Industrial-style hallway design ideas, features, materials, colors

Industrial-style hallway design ideas, features, materials, colors

The trendy industrial style is designed for spacious and bright rooms. But if desired, it is easy to implement it in more cramped conditions, for example, in the hallway. To meet the stylistic criteria, it is necessary to correctly select the materials, arrange furniture, and determine the color scheme for decoration.

Industrial style features

Historically, the industrial style is a relatively new direction in design. It appeared only in the last century when the idea was born to create rooms that resemble an attic, a warehouse, or an abandoned industrial building.

The characteristic features of the loft are restraint, asceticism, simplicity. These qualities are combined with spaciousness, good lighting, and a kind of comfort. The large area does not contradict the functionality, which is achieved by zoning the space. The motto of the style is “Minimalism and practicality!”

When decorating the hallway, designers use light shades, powerful lamps, and industrial decor to comply with all the design nuances. The industrial style does not tolerate being overloaded with furniture and unnecessary interior attributes.


When decorating the walls of the hallway, materials of natural origin are preferred. Industrial style welcomes brick, concrete, wood, metal, plaster surfaces. In modern homes, these materials are successfully replaced by wallpaper, imitating their texture.

Modern design solutions also suggest using plastic. In small quantities, this material can successfully emphasize the urbanized character of the loft. Wood is no exception. It is used in the construction of built-in wardrobes and the arrangement of the finished floor.

Color spectrum for industrial style hallway

The principle of simplicity applies not only to the quality of the finish but also to the industrial-style hallway’s color scheme. Natural materials must retain their natural color. In this case, artificial whitening is allowed. Concrete, brick, or plaster in white tones go well with any color nuances of furniture and decor.

The industrial color palette includes:

  • white;
  • grey;
  • black;
  • brown;
  • beige;
  • terracotta.

Bright colors are rarely used in this style. But in some cases, to make a room without natural light, like the entrance hall, more “lively” and cozy, bright colors are used. Their number should be dosed and thoughtful. Red, yellow, blue elements can include decorative items: picture frames, accessories, rugs, figurines.

Industrial style furniture for hallway

As few cabinets, chests of drawers, nightstands are installed in the room as possible. The choice of each dimensional item is approached deliberately. Furniture should be simple yet functional. It is arranged in such a way that space does not visually lose in volume. When the color of the furniture matches the shade of the walls, it is considered one of the most successful.

If the hallway’s area allows, it is not forbidden to supplement the furniture set with a sofa, poufs, or armchairs. The choice is stopped on compact furniture made of leather or textiles. For an industrial style hallway, upholstered furniture with built-in drawers for storing things is suitable.

There must be a mirror in the hallway. The reflective surface can be large enough to expand the corridor. At the same time, the arrangement of the lamps is assessed. For example, if additional lighting is projected next to the mirror, this helps make the room brighter and “light”.

Industrial style decorative elements

Interior decorations should support the industrial or urban spirit of the space. To emphasize the style, use:

  • metal pipes;
  • ventilation grates;
  • plates with inscriptions;
  • wire sculptures.

Graffiti and advertising brochures naturally look on the walls of the industrial-style hallway. A bicycle fits into such a room very organically. But for this, you need to think about a reliable stand.

With the industrial style’s help, it is possible to transform an apartment or house’s entrance area. If you follow all the rules and design requirements, you can give the hallway an extraordinary look. Despite the industrial orientation and asceticism, the room retains a cozy atmosphere and acquires a special chic.

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