Kitchen backsplash trends 2022: modern design ideas

Kitchen design trends are often fluid. Today some design is popular and in-demand. After a while, this option is already considered outdated and irrelevant. Modern interior designers are trying to correct this version of the outcome of events, striving to create trends that will be popular for a long time.

A modern kitchen is not only about visually beautifully decorated furniture, well-chosen colors, and decor items. First of all, this is functionality, convenience, and practicality. We would like to provide you with the latest trends in this sense regarding one of the most prominent parts of this room – the kitchen backsplash. We promise an adventurous journey during which we will reveal the newest ideas for a stylish backsplash design in 2022 that will be practical and bring a new sparkle to your kitchen.

Kitchen backsplash features to be considered

  • Kitchen backsplash dimensions. Take all measurements in advance, including the space for furniture and other appliances accompanying the backsplash. It should be noted that a backsplash is usually arranged at a height that reaches 1.45 – 1.95 feet, which is the equivalent for 45 – 60 cm. Nevertheless, every case in part requires a separate approach.
  • Kitchen backsplash use. If your backsplash is more of a decorative element, consider installing it only along the working area. On the other hand, if you plan to use your kitchen at maximum and there is a high probability of staining accumulation, consider arranging it in the hood space as well. 
  • Kitchen backsplash types. It should be noted that, in the past, you could only opt for ceramic tiles for the backsplash. Today, there are also other options, some of which are as follows: glass, plastic, mirror, metal.

Kitchen backsplash styles 2022

It is not a secret that modern kitchens are arranged in a minimalist way, reflecting simplicity as one of the main concepts of the 2022 trends. Furthermore, the new styles emphasize eco-friendly materials. There is no doubt that this idea will be perfectly incorporated when it comes to kitchen backsplash. We would like to give you an insight into the backsplash styles that will be popular in 2022. 

Minimalist style

This particular style is not planning on getting out-of-date. Therefore, we suggest you consider it when it comes to kitchen elements, especially the backsplash. The simpler it will look, the more emphasized the other kitchen units will appear. 

Don’t worry about being too simple. Such a concept does not exist in minimalism, as the beauty of this style consists of simplicity itself. Thus, consider neutral colors and only a few decorative elements. We suggest you opt for plain backgrounds or designs that imply blurry images.


This style continues to be popular as the ecological subject is more often tackled. Therefore, we suggest you also integrate this idea into your kitchen. A backsplash is an appropriate space to do that. We would like to reveal some of the main options you can consider in this sense. 

First of all, pay attention to neutral colors, particularly those that refer to nature, such as soothing green that stands for plants or soft blue for the ocean breeze. Furthermore, you could opt for images inspired by nature. It should be noted that they do not have to be bold but as plain as possible to preserve the calmness in the environment. You can also refer to such natural elements as stone or honeycomb when deciding upon the backsplash arrangement.

High-tech style

Undoubtedly this style is part of the 2022 trends as there is an increase in the use of geometric forms, the latest materials, and a lot of light. Regarding the backsplash, such materials as marble, glass, metal will work perfectly. 

When it comes to the appropriate colors, we suggest you consider neutral shades, particularly black and gray. Furthermore, you can combine them with a contrasting color. Don’t forget that you should not go too extra. The main idea is to balance the elements and lead to an entity that would reflect contemporary values. Take a look at the photos, and you will get it.

Kitchen backsplash designs 2022

We would like to bring good news to you in this sense as the 2022 trends regarding this aspect do not imply any strict rules. The main idea consists of the fact that you have to arrange a space that will feel comfortable to you. Regarding the backsplash design, you can opt at the same time for elements from all the styles mentioned earlier. Therefore, you will be able to combine functionality with aesthetics. We suggest you go through the backsplash ideas of 2022 that we provided you with.

Glass backsplash

Glass has become an alternative to ceramic tiles and gained popularity due to its functionality. A glass backsplash will bring a new sparkle to your kitchen and enlarge the space. Furthermore, it will be practical as it is easy to take care of, especially if you like to cook a lot. 

You can consider plain colors or a specific design that will match the kitchen style and the room decor. If your kitchen is covered by neutral colors, we suggest you apply the same idea to the backsplash. Although you can opt for a bolder shade, don’t forget to preserve a balance while playing with colors.

Marble backsplash

There is no doubt that marble will be part of the 2022 trends, where kitchen backsplash is not an exception. This unique texture will transform your kitchen and offer it a new look. 

