Kitchen Backsplash Trends 2023: Modern Design Ideas

Kitchen design trends are often fluid. Today some designs are popular and in demand. After a while, they are already considered outdated and irrelevant. Modern interior designers are trying to correct this version of the outcome of events, striving to create trends that will be popular for a long time.

A modern kitchen is not only about visually beautifully decorated furniture, well-chosen colors, and decor items. First of all, this is functionality, convenience, and practicality. We would like to provide you with the latest trends regarding one of the most prominent parts of this room – the kitchen backsplash. Find out the latest backsplash materials, colors, patterns, and designs!

Kitchen Backsplash Features

  • Backsplash dimensions. Take all measurements in advance, including the space for furniture and other appliances accompanying the backsplash. A backsplash is usually arranged at a height of 1.45 – 1.95 feet, which is the equivalent of 45 – 60 cm. Nevertheless, every case, in part, requires a separate approach;
  • Backsplash use. If your backsplash is more of a decorative element, consider installing it only along the working area. On the other hand, if you plan to use your kitchen at maximum and there is a high probability of staining accumulation, consider arranging it in the hood space as well;
  • Backsplash types. It should be noted that, in the past, you could only opt for ceramic tiles for the backsplash. Today, there are also other options, some of which are as follows: glass, ceramic, mirror, stone, or metal.

Kitchen Backsplash Design 2023

We would like to bring good news to you in this sense, as the brand-new kitchen backsplash trends do not imply any strict rules. The main idea is to arrange a space that will feel comfortable to you. Regarding the backsplash design, combine functionality with aesthetics. We won’t lie; the new trends are much freer, more eclectic, and most probably suit any preference. Take a look for yourself!

Marble Slabs

With an empowered strength, marble proudly passes the threshold into the new season. What can look more luxurious than natural marble slabs in a newly designed kitchen? Probably, more marble. If you are new, give the timeless Calacatta Marble or Carrara Marble, alongside Crema Marfil Marble and Nero Marquina Marble, a thought. Still, designers underline the relevance of expensive-looking stones with rich veins. Simply visit the site of any marble slab supplier and find your favorite naturally textured marble type. 

Quick Tip! Allow yourself the luxury of choosing bolder shades, such as green, blue, and burgundy variations, besides the deep and opulent veins since the new season is about self-expression and uniqueness. For a greater effect, go with the same marble for the kitchen backsplash and countertop. For more inspiration on the latter, visit our article on the newest kitchen countertop trends.

Mixed Materials and Patterns

A few years ago, when Minimalism was everything designers were talking about, opting for two different materials, without mentioning different patterns, for the backsplash would have sounded inappropriate. Well, interior design is entering a new phase – a freer one when considering mixed design options is a must. If you really want to stand out and enjoy the authenticity of a truly original backsplash, try combining materials and tile layouts, say shiplap with marble, porcelain with marble, wood with porcelain, and of course, different shapes and patterns if you consider tiles alone. 

Quick Tip! If you need help deciding which material goes for which part, go with this concept – the show-stealer material for the stove area and the other for the rest of the kitchen. Enjoy!

Natural Stone

Keeping pace with the latest eco-style and sustainable design trends, experts in the field advise paying attention to natural materials. By natural, we mean richly textured and traced to nature – without treatment and human involvement. The winning option in this regard is natural stone. The visually appealing stone slabs, in their natural identity, look exceptionally organic in modern kitchens with a Rustic twist. A natural stone backsplash works perfectly with light wood cabinets. 

The only drawback is that natural stone backsplashes are not that practical for those who devote hours to cooking. On the other side, the decorative stone covering above the work area is undeniably appropriate for kitchens that are not that often used for their functional purpose. 

Still impressed with the stone texture, yet you cannot risk the functionality of your cooking space? No worries, the quality porcelain tiles that resemble stone or stone slabs with even surfaces will work for your space.

Glossy Finishes Are Back

You have probably noticed the switch from glossy to matte, which has been trending for a few years now. Well, in 2023, you’ll also see matte kitchen cabinets and countertops. What has really changed are the backsplashes. They are switching back to gloss. You won’t have problems finding glossy materials since glass and ceramic tiles all have shiny surfaces. 

