Important factors to consider when choosing a water heater

Important factors to consider when choosing a water heater

Innovation has hit the water heating industry in the last few years, thanks in part to technology, energy efficiency mandates, and consumer choice. If you are looking to replace your water heater for one reason or the other, or you are about to install it for the first time, these are five considerations to help you determine the right water heater to purchase.

Know the type of water heater you want

There are different water heaters you can choose from, and they are: 

Storage water heaters, which are the most common residential water heaters. Although they are not the most energy-efficient heaters because of the heat loss in the tank.

Tankless water heaters are the types that do not have storage tanks. As explained at waterheaterleakinginfo.com/best-electric-tankless,  this type of unit uses pipe and heat coils to supply hot water on demand. With these types, you will never run out of hot water.

Heat pumps or hybrid water heaters are the types that use air from the ground, and your home heating system to warm water.

Solar-powered water heaters are the kinds that use solar panels and storage tanks to provide you with hot water. 

You may need to seek some guidance on what is suitable for your home, but these are the types you are likely to choose from. 

Keep in mind that they all have their own pros and cons. For instance, a tankless water heater saves more energy and energy expense, but its installation is costly compared to other types.

Criteria for choosing a water heater

The right water heater can bring you many long-term benefits like lower energy costs and longer-lasting capabilities. However, these are other important factors to consider besides the type of water heater you choose. 

Water heater capacity 

If you live with many occupants, then you need to consider your hot water needs and the size of the water heater before purchase or any installation because choosing the wrong size of water heater can cause poor energy efficiency, a high chance of water heater replacement, and lack of hot water that will not meet your home needs

Therefore, it is important to conduct measurements and inspect your home to determine if your chosen type will fit within your space. 

Consider the fuel source

The most common types of fuel for water heaters are gas and electricity, although some modern water heaters are propane or solar-powered.

Considering the type of fuel you will use is important in situations where you want to replace your current water heater. For example, if you want to replace your current electric water heater because it is costing you too much on energy bills, then consider a gas water heater instead, as it is more energy-efficient.

Where will you place your water heater?

In 2015, manufacturers increased the size of water heaters both in width and height because of the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) regulation. That means any new unit that you decide to purchase will be larger than your previous one and will require more space. 

A standard size water heater is about 40 gallons. Although the unit itself does not need much space for it to be functional, you need to make sure there is adequate space around for anyone to service it.

In addition, you might place your new hot water heater closer to the point(s)-of-use, or, in a more centralized location.

Think energy efficiency 

Are you tired of high costs on energy bills? If so, you need to consider the efficiency rate of your new water heater.

When purchasing a water heater, look at the Energy Star Rating: the more stars a system has, the more energy you will save, and the Energy Factor (EF): the higher the EF, the more efficient your unit. 

You should consider the efficiency you want as an important part of the decision. Although there will be a high initial cost because it will save you a lot in the long run. For example, solar water heaters use less fuel to heat up water, resulting in hot water that will save you more on bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Consider the cost

The type of water heater you choose will also affect your water heating costs. One type of water heater may use a fuel type more efficiently than another type of water heater. For example, an electric heat pump water heater typically is more energy-efficient than an electric conventional storage water heater. Also, an electric heat pump water heater might have lower energy costs because of its higher efficiency than a gas-fired conventional storage water heater, even though local natural gas costs might be lower than the electricity rates.

How do i know if i need a new water heater?

Unsure if now is the time for a water heater installation? Well, if your water heater is old and has been showing signs of malfunctioning, or if you are moving into a new home, getting a new water heater is a good idea. 

Between 2014-2018, water damage is one of the top causes of insurance claims for homeowners in the United States. So if your water heater is causing problems like leakages, cracks, corrosion, then it’s time to get a new water heater. 

Finally, if you keep the above ideas in mind and comply with the new energy-efficient standards, your new water heater will serve you right.

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