Kitchen appliance trends 2021: the latest ideas for a smart kitchen design

Kitchen appliance trends 2021: the latest ideas for a smart kitchen design

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The kitchen appliances range is continuously updated with new products from leading manufacturers of large and small appliances. Designers define the main direction in 2021 in one word – convenience.

Less attention is paid to the kitchen devices’ aesthetics than functionality, energy efficiency, reliability, and comfort in use. At the same time, household appliances are impressive, with smooth lines and bold colors. Renowned brands offer kitchen innovations for a wide range of benefits and functions, including climate-generating lamps and smart home appliance controls.

Let’s take a look at the kitchen appliance trends of 2021.

Technology knows how to cook correctly and tasty

Cooking performed by modern home cooks is as follows. The products are prepared according to a recipe found on the Internet. For a couple of hours, the cook is torn between pots, trying to catch everything and not miss anything. This is without even mentioning the need to wash your hands to pick up your smartphone and check the recipe.

Appliance manufacturers are working hard in 2021 to keep home cooks from throwing themselves around the kitchen. The stoves independently determine the temperature required to heat the pot or pan. In this case, you do not need to worry that the dishes will slide off the stove. For example, Whirlpool hobs can cook any number of food, anywhere on the surface. Moreover, the heating zones can be combined into a large form or used separately. Through the Whirlpool 6TH SENSE Live mobile app, the hob will “talk” with other kitchen appliances and form a menu following the owner’s recipe. On the owner’s smartphone, the application will write a shopping list.

Whirlpool smart induction cookers have 80 cooking methods in memory. When choosing meat, the intelligent system will specify the degree of roasting, the amount of oil, tell you when the meat needs to be flipped. If the owner does not react, the stove will simply turn off. There is no need to control cooking modes. It is enough to mark the dishes for dinner on display.

The latest generation multicooker performs all processes related to cooking independently. Owners only need to pawn products, set the program and time.

Controlling kitchen appliances remotely

Remote control of household appliances in 2021 is a current trend. Through mobile applications of smartphones or tablets, you can:

  • find out with the help of built-in cameras, the availability of the necessary products in the refrigerator;
  • set a program to defrost meat or cool a bottle of wine to the desired temperature;
  • turn on the oven and indicate the cooking mode for the products left in it in the morning;
  • turn on the multicooker, bread maker, coffee machine, etc.

It is enough to leave the products necessary for cooking in the equipment, and the home helpers will do the rest themselves.

Professional appliances in home kitchens

Professional appliances, which feature versatility and compact size, are actively gaining popularity among amateur kitchens in 2021. For example, modular systems combine induction and gas burners, built-in hoods, steamers, grills. The system can include a grill rack or a surface with a wok slot. Such systems are assembled according to the principle of designers. Functions that are unnecessary for the preparation of a particular dish are simply not connected.

Comfort in a compact kitchen

Most kitchens in apartments are small. Therefore, if you want to equip the kitchen with all the necessary household appliances, you can often face a lack of space. The current kitchen trend in 2021 is the maximum of practical solutions in a small area. We are talking about the systems of block organization of kitchens, which combine functionality and comfort in use, and about mini-appliances for the kitchen. For example, about mini-microwaves, blenders, small multicooker, etc. Mini-devices are convenient for tiny kitchens, especially if one or two people live in the apartment.

This category includes built-in ovens with a minimum of buttons, for programming of which and control of the cooking process, you can use a smartphone, and the oven displays the broadcast on the screen. Smart ovens with compact dimensions cook quickly using electromagnetic waves and determine the dish’s composition and weight. In such ovens, you can cook multi-component dishes without the danger of burning. The appliance will determine the cooking time for each ingredient.

Integrated devices are convenient

Integrated appliances will be popular for their combination of great functionality and power. Kitchen interior designers indicate the maximum free space in kitchens as one of the trends of 2021.

Integrated appliances such as built-in hobs and automatic hoods enable a trendy interior of this type. Built-in hobs have touch controls, so the surfaces are almost invisible.

The Austrian company Strasser Steine offers units in which cooking surfaces with displays and sinks are integrated. Italian manufacturers offer induction hobs with integrated hoods that are virtually invisible. The hobs have a variable number of heating zones, and one-touch is enough to change the heating mode. Built-in hoods from German manufacturers integrated into induction hobs have a function of automatic detection of the level of contamination, quietly removing up to 90% of odors in the recirculation mode.


The main kitchen household appliances trends in 2021 can be defined as intelligence, remote control, functionality, comfort and compactness, technology integration. Modern technology offers many exciting options.