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Industrial style interior design: all you need to know
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Industrial style interior design: all you need to know

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Cold shades, simple shapes, minimalism, and austere atmosphere straight from abandoned factories – this is how you can briefly describe the industrial style that has dominated corporate and private interiors in Western Europe and the USA for many years. A passion for industrial forms is increasingly seen worldwide. True, the fashion for industrial interiors appeared relatively recently, but the loft-style enjoys unflagging interest. So how do you design the four corners in an industrial style?

What is industrial style?

Many people interested in interior design wonder what industrial style is and how to introduce it into the interior. The industrial style was born out of the economic crisis that hit the United States in the 1950s. The recession led to many factories’ bankruptcy, and abandoned spaces became attractive places for artists, architects, decorators, and many more. The spacious and austere lofts served several functions – they were a combination of studios, apartments, and showrooms. The simple, austere interiors offered great furnishings opportunities, being the perfect compromise between the great qualities of old buildings and modern design style. Industrial apartments were as popular as they are today. The classic design is not the only reason to bring industrial style to your interior.

The industrial style is very minimalistic. Industrial interiors are designed with less is more principle in mind. Simple shapes, neutral colors, economical accessories – surrounded by bricks, concrete, exposed electrical or hydraulic systems – make an exciting impression. Therefore, it is not surprising that the industrial style is so successful. Tired of a series of photos accidentally posted on the wall and another retro lamp, occasionally bought at sales, people are increasingly starting to use minimalist solutions.

Not everyone will like the industrial style. Therefore, before embarking on an industrial-style interior design, it is worth considering whether it will feel comfortable among cold colors and strict separation rules. An industrial-style apartment is a good choice for those who prefer spacious original interiors with unusual architecture. The loft space offers great opportunities for arrangement, but industrial style elements can be brought into a small apartment.

Industrial style in the interior

What should an industrial-style kitchen, living room, office look like? Is it possible to design a small apartment in an industrial style?

You can design a loft-style apartment even in a small area. All you need is a little will, imagination, and some basic knowledge of composition. Loft-style apartments are becoming more and more popular. The unique design delights the lovers of original interiors. An industrial interior is not just an industrial-style room. Each room can be decorated in the style of old, abandoned factories.

How to achieve an industrial style?

Even if the living space is far from the factory or loft, but there is a desire to make an industrial space out of it, you can safely decorate your apartment in the style of former production workshops. Furnishing an apartment in an industrial style is a real challenge. However, by following the basic principles, you can easily create an atmospheric loft-style space.

Open space

The most important thing – in the case of industrial style – is an open space devoid of partitions between the kitchen and living room, as well as between the room and bathroom. Large windows are a source of natural light and, at the same time, an essential element of decor. The abandoned walls most often show the material they were made – most often brick or raw concrete. It is important to note that there is no clear division into separate zones in an industrial interior, due to which we get the effect of a spacious interior.

What colors to choose?

To achieve an industrial effect, use cool and bright colors. All shades of white, beige, and gray are ideal. The loft-style opens up great possibilities for design, but strict and simple forms are always the leitmotif. We can paint the walls with a universal white paint that will further increase the space, or use brick or architectural concrete. It is also worth paying special attention to the floors. Wood flooring or concrete-look tiles will create an impressive effect. Such compositions’ raw style should be diluted with accessories, but their colors should not differ from the industrial color palette. Moderation should be observed so as not to disturb the loft tone of the interior.

High ceilings and mirrors

The passion for large spaces is the undoubted advantage of the loft-style, which is why industrial interiors love high ceilings. If the apartment has a standard height, it is worth considering tricks, thanks to which space will seem not only larger but also higher. For this, you can use hanging mirrors. A simple glass panel will create the illusion of depth and will also fit perfectly into minimalistic decor.

Expanding the ceiling with mirrors even doubles the optically available living space. They are used in rooms with a small area. Thanks to this, an industrial living room or an industrial kitchen can be arranged even in a small area.

Industrial style materials

The materials most commonly used in industrial premises are stone, metal, and glass. In private industrial interiors, brick looks good, which – painted white or untreated – harmonizes perfectly with concrete while creating a cozy atmosphere in the interior. Concrete looks great on modern countertops, wall decorations, or floor elements.

Raw style

Another important rule of the industrial style is to reduce the number of decorative elements. Industrial decorations should be kept to the bare minimum. The basis of the industrial style is moderation and the correct balance of proportions. On the one hand, industrialism draws inspiration from factory austerity and disorder to create the effect of a clean space, free of unnecessary decorations. However, it happens that designers decide to add certain accents to the walls, which will further emphasize the character of the room. These are usually innovative graphics, panoramic photographs, or paintings that convey a factory atmosphere, large metropolitan areas, or modern bridges. Industrial carpet and wallpaper are perfect for such an interior.

Obvious coincidence

The deliberate arrangement of furniture and everyday objects should give the impression of being accidental. Clear dividing lines and geometric symmetry are important here. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right furniture and appliances.

Interior with soul

To achieve an interesting effect of an industrial interior, slightly violating industrial minimalism, you can combine traditional elements, for example, an old, worn-out sofa with an ultra-modern TV stand. You also need to remember that the composition should reflect yourself and – although it is devoid of colors, full of coolness and severity, shrouded in the latest technical solutions – it may not be comfortable at first glance, but, of course, it should have a soul.

How to “warm” an industrial style?

To give the apartment a cozier character, raw concrete can be decorated with pieces of molten glass or broken porcelain. On the other hand, metal inserts are great for large spaces. Remember, however, that concrete is a rather difficult material, especially in terms of cleanliness, and cleanliness, although industrial, is one of the main values in this style. Besides, many solutions on the market mimic concrete, such as porcelain stoneware, which can accurately reflect the texture of concrete, its scuffs, irregular colors, and even scratches. On the other hand, porcelain stoneware is easier to keep clean and is better suited for home use. Carefully selected lighting, furniture, and accessories can be used to warm the harsh atmosphere of industrial interiors.

Industrial style lighting

Industrial lamps owe their design to their creators, who were inspired by the lighting that used to be installed in factories and warehouses. Large pendant lights with a distinctive austere style are ideal for loft style. Also, floor lamps in an original and unusual style are becoming more and more popular. An industrial-style living room cannot do without spotlights – in the form of sconces, pendant floor lamps. The choice is huge.

Lighting should be in perfect harmony with the interior design. Luminaires made of glass, metal, or concrete, styled in an industrial style, usually retain a simple, classic shape. However, do not forget to keep the rough shape – typical of the industrial style. Industrial light bulbs are styled after the iconic and legendary first light bulb invented by Edison. They are distinguished by a simple elongated shape and a clearly marked thread that characterizes an industrial style trait. Open wiring is indispensable in an industrial style.

Industrial style furniture

Furniture for industrial interiors must be properly selected to blend well with the raw shape of the loft. Its forms should be simple and neutral, and the combination of materials (wood, metal, glass) should be minimalistic. The industrial furniture is stylized in a shabby colonial style. The traditional shape is in perfect harmony with the modern style.

Industrial style accessories

Do you want to decorate an apartment in an industrial style, referring to atmospheric old factories? Consider industrial accessories. Painting, clocks inspired by 20th-century chronometers, mirrors, designer lamps – there are many possibilities. We must not forget about carpets. In the damp premises of formerly abandoned factories, the carpet was unnecessary, but it cannot be overlooked in modern industrial structures. In loft interiors, muted shades work best – black, beige, brown, gray.