It should be noted that the material is traced to nature as one of the most prominent representatives in this sense when it comes to interior design. We suggest you consider this idea, especially if you opt for a minimalist design and would like to bring a new sparkle to your kitchen, preserving the stability of the environment.

Metallic texture

If you want to make quite an impact and offer your kitchen a sparkling look, consider tiles that resemble a metal surface for the backsplash. Firstly, it will brighten the room as these tiles reflect the light. Furthermore, they will bring a new splash of color that will change the look of your kitchen. 

It should be noted that there are various shapes and undertones you can opt for in this sense. We suggest you apply the ones that best fit the room style.

Matte texture

Although gloss texture is becoming more popular, nobody said that you should avoid matte texture. Furthermore, it will be part of the 2022 trends and will fit perfectly any style. If we speak about a matte backsplash, there are various options you could consider. Here is what you have to do: pick some particular elements that fit your kitchen best and consider integrating them by adding a matte texture.

We suggest you look for neutral colors in this sense, as the texture itself will be enough to offer the room a new look. This specific feature of your backsplash will preserve stability in the environment and bring a touch of coldness to the picture.

We would like to refer to the most common colors to be used in 2022 for the kitchen. These are neutral shades, such as black, gray, white, cream, and bolder ones, such as soothing green and blue.   

Gray backsplash for stability

You can consider different shades of gray for the backsplash, starting with a light one and reaching the boldest shade. That’s right. Gray may appear to be bold in particular conditions. 

This color will make your backsplash look ultra-modern and add stability to the environment. It is particularly perfect for a minimalist style.

White backsplash for a classic look

This color will never get out-of-date as it brings a particular freshness to the room. If you opt for this color, you will achieve a clean background that does not require other decorative elements.

A white backsplash is a new sparkle of light for any environment. It will brighten the room and fit perfectly into any style. It should be noted that it has to be combined appropriately with the other colors of the kitchen. Therefore, we suggest you consider white in combination with other neutral colors.

Black backsplash for a minimalist statement

Black adds significance to any element of the kitchen, particularly the backsplash. It will emphasize the minimalist style and add coldness to the environment. It should be noted that the latter has to be appreciated as a positive quality as it will bring stability and balance to your kitchen. 

Furthermore, you can opt for an all-black kitchen. Don’t worry. You will not achieve a blurry effect. On the contrary, the result will be a fascinating contrast of shadows.

Color alternatives for every style

Regarding the alternative colors you can opt for in this sense, consider green, blue, and cream. You will surely be in trend if you opt for these shades. 

It should be noted that each of them is peculiar to a particular style. We suggest you consider an emerald green for a traditional style and a soothing green for a modern one. The same goes with navy blue and soft blue. As regards cream, consider it for traditional kitchens that are constantly bathed by the sun during the daytime, and the result will speak for itself.

We would like to provide you with relevant information regarding the backsplash trends that should be avoided, particularly in 2022, and as a general factor. We suggest you scroll through the following list and take into consideration the things that shall be discussed.

Say no to the next aspects:

  • DIY backsplash. Of course, it would save you money and offer freedom for an original design, but we suggest you don’t play with that unless you are an expert in the field. There is a wide range of options in this sense that would match any preferences. Therefore, we suggest you better look at those as much as it requires to find the perfect combination for your kitchen.
  • Pebble tiles. This type of decoration for the backsplash has been out-of-date for a long time. Furthermore, it can spoil the picture of your kitchen and reduce the softness of the environment. Why choose this out-trended type of tiles when there are various possibilities in this sense, particularly the up-to-date ones mentioned earlier? 
  • Plain backsplash. Don’t leave this space blank, as it will make the picture of the kitchen blurry. There is a wide range of stunning designs that would enrich a kitchen of any style. Even the slightest touch of a particular color or shape on a plain backsplash will bring a new sparkle. 
  • Eye-catching prints. We suggest you avoid such prints on the backsplash as fruits, flowers, cities. They have been out of trend for a long time now. Furthermore, such eye-catching designs will not bring a point of interest to the room but rather spoil the picture. As mentioned earlier, the core concept of the 2022 trends is simplicity. Therefore, we suggest you consider it when deciding in this sense.

As a finishing point, we would like to encourage you for something regarding the kitchen design. All you have to do is go one more time through the ideas provided by us and stop at the one that suits you. Stick to our tips, and we promise you a perfect result that will keep you up-to-date.

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