Interior decoration using posters

Interior decoration using posters

Wall decoration with posters is not a new idea. However, today’s posters in interior design are particularly relevant. For some time, people have increasingly been choosing a casual style of democracy, combining at first glance incompatible colors and shapes that make it possible to create a unique, bright and memorable interior. The posters complete the interior of the house, help decorate or even completely transform a room in minutes.

Recreating a certain interior style is a complex affair. A choice of options is worth it! In this case, you must be guided not only by your own instinct / taste / desire, but also by the advice of professionals.

How to choose a poster

Decorating with posters – this is perhaps one of the most economical and effective ways to change the environment. A variety of styles, sizes, and poster topics allow you to place them in a room designed in any style.

In addition, with the help of some decorative posters, it is possible to visually enlarge the space, to make the room more interesting and unusual.

Posters can be divided into three types: text, graphic and photographic. The three types of interior design posters are also attractive. Posters with different motivational signs are usually placed in the work area of the space. Graphic images are usually hung in the living room or bedroom.

Style and color range

In addition to today’s popular casual style, the posters look great in interior design in a classic, art-deco, Scandinavian, hi-tech and modern style. To do this, select the image and the color scheme of the poster, which will correspond to the overall mood of the room.

  • Thus, in a classic interior with an abundance of wooden furniture, posters with warm colors of coffee will look great. The period images will be particularly beautiful here – advertising posters from the 20s to the 60s of the 20th century, decorated in simple wooden frames.
  • Deco posters suitable for interior in the loft style are works of the pop art segment.
  • Realistic and animal paintings are also appropriate in a classic room.
  • The interior in the style of Provence, country hosts landscape paintings and posters, light watercolor drawings.
  • For the Scandinavian style, abstract or fantastic paintings, an architectural landscape is good.
  • The modern style of the living room implies the presence of photographs, images of the genre of Impressionism.
  • In the living room, decorated in any ethnic style, the corresponding style paintings are pretty.
  • In minimalist and laconic interiors, vivid and contrasting colors are preferable, posters with text are also welcome.

Also, do not forget that interior design posters play a secondary role, connecting the decorative elements to the space of a room should not attract too much attention.

In addition to the color scheme, the lighting of the room plays an important role in the choice of a poster for interior decoration. Correct lighting can be arranged using halogen wall lights. At the same time, avoid direct sunlight because they can cause dazzle on the surface of the poster and possibly discoloration. But perhaps the most important thing in choosing a poster is to focus on your preferences for taste and color.

When choosing a poster, the choice of the plot and the style must match the function of the room and the interior decoration. Only in this way will a work of art become a constituent element of the style of a play.

How and where to hang posters

Regarding the placement of posters in interior design, it is important to take into account the size of the image. Large deco posters should hang from a flat, empty wall – there should be no other paintings. Posters A4 and A3 can be placed on a single wall.

It is recommended that Passepartout posters be covered with a special anti-reflective glass. Small decorative posters placed in a frame on a stand look great on a table, fireplace, window sill or wall shelf.

The latest trend is a large poster in interior design composed of several small images. Thus, you can create original panels. Another solution is to compose an image from several posters of different formats.

The graphic posters in the interior design are placed next to black and white photographs or graphics, painting – next to the painting, color photos – with color images.

Otherwise, it will prove to be bad taste – the individual posters will simply be lost for the benefit of many artistic techniques and colors.

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