Kids Room Trends 2023: Expert Design Ideas to Try

Designing a kid’s room is challenging since this space is multi-functional, being separated into several zones for sleeping, playing, and studying. Therefore, a perfect design planning of this room should consider each aspect in part to integrate them into the picture. In this sense, you have to opt for a particular style that comprises various furniture pieces, materials, colors, decor, and lighting. Furthermore, each season has its own view on what color scheme works better or what furniture keeps pace with the latest trends. 

If you feel overwhelmed by such an array of things to be covered, don’t worry. We are here to assist you. We prepared a list of the top ideas to be applied to the kids’ room in 2023, with practical expert advice and inspirational photos to get you started. If the design trends of the past years separated the design ideas into a girl’s and a boy’s room, the new season sees no boundaries and allows for colors, shapes, and themes that you and your child like. Enjoy!

Practical Tips on Furniture Selection

Functionality is a priority when it comes to 2023 trends. In this sense, you should consider that your child grows, and the kid’s room will require changes from time to time. Therefore, a smart purchase in the first place will ensure the adaptability of the furniture to different ages. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Bed. Firstly, you should pay attention to comfort and opt for a quality mattress. Consider medium-firmness mattresses with springs that are located separately. Opt for a flexible bed that can be used over the years as the child grows. When it comes to design, you can opt for various styles, including different types of beds, such as the classic one or sofa;
  • Wardrobe. Choose a wardrobe that will serve your child for many years. There is no need to go extra in this sense. Stick to the classic wardrobe to store things, particularly with drawers and shelves;
  • Desk.Opt for a desk whose width and height can be adapted individually. As this is one of the main units in the studying space, it will influence the positioning of other elements. Consider hanging it on the wall or sliding it out of the closet for practical use of space;
  • Chair. Consider a chair with adjustable height. Additionally, opt for a footrest, which is popular among chairs for children. Make sure the chair is suitable for your child, as posture plays an important role at this age.

It should be noted that the main pieces of furniture have to be decided upon by adults, while their design can be left for children as they are the ones to spend most of the time in this space.

Kids Room 2023: Favorite Colors

If you have been following the latest design trends, especially the color forecast for 2023, you have probably noticed that neutral colors, which have reigned for a long, are less popular, although still in vogue for particular design projects. The once-forgotten bolder shades with self-expression values surely top the list of trendy design ideas in the new season. If your child really likes bright colors or has a favorite one, don’t hesitate to make it a defining one. 

Still, if you are looking for inspiration, designers suggest embracing pastel shades of natural colors with juicy bases and calm effects. The great news about pastels is that they are gender-neutral and can be safely used in a room shared by more than one kid since those shades are easy to combine with other colors. These are the top choice for a kid’s room color in 2023: soothing yellow, soft mint, dusty pink, light green, earthy orange, and the color of the year – lavender, which, unlike some “colors of the year” from the past, perfectly suits the children’s room. 

Multi-purpose Carpets

There is no doubt that a kids’ room should have a carpet as they spend a lot of time on the floor playing, reading, or doing something else. An appropriate choice in this sense would provide them with a comfortable space for these occupations. Comfort is one of the 2023 trends, while originality is an all-time favorite concept. The formula for a perfect carpet or area rug in the kids’ room is simple, revealing two features only:

  • Softness. Opt for a soft carpet or area rug to ensure your child feels comfortable sitting on the floor. Particularly suitable will it be for little children who will not get hurt when falling. This means that you should look for quality carpets for high-traffic areas that are easy to take care of.
  • Imagination. Consider interesting designs to make the children acquainted with the world, such as animal patterns, or develop their imagination by opting for geometric shapes.

Modern Lighting for a Modern Space

The 2023 trends suggest you consider natural lighting fixtures even when it comes to kids’ rooms. Sustainable with a positive impact on the environment, natural with a positive impact on the children, and eco-friendly with a trendy effect on the space. Besides the fixtures, the lighting itself plays an essential role in this room. Children need enough light to perform their activities. 

Consider various sources of light on the ceiling, floor, or wall. Neutral colors for fixtures are a perfect option, while unusual designs are a favorite, as every element of this room should serve as a point of interest for curious children. Enrich the environment with natural shades and original shapes for a pleasant atmosphere.

Visually Interesting Wall Decoration

The little explorers are happy to follow interesting patterns and colorful visualizations. Don’t hesitate to make the most of bright shades and themed decorations, particularly now, when the boldest colors and creative design ideas are defining in interior design trends. 

Consider beautiful DIY paintings on walls, whether done by you or a professional. As an alternative, mural wallpaper can effortlessly lead to a similar result. Inspired by jungles, traced to a field with flowers, interpreting the essence of wildlife, or even related to a cartoon, the ideas for the wall decoration are without limit. 

Modular Furniture

A kid’s room comprises a lot of items, and it gets harder to design the interior if the space is small. Luckily, there are modular furniture pieces that solve everything at once and even feel trendy since any design solution that manages to stay functional under all kinds of conditions is a successful one. Maybe the new design trends appreciate style and color, but nobody canceled practicality. Consider modular pieces, such as a lounge made of multiple soft cushions that your kid can play with and create a fortress while developing skills. Instead of separate furniture units, opt for a single piece that includes the bed, desk, wardrobe, and even a play space all in one. In the case of the desk, you can consider a modular one that can be put piece by piece and adjusted to the particular age, serving you longer than one year.

Direct Contact with Nature

The 2023 interior design trends evolve around our connection with nature. As adults, we need a lot of natural light and natural landscapes to refill us with energy. Now, think about your children. They are constantly searching for something new, and you cannot deprive them of the best source in this respect. A large window in the kid’s room compensates for anything – small space, poor lighting, lack of decor, no colors. Most of all, it teaches them to love nature from an early age.

Playful Mode on

A kid’s room should always radiate a positive mood. Even on rainy days or in cold weather, the child should be able to play indoors. Install slides, tents, and swings; decorate the interior with eye-catching colors; hang learning pictures on the wall, and simply surround your child with anything that can draw attention.


A light room with a neutral or pastel background, enjoying an abundance of natural wood surfaces and clean shapes that evoke softness and calmness for a peaceful and happy childhood.


A high-ceiling room with two levels decorated with wood and metal bars that functionally separate the sleeping zone from the play area, going slightly softer than the original style with colors through sparkles of juicy shades. 


A sustainable and cozy space designed for comfort and a healthy environment through natural surfaces, calm colors, and pleasant vibrance so that children can find harmony with nature from an early age.


An unusual design style for a child’s room, mostly incorporated in full-Neoclassical houses. However, the room easily embraces the style through the contemporary arches and imposing colors that add vibrancy to the relatively formal layout.

Kids Room 2023: Trendy Themes


A perfect alternative to the renowned princess theme yet with more taste and comfort inspired by the Classic style and underlined by the pastel shades, sumptuous decor, and pleasant palace-like ambiance. 


A rich-colored space with patterns that help the child explore the world from all perspectives, be it a journey around the world, an insight into wildlife, or a playful encounter with animals and greeneries. 


A blue-green interior with ocean motifs on walls and toys inspired by the ocean life for little explorers who wonder what the unknown ocean looks like from the inside.

Embrace a Field

A personalized space that celebrates your child’s favorite field to explore, such as the wildlife, plants, planes, cars, navigation, and literally any field that can serve as a theme for a kid’s room.

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