Interior design in 3D: ways to visualize furniture and decor in a room

Interior design in 3D: ways to visualize furniture and decor in a room

Regardless of your design project complexity, be it a full makeover, a simple furniture rearrangement, or decor refreshment, you can save time and effort by visualizing everything in advance. You can see beforehand how it will look, whether you like it or not, and what changes would work best. 

You will surely be happy with the result if you smartly plan the layout. What’s best about the suggestions we are going to provide is that everything can be done all by yourself. Still, the list ends with an efficient alternative, in case you want it done by professionals.

Play with your floor plan

If you can easily visualize things in real settings and you have painter’s tape at hand, don’t hesitate to use this technique to the maximum and witness everything in real-time. Use the tape to set the dimensions of every piece of furniture or decor you plan to integrate. This will give you a clear image of what stands where and how it affects the functional appearance of your space. You will know up to the last inch how everything will fit in the room. By the way, removing the tape and taping everything out in a new way is easy enough, even if the real pieces are not yet brought into the room. 

Old-school mood board

Don’t feel like going digital? Are you more of an old-school person? Don’t hesitate to use the good old-time magazines and scissors while planning the layout. This technique is as efficient and can even add interest to the process. Work with magazines or print images with the pieces you want to see in your interior. Cut them out and arrange them in the way that suits you best. Change their position till you reach a perfect layout. 

Quick Tip: don’t forget to make a list with all items and their sources so you know what you can purchase from where. 

Virtual room design apps

The fastest, most real-like, and efficient way to visualize your future design is by using apps that help you plan your interior, make adjustments, and adapt everything to your needs. We prepared a list of the best room design apps for a virtual tour of your space so that you can ensure everything will look just as you have ever wanted to. 


  • Free and paid versions are available

Designing your room in a 3D format is much easier and more interesting with real-like replications provided by such apps as HomeByMe. You can design your entire home by developing the floor plan in 2D and decorating the space with furniture and decor in a 3D format. With such a tool at hand, you can easily express your style. Additionally, you have the possibility to fill the space with branded products available in this app. Once everything is ready, enjoy the high-quality images of your future interior and share them with your family members for adjustments. You can also take it to another level and plan your future house anywhere you want with the available mobile version.


  • Free app
  • Best for begginers

The easy way of using this app attracts more and more people who are working on their first project of this kind. You can start everything from the floor plan or use the current room shapes by dragging and dropping them here. You can personalize the interior up to the last detail, starting with removing or adding a window and reaching the finish, which can be easily changed if you don’t like the current. Adding furniture and decor gets more pleasant with the available brand pieces the app puts at your disposal. What’s more, it even provides purchase options for selected units. All this and the final 3D images of your future interior under your fingerprints. 

Planner 5D

  • Free app
  • Paid version is available if you want to extend the product library

Planning your future design reaches new heights with this amazing app that wakes up your creative side. Simply dragging and dropping your floor plan, you play with the variety of products available in the app’s catalog and build your dream interior. You can seek inspiration in completed design projects or create one of your own. As the process gets to the end, you have 2D and 3D images of your future interior.

Living Spaces

  • Free app

Creating your new interior layout cannot get any easier when such a time-saving app is ready to help you without charging for the services. Mostly resembling other apps, this one also implies the basic steps: you start by drawing the floor plan, choose the furniture and decor, find the best place for them, and end up with an original interior that reflects your sense of style. As a final step, you take a few 3D photos of the created project and use them as inspiration for when you get to implement it. 


  • Free app

Another super app that you can easily use to create your new interior based on existing templates or by uploading the existing room plan. You virtually choose and decorate the interior with furniture and decor. Furthermore, alongside the design process, the app makes useful suggestions of items to suit your style based on how your design develops. 

Room Planner

  • Free app
  • Professional services available

With this innovative app, you can plan a 100% original interior by starting with the floor plan and going on with the furnishing or opt for a pre-designed interior adapted to your current room features, which can be easily edited. Additionally, you can profit from decorating with brand products. When work on the layout is finished, you can enjoy the professional visualization of your future interior and get inspired for a real one.

Foyr Neo 

  • Paid app; 14-day free trial period

If you fancy a professional touch on the process of designing your future interior yet still hold everything under control, use Foyr Neo, the beloved virtual room design app that many designers and amateurs use all over the world. With a single tool, you complete the entire project. You can either upload or draw your floor plan and work on it by furnishing the space. The final 3D visualization offers a clear image of what your future interior will look like. 


  • Free app
  • For iOS only

This virtual room design app is winning more popularity due to the ease of its use and beyond-limits interface. The work process doesn’t differ much from other apps. You start by adding your room shape and decorate it with branded furniture and decor. Users really like the app due to its walk-through mode that helps you visualize the created design with enhanced accuracy. Moreover, you can always share your new design via social media and get professional or amateur pieces of advice. 

Professional interior design in 3D

If you don’t have time, don’t want to work on the project all by yourself, or simply want your interior to be designed by a professional yet still have the possibility to visualize the result in 3D before putting the project into practice, don’t hesitate to opt for the time, money, and effort-efficient Online Interior Design Service

In a few easy steps, your dream design comes to life. You send your current room photos and floor plan. In a short time, you are provided with 2 design concepts made by two different designers. After you choose the one that suits you best, the designer starts working on developing the project considering your requirements. As a result, you have a completed design project, a customized shopping list, 3D renderings of the interior, and a virtual tour of the space at available prices to meet any expectations.

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