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Textiles 2020: The main trends for home interior
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Textiles 2020: The main trends for home interior

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Since 1971, the German textile exhibition Heimtextil unconditionally predicts the main trends in interior textiles. Season 2020 was no exception. Let’s take a look at the main trends of the upcoming season.

In addition to materials, textures and prints, we list fashionable shades for home textiles.

Linen and other natural materials

Part of the exhibition addresses the concept of escape from the modern world. Today we strive to leave the noisy megacities for untouched nature. That is why the home space should be as environmentally friendly as possible – with textiles made of high quality cotton, linen or wool. It is predicted that safe, environmentally friendly materials will become commonplace: all toxic and unnatural materials, such as plastic or synthetic fabrics, will disappear in the house.

The most relevant material today is flax. Such textiles are popular in Europe, Australia and America. Strong and durable linen fabric perfectly absorbs moisture, allows air to pass through and is not electrified.

Preference is given to surfaces and textures with various imperfections and flaws. The color palette is as logical as possible – terracotta, ocher and other natural shades are in fashion.

Light colors and minimalism

Interest in minimalism has not slowed down for several years now. The trend came along with fashion for the style of scandi and the hygge philosophy, so you need to design space with textiles according to the same principle. Plain blankets, bedspreads and bedding in bright tones should be combined with simple furniture and laconic shapes. This idea requires greater awareness in consumption: a focused search for designer items and textiles that are simple, beautiful, functional and high quality. The combination of natural colors with carefully selected textured details and upholstery brings comfort and coziness to the interior.

Abstraction or game of patterns

A pronounced trend that bypassed last season is contrasting abstract patterns. Such drawings are not just a catchy accent in the interior. Heimtextil makes more sense in this direction: against the background of political instability, stress and a frantic working pace, society needs optimism, irony and vivid emotions.

Luxury, texture and a bit of nostalgia

The exhibition told how they see the luxury and comfort of the new season. In addition to natural materials, the fabric should be pleasant to the touch and have a velvety texture of dark blue, emerald, golden or wine tones. With such textiles, it is appropriate to combine raw wood or massive vintage furniture. Sensuality, elegance and luxury of the Art Deco era are the main components of the new trend.

What about color?

In order to choose a pattern, texture or material suitable for the interior, it is important to understand the main color trends that will be relevant in the coming season. The 2020 color palette is based on optimism and a careful approach to health. The idea is manifested through the prism of calm matte tones or, conversely, catchy cheerful colors. If you can not decide on the color palette of textiles, feel free to choose these shades.

  • Sweet Lavender (Pantone 16-3931). In 2020, lavender tones will help create an optimistic mood for the new decade.
  • Saturated clay (Pantone 16-1330 TCX). The cult pink color of millenials takes on a more saturated, baked shade. Color will definitely add warmth and comfort to your home.
  • Olive (Pantone 18-0220 TCX). The theme of greenery and nature remains a key one for several seasons in a row. This year, the trend is expressed through the prism of calm olive tones.

For a children’s room, experts recommend using saturated shades of yellow, blue and pale lilac colors.


So, the main trends in interior textiles, which will be at the peak of popularity in 2020:

  • Exceptionally natural fabrics: cotton, wool, linen
  • Minimalism and light colors. Laconic models of pastel colors will be appropriate to look against the background of strictly interior in the style of soft minimal
  • Large abstract prints bring personality and brightness to the interior.
  • Velvet textiles in saturated colors – as an element of luxury in interior decoration
  • The main color palette: delicate matte tones, lavender, clay, olive. Cheerful shades of blue, yellow and calm pale lilac colors are suitable for the children’s room.