Interior designers near me: 8 reliable sources for the best experience

Looking for the best designer near you to make your dream design come true? We agree that the process can get overwhelming, but not when you have a bunch of reliable sources within your reach that you can scroll through and find your designer. We will save your time while you trust us with the future of your next collaboration with one of the best designers you can find as follows. 


Undoubtedly, Houzz is part of the list with its wide range of inspirational sources and available information. While scrolling through design images and gathering inspiration for your next project, you can easily find the right professional to put everything into practice. An easy click on “Find professionals”, and you already scroll through available designers in your area. What’s best about this platform is that you can as easily scroll through the particular designer’s completed projects and reviews to have a better understanding of the work. 


Popular online platform with millions of members. It puts creative work on display and helps you narrow down the results by filtering the information. You can easily write “interior designer” in the searching field, select “people” from the neighboring field, and choose ”interior design” as a filter at Creative Fields for a more accurate answer alongside your location. Behance will showcase interior designers in your area, their projects, and appreciations and provide relevant links on how to contact the designer.


One of the best sources to look for on a designer. You go through a questionnaire regarding your design requirements, and fast enough, you are offered a list of interior designers that match your standards from your local area. It is important that you clearly state your needs so that LinkedIn can compile the most accurate list possible. Then, you can easily get in touch with the designers and find the one that works best for you.


A renowned interior design service provider that operates in person and online, Decorilla can safely offer you a list of professional designers that work in 25 US states and are ready to collaborate with you according to your schedule. All you have to do is get in touch, and they will provide you with any information you need regarding the collaboration with a designer in your area for a cost appropriate to you. 


Previously known as Angie’s List, this useful online platform comes in handy regarding any project in and around your house, from plumbing services to roof repair, by matching you with the best professionals in your area. Of course, interior design is not an exception. By finding your location, Angi offers you a list of interior design services near you, be it companies or independent designers. Alongside the name comes a little description, completed projects with images, and reviews so that you can find the professional who seems right for your interior. 


A productive online platform that helps professionals find customers and the opposite. Looking for the best interior designer in your area, you simply offer a few details, such as the zip code, scope of your work, project type, and client style, and get matched with the best professionals near you. In addition to the name, you are provided with the price, how many projects the designer has completed due to Thumbtack, and reviews so that you can narrow down your list of favorites. 

Home Advisor

While scrolling through the available options that Home Advisor provides regarding interior designers in your area, you can find much more useful information, such as the average price for hiring an interior designer. The interesting part is that you can find a specialist or even a few to enter your budget standards who will surely bring your interior to the next level due to their rich work experience. The system is simple – by completing a questionnaire, Home Advisor matches you with one of the local designers whose qualifications suit your case. 


The best alternative to in-person designers is the one that provides the same services yet online at a more affordable price without risking quality. Hackrea is one of the newest and most innovative online interior design services that can be contacted from anywhere in the world so that you no longer have to look for “designers near me” but “best designers”, who you will surely find within the Hackrea team. 

Saving time and money, you get in touch with Online Interior Design Services at Hackrea, where you send your current room photos and requirements to. Shortly after, you are provided with two professionally compiled mood boards by two different designers. By choosing the one you like, the designer starts developing the project under your supervision and makes the necessary adjustments till the final product is ready. As a result, you have a completed design project, a personal shopping list, 3D renderings of the space, and a virtual tour of the future interior at a price that meets your expectations. Don’t hesitate to profit now from this amazing option and achieve the best result for the best price! 

Now that you know where to find the best designers in your local area or online to provide you with the best services from any part of the world, you can safely get to the hiring part, which is as important as the design project itself. To make sure you don’t skip a thing, check out our updated article on how to hire an interior designer.

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