are decorative. They have a different shape: a simple lamp, in the form of light-emitting tapes, in the form of panels, in the form of point emitters.

Specialists recommendations 

To choose the right round mirror in the bathroom with lighting, you should carefully read the following useful tips.

  • Decide in advance what size mirror you need. The length of 120 cm displays the person’s height to the knees, 60 cm – waist-deep, 40 cm – face and chest.
  • Always consider the size of the bathroom. In the small one, you need a small light source. In the large one, it is desirable to install several lighting options.
  • Carefully consider whether you need additional accessories (cabinets, shelves). Otherwise, the mirror and the space around it will look too bulky.
  • The frame must be resistant to moisture. The best option is plastic or stainless steel. Under transparent plastic, the backlit also illuminates the walls. It looks beautiful and spectacular.
  • Inspect the mounting elements for reliability so that they can support the weight of the mirror. If it seems to you that the kit’s fastenings are too weak, replace them with others.
  • Pay attention to the switch. To date, mirrors with a backlit are often equipped with a switch in the form of a button, sensor, or have a remote control. Sensors are the most convenient and popular.
  • A round illuminated mirror looks good in a classic bathroom interior.
  • Warm light bulbs create coziness and comfort, while cold light bulbs are sharp.
  • Choose a mirror with a surface treated with an anti-fog agent.
  • Remember that in moisture conditions, any light source requires grounding and double insulation.

A round mirror with LED-backlit is not only an essential element of the bathroom for all kinds of hygiene procedures. It is multifunctional, as it visually extends the walls, affects the geometry of space. Using the right option, the bathroom will always look elegant and comfortable.

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