Kids room trends 2022: exciting design ideas and practical tips for an original result

The process of designing a kid’s room is a challenging one since this space is multi-functional, being separated into several zones for sleeping, playing, and studying. Therefore, a perfect design planning of this room should consider each of these aspects in part to integrate them into the picture for a balanced result. In this sense, you have to opt for a particular style that comprises various furniture pieces, materials, colors, decor, and lighting. 

If you feel overwhelmed by such an array of aspects to be covered, do not worry, as we are here to assist you in this respect. We prepared a list of the top ideas to be applied to the kids’ room in 2022 for a functional and stylish result, accompanied by useful tips and inspirational photos to help you get started. 

Functional furniture for perfect integration

Functionality is a priority when it comes to 2022 trends. Particularly essential is it regarding the furniture. In this sense, you should consider that your child grows and new changes will have to be introduced. Therefore, a smart purchase in the first place will ensure the adaptability of the furniture to different ages. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Table. Opt for a table whose width and height can be adapted individually. As this is one of the main units within the studying space, it will influence the positioning of other elements. Consider hanging it on the wall or sliding it out of the closet for practical use of space;
  • Chair. Consider a chair whose height adapts to the particular case. Additionally, opt for a footrest, which is popular among chairs for children. Make sure that the chair is suitable for your children as posture plays an important role at this age;
  • Wardrobe. Choose a wardrobe that will serve your child for many years. There is no need to go extra in this sense. Stick to the classic wardrobe to store things, particularly with drawers and shelves;
  • Bed. Firstly, you should pay attention to comfort and opt for a quality mattress. Consider medium firmness mattresses with springs that are located separately. Opt for a flexible bed that can be used over the years as the child grows. When it comes to the design, you can opt for various styles, including different types of beds, such as the classic one or sofa.

It should be noted that the main pieces of furniture have to be decided upon by adults, while their design can be left for children as they are the ones to spend most of the time in this space.

A combination of neutral shades with accents

Experts suggest you opt, in 2022, for neutral colors within your kids’ room. Do not worry. It will not blur the picture as the additional bright accents will balance the environment. The core principle is to set a calm atmosphere and add bold details for a new splash of color. Consider the following colors:

  • Neutral shades. Opt for beige, milk, gray, pale green, peach for a soft environment;
  • Bold colors. Consider any bright color your children like in a balanced quantity.

It should be noted that up to three bold colors are allowed in such a setting, accompanied by white or black for a harmonized contrast.

Painted walls for present and future

The 2022 trends encourage you to paint the walls in your kid’s room. The explanation is easy: it will be convenient this way to hang pictures or teaching materials on the wall during the early ages. Furthermore, when your children grow, they will easily replace the earlier mentioned units with pieces of their liking.

If you have already stopped at the wallpaper, consider the chalk one. This way, your children will be able to draw on it with chalk and use their imagination as much as possible.

Original carpets for unique purpose

There is no doubt that a kids’ room should have a carpet as they spend a lot of time on the floor playing, reading, or doing something else. Therefore, an appropriate choice in this sense would provide them with a comfortable space for these occupations. It should be noted that comfort is one of the 2022 trends. Consider the following aspects for perfect integration of this unit:

  • Softness. Opt for a soft carpet to make sure that your child feels comfortable while sitting on the floor. Particularly suitable it will be for little children who will not get hurt when falling;
  • Imagination. Consider interesting designs to make them acquainted with the world, such as animal patterns, or develop their imagination by opting for geometric shapes.

Modern lighting for a contemporary setting

The 2022 trends suggest you consider nature-inspired lighting fixtures even when it comes to kids’ rooms. It will bring nature closer and refresh the environment. Besides the fixtures, the lighting itself plays an essential role in this space. Children need enough light to perform their activities. 

Consider various sources of light on the ceiling, floor, or wall. It should be noted that neutral colors for fixtures are a perfect option since they reflect the 2022 trends. Furthermore, unusual designs are welcome as every element of this room should serve as a point of interest for curious children. Enrich the environment with natural shades and original shapes for a pleasant atmosphere

Although the 2022 trends suggest a neutral approach to the theme of the kid’s room, there are slight variations when it comes to a girl’s room. We would like to draw your attention to the main in this sense in 2022.

Predominant shades of color

It is not a secret that pink is most of all applied to girls’ rooms. Nevertheless, we suggest you consider a soft shade of pink if you decide to go with this color. We would also like to draw your attention to other popular colors this year, such as purple, soft green, soothing blue.

It should be noted that neutral colors have to be integrated as well for a calm environment. They are easy to work with as a future interior design change will only imply other decorative elements as a neutral background will fit them all. 

Wallpaper design

If you opt for wallpaper, there is no doubt you would like an interesting design. The experts suggest seeking inspiration in nature. Therefore, you can opt for such patterns as butterflies, rainbows, flowers. As usual, as they seem to be, they will surely bring nature closer and make the little ones fall in love with the beauty of nature from an early age.

Room theme

Even though designers suggest you do not consider a particular theme but rather opt for an eclectic combination of bold colors with a natural background, you can still achieve a stylish result with a theme. In this sense, choose the one that will not simply dominate the interior design of this room but also introduce something interesting to your child.

Consider the jungle theme. There is no way of going wrong with it in 2022. Nevertheless, do not go too extra. You can opt for a mural wallpaper, and it will be more than enough to set a wild environment.

It is not that they differ much from the ones that refer to a girl’s room, which may sound strange, but the neutral colors that are peculiar in both cases make it clear. It should be noted that the undertones are different. The ones for a boy’s room are colder.

Predominant shades of color

There is no doubt that the most applied color to a boy’s bedroom is blue. Whether you like it or not, it is part of the 2022 trends. It should be noted that particularly navy blue is to be considered. 

Of course, you can also opt for other shades. This season, the most popular ones are various hues of green to inspire the love for nature and gray in combination with other shades so as not to blur the picture. 

Wallpaper design

Geometric shapes are one of the main trends in 2022, particularly when applied to wallpaper. This pattern will serve as a point of interest within the interior design and develop your kid’s imagination. Consider various geometric forms on a neutral background and add a new sparkle to the room. 

Room theme

As in the trends for a girl’s room, the jungle theme fits in here perfectly. Introduce the wild world to your kid and let him explore it within the boundaries of his room. This way, you will keep it stylish as nature-inspired elements are a must in 2022, and most of all, encourage your kid to think outside the limits.

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