Why glossy? In an all-matte kitchen, there is the need for a sparkle of visual interest, and the contrasting backsplash ensures the unmatchable appeal doesn’t leave the cooking area. By playing with its reflective abilities, a glossy backsplash will draw more attention to its design.

Up to the Ceiling

Short backsplashes are no longer in trend. We will tell you more. They are outdated. What really hits this season are the high backsplashes that reach the ceiling. Marble slabs are preferred in this respect, although ceramic tiles don’t stand in the back. Designers claim that light-colored backsplashes suit the solution, and that’s why marble planks with pointy patterns are a real find. They allow for a richer range of designs due to the variety of pattern options.

Classy Subway

Yes, the all-time favorite subway tiles don’t get off the stage so easily. In 2023, they are expected to be more popular than ever. Still, how much respect we would not have paid to the chevron and herringbone subway tiles with marble patterns; the known design seems too usual this season, and we suggest directing your attention to the classic subway tile layout or simply switching to vertical positions. Take on the challenge and play with textured tiles, bright colors, extra-long forms, or one-color schemes. 

Reminder! Don’t apply the white-subway-tile design with black grout when there are plenty of alternatives, yet most specialists stop at white grout.

Bright and One of the Kind

We were not kidding when mentioning the free choice of colors and patterns in the brand-new design season. Undoubtedly, neutral colors for the backsplash are always no-fail solutions, yet the rising blues, greens, and black are having their stage time. Don’t hesitate to apply any other color that appeals to your liking. If you think you’ll rush into the bold colors and end up with an already outdated design the next year, fortunately, you are wrong. The eclectic wave of new design choices that favor expression, freedom, and exploration has only landed. There are way more solutions like this to come, at least for the next few seasons.

Terracotta Tiles

With the growing popularity of earthy shades, terracotta tiles are predictably trendier than ever. The soft clay color and natural texture are a real compliment to contemporary kitchens. Terracotta backsplashes are best known for working in Coastal style kitchens and ultra-modern interiors with white cabinets. Simultaneously, playing with available shapes will allow for the successful integration of these trendy kitchen tiles into any space.

Bedrosian’s Cloe Tiles

The rectangular and square tiles in white or off-white with a slightly textured effect and white grout have gone relatively unnoticed through the past few years. It is different this season. Those fresh and unobtrusive tiles are one of the top backsplash solutions. What makes them stand this way? It is the fact that they don’t overload, stay functional, and seem pretty friendly with various design styles.

Mediterranean Charm 

The beloved-by-designers Mediterranean tiles with Coastal colors and culture-traced patterns are the new accent backsplash trend. Those who constantly work with kitchen designs cannot get enough of this fresh trend that only begins its journey. It is a fact that Mediterranean tiles mostly suit traditionally designed kitchens, yet the recently completed projects show their relevance in modern interiors. Any kitchen requires a plot twist, and the available designs for the Mediterranean approach are plenty.

There are trends to be followed and ones to avoid. This is just how it works in interior design and not only. We would like to reveal the backsplash anti-trends, particularly for 2023. Say no to the following solutions:

  • DIY backsplash. Of course, it would save you money and offer freedom for an original design, but we suggest you don’t play with that unless you are an expert in the field. There is a wide range of backsplash options that would match any preferences; you better look at those as much as it requires to find the perfect combination for your kitchen;
  • Pebble tiles. This type of decoration for the backsplash has been out-of-date for a long time. Furthermore, it can spoil the picture of your kitchen and reduce its appeal;
  • Plain backsplash. Don’t leave this space blank, as it will make the picture of the kitchen blurry. There is a wide range of stunning designs that would enrich a kitchen of any style. Even the slightest touch of a particular color or shape on a plain backsplash will bring a new sparkle; 
  • Eye-catching prints. We suggest you avoid such prints on the backsplash as fruits, flowers, and city landscapes. They have been out of trend for a long time now. Furthermore, such eye-catching designs will not bring a point of interest to the room but rather make your interior look deprived of taste;
  • Mosaic brick tiles. The long-forgotten choice in favor of those mosaic tiles is simply outdated, and decorating your kitchen this way will make your cooking area look like a kitchen from the beginning of the last decade, which is not the type of vintage stuff you would want to apply to your interior.

If you want to know more about kitchen anti-trends for 2023, check out the recently updated article on the trends to avoid in kitchen design.

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