Japanese-style wallpaper for wall decoration

Nowadays, oriental, and including Japanese motifs in the interior of the apartment are becoming more and more popular. Not the last role in the proper design of such a design is played by Japanese-style wallpaper on the walls of the room.

Such arrangement of the internal space implies the presence of simple and concise forms, natural color combinations, as well as moderation in decorative details. All this is due to the mentality, long traditions and life philosophy inherent in the inhabitants of the land of the Rising Sun.

Design features

As for Japanese-style interior design, walls are one of its defining elements. It depends on the choice of wallpaper how various ornaments, drawings, as well as colors will be appropriate for a particular living space. Design features of wallpapers made in accordance with Japanese traditions have the following decorative elements:

  • Sakura tree with flowers or leaves;
  • Attractive lettering with hieroglyphs;
  • The texture reminiscent of bamboo.

Such interior decoration of their home is chosen by people who, first of all, appreciate comfort in the house, and not following fashionable design trends. It is preferred by those who follow the rule: “My house is my fortress, and I have to rest there and be charged with positive energy for further work.”

Color palette

Japanese style is, first of all, light colors, natural shades. For example, reed color, natural wood color.

As for the whole interior as a whole, the use of natural materials is its hallmark. This applies not only to walls, ceilings or floors, but also to furniture and decorative elements.

Wallpaper in the Japanese style should not be colorful bright shades. Most valued are calm, eye-pleasing tones. Black can be used as a contrast or shading the main tone of the walls.

Designers do not recommend the use of rich shades of chocolate and red in the design of surfaces.

Material Information

It should also be remembered that not only the wallpaper, but also all other components of the interior should be made exclusively from natural materials, or imitate them externally (bamboo, rattan, straw), since a hallmark of any space decorated in an oriental style is the harmony of man and nature. Among these constituent elements are the following:

  • Lighting items (sconces, chandeliers, etc.);
  • Tables, chairs and other furniture;
  • Wall decoration;
  • Floor coverings.

As already noted, all this should not have any excesses, being an example of restraint and samurai asceticism. By the way, it is also interesting that wallpapers based on straw and bamboo are not subject to fading, even when exposed to sunlight for a long time.

The peculiarity of the Japanese style, in addition to the corresponding wallpaper for the walls, is that a significant part of the utensils and household items are located on the floor. However, they are placed in such a way that it is easy enough to reach them with an outstretched hand.

Bedroom wall decoration with Japanese wallpaper: what you need to know

It is very common to use Japanese-style wallpaper in the bedroom. It should be noted right away that in this case, you need to select suitable colors, as they should be in harmony with the general situation. As for the choice of colors, as a rule, soft, almost pastel tones, such as cream, sand, beige, etc. are optimal. In addition, you must remember that you can use companion wallpapers, combining them harmoniously and giving the room even more originality.

When decorating a bedroom, you need to remember the need to properly decorate not only the walls, but also the ceiling of this room. Please note that the presence of various decorative elements is very welcome, whether it be small figures made of natural wood, paintings or panels with ethnic motifs, or even souvenirs brought from Japan.

An important condition is the presence of images of sakura on the wallpaper. You can use it on additional decorative elements, such as a photo with frames, paintings or home textiles (pillows, blankets, rugs).

Alternatively, you can draw sakura with your own hands using a stencil, or even use special vinyl stickers. Despite the low price, they differ in attractive appearance and ease of installation. All this allows for a short time to significantly transform the interior of the bedroom, or any other room in your apartment or house, whether it be a kitchen, living room, corridor or even an entrance hall.

Speaking of textiles. Extremely important is the correct combination of wallpaper with flowers and patterned curtains. That is why curtains must be selected with special care so that they are in harmony with the rest of the room.

Japanese-style wallpaper in the interior – Images

As a conclusion, we can summarize the information given in the article. As already noted, Japanese-style wallpaper for the walls of a bedroom or another room is the embodiment of calm, harmony and poise. It is these qualities that make such interiors so popular and more and more common in our time.

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