Kids & Nursery wallpaper: how to choose it the right way

When choosing wallpapers for a nursery or a kid’s room, most of all, you have to think about their safety, but at the same time, you want to make the room fun, interesting and enjoyable for the child. The main conditions for them are safety, naturalness, and breathability. Also, a good addition would be the ability to wash them.

Types of wallpaper for children’s room

There is currently a huge selection of different wallpapers, but not all are suitable for such premises. The following are the main conditions:

  • Paper. The best choice. Made from natural materials, without harmful substances in the composition, the walls can “breathe.” Also, their advantage is a large selection and an affordable price. Their disadvantages include fragility, the inability to wash them.
  • Liquid. A safe material made from natural components, breathable, heat and sound insulation, does not attract dust, is fireproof, and easily cleaned, repainted, and restored.
  • Non-woven. Do not confuse with wallpaper on a non-woven base. It consists of natural material based on cellulose fibers. They are characterized by fire safety, air permeability, it is possible to paint this type of wallpaper. The flaw is the high price and small selection.
  • Photo wallpaper. This type of wallpaper creates a variety in the room and is easy to change. The diversity and harmony of the matte wallpaper can set the mood and positive emotions.

Wallpaper color for kids room and nursery

If the child is no longer very young and has his own preferences, you should ask him and listen to his opinion. When choosing a color, it is worth considering some recommendations. Wallpapers should not be very bright, as they will negatively affect the child’s psyche, but also not “bland”. Wallpaper must provoke the desire to develop, the ability to invent and fantasize. The illustrations should not be very bright. You should ask him about the room’s design preferences (if he is a teenager). When choosing a color, you should start from his temperament (calm – warm affectionate shades, mobile and emotional – cold shades, passive – saturated shades, but in moderation). There are also universal shades: apricot and yellowish shades. Create a warm, safe environment that encourages the child to learn new things.

It must be remembered that the color palette of the room can influence the psyche of the child.

  • Green – encourages development and learning. 
  • Blue – develops creative thinking. 
  • White is an option for active and emotional children, and it can calm down and be the basis for the vivid fantasies of a child; it will also be an excellent option for poorly lit rooms. 
  • Yellow – adds love of life, stimulates ingenuity, evokes favorable emotions, promotes dynamic mental development. 
  • Beige neutral colors are a good basis for bright color accents; vinyl stickers can be glued over the main wallpaper, which will give an interesting character to the room, and at the same time, will not “put pressure” on the child.

Children wallpapers “by age”

Children of different ages have different perceptions, and there are recommendations for each age period. 

  • For toddlers up to 2 years old: wallpapers with large and/or bright illustrations, looking at them, the child will learn about the world and receive favorable emotions. For a recreation area, it is better to refuse bright accents, use calm pastel colors. 
  • Children from 2 to 4 years old: wallpaper in natural shades with drawings and posters depicting cartoon characters and fabulous, also animals, but no larger than a child’s height. 
  • For preschoolers: restrained and dull colors can be divided into an upper and a lower level (the lower one is calmer, the upper one is decorative, but in moderation), or wallpaper-coloring, with the help of which the child can show his color imagination. 
  • Schoolchildren 6-9 years old: agreement when choosing wallpaper at this age is mandatory, considering their preferences. The choice should be interesting, but without drawings, vertical striped wallpaper and liquid wallpaper would be a good option. 
  • Schoolchildren from 9 years old: it is also necessary to listen to the child’s wishes, but do not forget about the safety of materials. It is also worth paying attention to the gender of the child, boys – tones of blue and green colors, girls – sandy, pinkish, soft dull. But there are also exceptions to the rule.

The wallpaper choice for a kid’s room is always an interesting process, but no less responsible. Wallpaper should be in harmony with the entire interior of the nursery, meet the child’s requirements and be safe at the same time. Having well-chosen wallpaper, decor, furniture, and so on, the room will have a good favorable atmosphere, comfort, the child’s desire to show interest in everything, learn the world, and develop mentally well.

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