Industrial kitchen: design ideas

An industrial style kitchen is an unconditional combination of modesty, practicality, and accessibility. What was conceived as creating a productive work environment several decades ago is now an independent style that slowly began its journey in functional lofts and has already entered expensive villas and modern penthouses.

It seems that this is a trend firmly established in the consciousness of generations. 

When people choose an industrial-style interior for their kitchen, this means that they know exactly what they want and what kind of atmosphere they need. 

The industrial style must be chosen consciously, so you should not use its features in the design of the room because this direction in design is now famous. If we talk about the kitchen interior, then the industrial image can radically change the familiar environment, making it extraordinary, concise, and, in a sense, quite daring.

If such a scenario suits you, do not hesitate anymore, but when at least one characteristic feature of the industrial style is difficult, it is better to turn to more traditional directions.

Industrial style – a male style

An industrial kitchen is entirely truthful, not ornamented. Such a kitchen looks assembled, harmonious. Not surprisingly, most of the customers who apply for a loft-style kitchen design project are men.

It is the representatives of the stronger sex, especially those who are not married or are engaged in career growth, who most often choose the industrial style for kitchens and other rooms of their apartment.

Other advantages of industrial cuisine are high practicality, ease of maintenance and operation of the premises, ease of decor, neutral palette, and natural materials.

Flooring and walls

This style is created based on the beauty and variety of raw textures. Brick, tiled, and even concrete walls fit perfectly into professional design projects of kitchens.

Brick walls are the undisputed favorites among homeowners and the market leader but don’t forget about steel surfaces and suitable flooring, which are of particular importance and take the kitchen to a whole new level.

The window in the ceiling adds natural light to the industrial kitchen. Also, the kitchen and dining room are neatly connected into one space.

The options for floors that give the industrial kitchen a genuinely vintage look are endless—from wooden floors with patterns to dark, painted.

It is enough to place the tile backsplash in a beautiful place and install several open shelves to get a kitchen with a fascinating design.


Not a single loft-style interior can do without this technique because brickwork is the emblem of the space of real industrial premises. So, if you find a beautiful brick texture at the stage of replanning or replacing the facing material, be sure: a third of the task of transforming a traditional interior into an industrial one is completed.


When arranging a kitchen in a unique industrial style, you should choose natural materials that are well-crafted and simple in shape. In addition to stonework for walls, coloring, ceramic tiles, or folded stone, metal panels are chosen. The ceiling is leveled. Structures for lighting are fixed; if there are load-bearing or decorative beams, you have to retain their appearance.

Decor in the industrial kitchen

If someone once looked at a kitchen decorated in an exceptional industrial style, they probably wondered: how did the owner create such a unique and fascinating space?

Selecting the right decor and accessories that perfectly fit into this style is no easy task. But beyond the obvious, the kitchen reflects the individuality and its owners.

Treated wood, bar seats, and slate paint create a great contrast to the textures in this kitchen

To save items that were about to be thrown away, you can make lamps and chairs on your own, plus to add a kitchen island, shelves, and cabinets made of old scrap dusting in the yard, or to find some details on a flea market – that’s all you need to create an exclusive atmosphere.


In our opinion, a kitchen that uses cabinets from different materials, textures, shades, or configurations looks very interesting and fresh. So, for an industrial-style kitchen, you can pick up solid wood floor cabinets, complementing them with hanging cabinets or shelves made of metal and glass.

In addition, you can experiment with the appearance of the furniture design. For example, in the lower row of cabinets combine furniture with legs, and open shelves and translucent compact cabinets to be attached to the walls.


In the industrial interior of the kitchen, the absence of metal surfaces and objects immediately makes you think about whether the room has anything to do with this style. Remember, an industrial style kitchen should be replete with a metallic luster: matte, slightly aged, in some places with a touch of oxidation. 

Any item in the kitchen can be made of metal, from cabinets, chairs, and tables, to decorative panels, lamps. 


Another noteworthy detail of the industrial style kitchen is the functional island, which often plays the role of a dining table. In some cases, if the size of the kitchen allows, the island flows easily into the table for meals, and its height, however, is preserved. Sitting at a table about 1 meter high is comfortable, next to its high chairs or bar stools that effectively complement the ensemble.

In small kitchens, instead of an island and a full dining table, a bar counter is often installed against a wall, near a window, or in the middle of a room. By the way, the design of drains can echo the sliding table, and increase as necessary, turning into a table for 4-6 people.


Open shelves are a great way to add beauty to an industrial style and expand existing shelving. But do not forget about the initial feeling of rawness that these shelves should create.

If the kitchen has a modern design, then shelves made of rough wood or stainless steel will create the necessary contrast.

Kitchens with such shelves in an industrial style allow maximum use of vertical space, along with vintage hanging holders and freestanding cabinets, which are available even for a small kitchen.

Light system for industrial kitchen

We can talk about lighting in industrial kitchens separately. However, we will limit ourselves to one capacious point. Familiar lamps with lampshades and shades in the kitchen – you will not find a loft without. First of all, the interior should be well illuminated, so you can not limit it to a standard set of lighting devices in the form of a chandelier and a pair of spots.

Particular attention should be paid to the method of mounting fixtures since they often hang on long strings and install on support (vertical and horizontal metal structures) mounted in the form of spotlights, built-in lights, railway lamps, LED, etc. The main material of the fixtures is metal, glass. Sometimes ceramic elements are used.

Find more about industrial lighting.

Modern industrial kitchen design

For some, the industrial style as a whole is a search for a balance between modern sophistication and the sharp subtext that is inherent in it.

This combination of both styles works excellent. You can also increase or, conversely, lower the level of rudeness and beauty of the industrial style, just sometimes adding or removing some decor elements.

The chic industrial kitchen can be soft, glossy, and open with expensive cabinets and countertops. The overall atmosphere also depends heavily on lighting, walls, and ceilings, and reflects that unique industrial flavor.

Gray is an excellent choice for chic industrial-style cuisine, as it combines a steel industrial flair with modern sophistication.

If a final decision on kitchen design has not yet been made, you can start by adding industrial style lighting to your existing kitchen, and then replacing and adding some elements (such as bar stools and cabinets) to find the perfect balance between modernity and industrialism.

Small industrial kitchen design

Large loft kitchens inspire with their gigantic hints of industrial style. Huge windows and ceilings are twice as high as usual, and vast spaces so often come to the fore, because it has formed the opinion that this style is not for small kitchens.

But this is entirely untrue because efficiency and ergonomics are the defining signs of the industrial style, which makes it ideal for a small kitchen.

Hanging racks make it easy to hang all the kitchen appliances and accessories, frames, and shelves to hide the unnecessary, and countertops forming a large workspace come together to make the used space of a small kitchen useful. This well reflects the essence of the industrial style.

Open-plan living rooms are quickly gaining popularity. A small kitchen in the corner not only adds intrigue but also delimits space with ease and no longer has to worry about carpets and suspended ceilings.

If you add a little color, greenery, and let in plenty of natural light, you will create an airy and cheerful atmosphere.

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