Industrial style curtains: features, types, and ideas

An industrial interior means the greatest possible natural light, and therefore tall and wide windows are one of the key features of such a design. However, all this does not mean that they do not need decoration: correctly selected textiles and modern light-protective structures bring completeness and harmony to the room’s decoration. If you are in love with industrial and strive for perfection in every detail, it’s time to find out what fashionable industrial-style curtains should be.

Industrial style window treatment

Large and panoramic windows are one of the reasons why many are fascinated by this austere but incredibly relevant design today. Some of the lucky ones who have already decorated their house or apartment in this way prefer to leave the windows without light protection at all. On the one hand, this allows you to emphasize the very atmosphere of relaxed freedom and open space, as well as admire the opening views at any time. However, there are some “buts” here too: if the house is located on the sunny side, your house is built “windows into windows” or you just feel uncomfortable – it is simply necessary to think over a way to hide from the bright sunlight or prying eyes.

That is why you should not think that industrial style and curtains are incompatible concepts. In fact, they add functionality and bring comfort, which does not at all contradict the restraint and negligence characteristic of such an interior. The harmonious design of windows for industrial style is subject to the following rules:

  • Simple fit and precise geometry. Curtains for decorating large windows in such rooms do not imply sophistication and creativity. Panels falling in straight folds are the best that can be chosen in the framework of such design projects.
  • The complete absence of any decor. The good news: you do not have to painfully think about lambrequins, tassels, ruffles, and frills – in an industrial interior, all these “beautiful things” are absolute nonsense. The maximum that lovers of decorative elements can afford is laconic hooks to match the curtains themselves or the room’s colors as a whole.
  • Lightweight translucent fabrics. The window’s textile design should not neutralize the very feeling of open space and freedom of movement, which we talked about above. That is why you will have to abandon dense, heavy, and textured fabrics like velvet and satin, preferring something more subtle and airy – cotton, linen, tulle, cambric, veil, or organza.
  • Discreet palette. You don’t need to be an expert in design to realize that bright and colorful curtains are unlikely to decorate an industrial-style interior. The priority is a neutral color scheme and shades in which the room itself is decorated. Light gray, muted white, pale brown, beige tones, as well as khaki and dusty rose, enjoy notable popularity. However, dark gray, brown, or black are also allowed, sometimes noble dark blue and deep burgundy.

All these rules are relevant for the design of any industrial style home. Owners of open space apartments should also pay attention to the fact that all windows located in a combined space are decorated in the same way.

Industrial style curtains: which ones to choose

There are many types of window treatment for the home today, and you will surely succeed in finding something suitable for industrial style. We offer you solutions that balance superior illumination, comfort, and industrial aesthetics.

Traditional curtains

Even though industrial assumes a minimal inclusion of textiles, and even then mainly due to furniture upholstery, you will certainly be able to fit fabric curtains into the room’s design organically. We described the rules for selecting curtains for such an interior above – these are not dense fabrics, a neutral light or dark palette, and the complete absence of any decor. Double-panels are also allowed – a transparent veil or tulle with two canvases of cotton or blackout, but the drapery should be minimal and without excessive volume.

As for prints on curtains for industrial style, here designers advise to be extremely careful. Indeed, panels with photo printing of a night metropolis, flags of foreign states (mainly the United States and Great Britain), and neutral thin cells, stripes, and something already quite extravagant like worn wooden pattern planks, mechanisms, and gears are in some cases welcome. However, in this case, you will have to exclude any ornaments and variegation from the decoration and furniture upholstery, leaving only a calm monochrome.

Another important point is the appropriateness of fabric curtains. The curtains will look great in a living room or bedroom, but consider looking elsewhere for other industrial-style rooms.

Roman curtains

A practical and quite appropriate solution for an industrial interior. Even the airy folds that appear when the curtains are raised do not contradict the laconic atmosphere – on the contrary, this creates a feeling of home comfort and perfectly protects from the sun’s rays.

Roller blinds

For many, “rolls” are the only possible light protection system in industrial design. Indeed, such curtains are functional, easy to operate, some designs can work in automatic mode, and their most important advantage is a variety of design solutions. You can order roller blinds of any shade, choose any print you like – and achieve absolute perfection in window decoration.


Aluminum or plastic structures with lamellas look incredibly harmonious in an interior with industrial elements. Blinds remain the best solution for the kitchen and office in an industrial style, but no less appropriate in the living room or bedroom. With the selection of design or color, problems are also unlikely to arise – manufacturers offer every taste option.

Curtains for the interior in the industrial style can hardly be called an absolute must-have. However, in some cases, the curtains are necessary, not only from the point of view of rationality but also from the desire to bring a little more life, warmth, and comfort into the atmosphere.

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