Interior door trends 2022: colors, materials, and modern design ideas

Besides their functional purpose, interior doors play an essential role in interior design by complementing the style and adding the last missing elements to the decor. Furthermore, this particular unit is easy to work with as it can be replaced every year and adapted to the latest trends if the options are quite affordable. Nevertheless, the newest trends in this sense do not bring radical changes but rather subtle variations of the existing ones so that a purchase of this kind could last longer. 

As with other trends regarding interior design in 2022, the ones referring to interior doors rely on practicality, simplicity, naturalness, sustainability, and elegance. Let’s find out the latest ideas in this sense, covering such categories as best colors, materials, and designs for a stylish result.

We would like to draw your attention to the best ideas for interior doors in 2022 that will serve you practically and shape your interior design. It should be noted that an interior door completes the decor of a particular room as the last piece of the puzzle. Therefore, an appropriate choice in this sense should fit your style perfectly and complement the integrity of every room in part.

Wide doors for an original effect

The enormous width counts as one of the main features at the top of the 2022 trends. Particularly popular are the two-leaves doors. Furthermore, different designs for each unit in part will offer your room an original effect. 

It should be noted that a door of this kind will enlarge the space and become a point of interest by enriching the environment with a new splash of color and texture. You can opt for any material you want since the width of the door alone will be able to make a statement.

High doors for high standards

There is no doubt that a high door will offer your room status by shaping its environment. This option will best suit low-ceiling rooms as the higher the door, the higher the walls will appear. Nevertheless, high doors will fit any room and style by choosing the color and material appropriately.

Furthermore, you can opt for a glass transom to fill the room with more light, which will enhance the interior design. In this sense, we suggest you consider particular styles for the transom, such as vintage for a new sparkle.

Glass sliding doors at the top

When it comes to the particular material, the leading option in 2022 is glass. If previously people were trying to separate the areas within their house, bringing everything together is at the top now. An essential element in this sense is the glass door, particularly the sliding one that can serve as a wall to separate spaces, such as the kitchen from the dining area. 

Furthermore, you can opt for a foggy effect for privacy or preserve the transparent look to ensure the integrity of the interior design within your house.

Pocket doors for functional use of space

This particular type of door has been popular lately within bathrooms. Nevertheless, its high practicality led to a wide use within other rooms. The sliding feature of moving the door from one side to another into the wall saves space and emphasizes the simplicity of the style.

Furthermore, you can also consider a two-leave door in this sense for a larger space. It should be noted that such materials as glass or wood are the best options for such doors.

Minimalist doors to keep it simple

Undoubtedly, minimalism has penetrated this area as well. The simplicity behind most of today’s interior designs requires a simple approach to such elements as the door. Consider neutral colors and invisible-like designs to integrate your door perfectly into an environment of this kind.

Furthermore, the latest trends suggest you pick the door the same color as the walls to enhance the earlier mentioned effect. It should be noted that such an arrangement will best suit a contemporary style.

The door color plays as much an important role in interior design. Therefore, we would like to reveal the latest recommendations in this sense. It should be noted that a slight change of the color undertones may either enhance or spoil the picture.

Neutral shades

Neutral colors will never get out of date as they fit perfectly any style and color combination. They suit the classic style best and brighten the room, leading to a comfortable environment. Furthermore, such colors will complement perfectly other decorative elements of the same shade, ensuring the integrity of the interior design.

In this sense, consider the following options:

  • Beige;
  • Soft pink;
  • Soothing green;
  • Pale blue;
  • Gray.

Dark shades

You cannot go wrong with a dark shade for your interior door as such a tone will balance the contrasts within the room and offer it a warm effect. It should be noted that dark shades are a classic when it comes to doors, and they can fit any style, from the traditional one to the contemporary setting. 

In this sense, consider the following options:

  • Black is back. It has never left the stage, but it is now popular more than ever. Consider it for doors that include the use of glass or iron;
  • Classic brown. The classic wood door will match any style and complement it perfectly. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can opt for various undertones that can change the room’s entire look.

Bold shades

For those who want to go bold and opt for a bright color, we suggest an appropriate color combination so that the door shade does not suppress the other room elements. 

In this sense, consider the following options:

  • Emerald green. Consider a softer shade of this color to add a new sparkle to the environment and offer it a refresh;
  • Royal blue. Opt for a dark shade of blue to set a balanced atmosphere and bring the ocean breeze into the room;
  • Coral. This soft yet bold color will surely make a statement and enliven the space.

Door trends suggest we use natural and contemporary materials in 2022. Therefore, the classic in this sense is wood. Of course, a solid wood door can be quite expensive, but the quality speaks for itself. Wood will fit perfectly a rustic style and offer the room and effect of warmness and comfort. 

At the same time, consider glass or metal for most parts of the door or only for decorative elements for a modern style. These two materials will fit perfectly an industrial style and suit best a contemporary setting.

If you reached this far, it is time we spoke about the last piece of this puzzle – the handles. Whether you like it or not, they play as much an important role in the general picture of your door. Therefore, an appropriate choice in this sense will complete your interior design and help you reach the wanted effect. 

We would like to draw your attention to some of the latest ideas in this sense to ensure the integrity of your door design and complete its style.

  • Brass for an elegant effect;
  • Long handles for practical use;
  • Original designs for a statement.

Considering the wide variety of colors, materials, and designs suggested by the 2022 trends, there is no doubt that the mentioned options will fit any style and preference. Furthermore, the core concepts behind every alternative are functionality, simplicity, naturalness, and originality. Therefore, any choice in this sense will ensure the practical use of space and the stylish door look that will integrate perfectly within the interior design.

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