Interior Doors 2023: Brand-New Design Trends

Choosing a perfect interior door to suit your liking and stay in fashion may seem quite challenging in the new season, which is expected to encounter many changes in terms of materials, colors, and design. The latest 2023 interior door trends are beyond any expectations in contrast with the previous, relatively monotonous seasons. For those to whom the smallest details matter, we compiled a list of brand-new interior door design tendencies.

Unlike the exterior door, defined by more or less all-time standards with timeless colors and traditional designs, the interior doors are freer to work with, particularly in the upcoming season, when moving away from stereotypes is a primary concern of designers. Let’s see what experts forecast as the top interior door design trends in 2023!

Custom-sized Interior Doors

Standard-size and height doors are a thing of the past. The current design projects pay more attention to interior door designs, with professionals opting for up-to-the-ceiling high and beyond-the-limit wide interior doors. The door is no longer viewed only as practical but also as a stylish component enhanced to meet the expectations for an ultra-modern door. 

By the way, high interior doors make the ceiling seem higher and is a great trick for those who feel their space requires a few more inches. As for wide doors, you can go from two to four leaves, which will considerably brighten the room and make it feel airy if you opt for a door with a glass insert.

Glass Sliding Doors

The top functional interior door is the one that slides and is made of glass, which is another hot trend of the season. Since pairing more functional areas in the same space is a thing of the current design tendencies, opting for a glass door that underlines the border yet keeps those areas together is definitely an interior door type worth considering. Additionally, such a space-saving door works well for small rooms, while choosing between clear, tinted, or frosted glass can suit your level of privacy.

Super-functional Pocket Doors

This particular type of door has been popular lately within bathrooms. Nevertheless, its high practicality led to wide use within other rooms. The sliding feature of moving the door from one side to another into the wall pockets saves space and emphasizes the simplicity of the style. Think of a two-leaf pocket door in a larger space to keep it organic. A combination of wood and glass is the best option for pocket doors.

Arched Interior Doors

Inspired by the enhanced perspective on the timeless Neoclassical design, arched features are a defining characteristic of the 2023 interior design trends. Therefore, interior doors with curved tops are the prime designs of the season. What’s great about this style is that you can adapt it to traditional, sliding, pocket, and literally any type of door as long as its frame reveals an arched form.

Swing Interior Doors

If swing doors were not much seen in contemporary interiors a few years ago, they are now of exceptional practical use and have a stylish effect on the design. Designers predict they will be the top kitchen interior doors in 2023 due to their easy technique to open and close, being used particularly between the cooking space and the pantry.

Ultra-modern Pivot Doors

For impressively large spaces that require as large doors, designers suggest opting for pivot doors that rely on a pivot’s swinging mechanism and make it practical to open and close without much effort. 

Sustainably Textured Doors

In the age of environmental protection, it would be appropriate to mention the eco-friendly interior doors made of natural materials through sustainable techniques that benefit your health, the environment, and the interior design through trendy, rich-grained surfaces.

The new interior door colors consider the latest color trends, which are relatively eye-catching and pretty bright, contrasting what has been trendy so far. Yet, they offer freedom of color choice to suit any preference. Generally, interior door color trends are divided into two large categories: personalized pops of bold shades to stand out from the others and naturally polished colors for organic matchings of various styles.

Timeless Natural Colors

Starting with neutral shades of gray and beige and reaching show-stealing splashes of colors that are traced to the same natural elements, this collection of colors is a real find for those who want to go with one interior door shade and stay trendy for years to come. The no-fail hues to suit any color scheme and decor are:

  • Light neutral shades of gray and beige;
  • Light and dark brown received through natural wood texture;
  • Calm green in light and dark shades;
  • Pastel and dark blue shades.

Juicy and Unforegattable Pops of Color

Hide no more behind muted and devoid of energy colors. Show the world your favorite bright shade. Search for inspiration in the shiny natural colors. Go beyond anyone’s expectations and choose a bright door color that will spruce up your interior to unimaginable levels. Designers fully support this trend since the new interior design season is all about expressing yourself in the boldest way possible. Still not sure what to start with, consider the following colors for reference:

  • Sweet peach;
  • Pinkish coral;
  • Dazzling teal;
  • Clay orange;
  • Azure blue;
  • Purple – the trendiest color of the season.

The top materials for an internal door are glass, wood, and metal. As alternatives for wood, you can use other natural materials, such as bamboo or rattan, to go hand in hand with the eco-friendly trend in design. 

What material suits you best depends on the style and what effect you want to reach. A countryside house would definitely work with an untreated wood door, while an ultra-modern loft apartment would say “yes” to space-saving glass doors. For Industrial, both wood and glass, plus metal, are appropriate. But again, the door design affects how these materials integrate into the particular style.

If you have reached this far, it is time we spoke about the last piece of this puzzle – the handles. Whether you like it or not, they play as much an important role in the general picture of your door. Therefore, an appropriate choice in this sense will complete your interior design. The top door hardware design is sleek metal bars, which suit the trendy sliding, pivot, and swing doors. 

For the traditional internal doors, there are also fashionable handles that designers selected, particularly for lovers of old-time aesthetics. Consider original and unusually shaped handles of brass that will enliven your door and keep pace with the current, relatively maximalist trends.

Interior Doors 2023: Top Design Styles

All clear with tendencies, colors, materials, and handles for a trendy 2023 interior door. Let’s bring all those together and go through the voguish styles you cannot skip in the new season. They are way out of hand (positively). 

Modern Farmhouse

The barn interior door with a sliding mechanism combines the familiar look with modern features, while the vibrant pops of color or natural texture adjust to your interior design.


The pairing between metal and glass polished with a sleek and contemporary design is the go-to internal door style for edgy interiors with a strongly perceived urban twist.


The elegant Neoclassical door is high and white-colored with a traditional or sliding system, decorated with Classic molding both on the door and the frame.


The untreated wood door with a slightly worn effect is the best friend of Rustic interiors and a pearl for styles far from the cottage life.


In an era when Maximalism starts to replace Minimalism, the simplest solutions in interior design still don’t lose their relevance when it comes to details, and a sleek interior door that almost fades into the background or reveals a smooth and practical style is one of the top trends. 

Considering the wide variety of colors, materials, and designs suggested by the 2023 trends, the mentioned options suit any taste. Furthermore, functionality and originality are core concepts behind every interior door design. Therefore, any choice you make will keep you in fashion and won’t leave any of you, amateurs of everything a la mode, disappointed.

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